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.1:-'Au.l!il:S   ·.t·.t::t..tir  MA~::r.1·..t-1.1:!..iau,  :sa·ru.te.uK.r ;-vvruJ:S.1!.a-t.,........J..4,  .J..l:144

         CHAPEL         •   •   •    •                                                             0. T.  S.     •    •   •    •
                DIVINE  SERVICES               • ind  , : ~,ices                                    Last  Saturday we  were  sorry to  mov1et
                TREASURE  ISLAND
                                                            0  ',;_,--._  ~I  of                   lose  one  of  the  oldest  members  of   o//s~
                                                                                                   the  Operational  Training  School,
                                                                                                                                                   ~ .r  ,,:
                                            ~shore                    0 ·~ j  ti FE  and  leaves  a  host  of  friends.  Oth- ;;> . "6~ -~~. ·-.:- ) ~-...
                                                                                                                                                     ~ - ,·  i
                                                                                                                                          ~ - ,·
                                                                                                   Art Taylor, SMlc. Art was attached
                                                                                                   to  the  school  for  nearly  two  years
                                                                                                   ers  who  left  the  school  last  week
                                       Saturday,  October  14                     ~s               were:  T.  Suh!,  Flc ;  H.  T.  Short-  Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  1
                                         Ping  Pong  Tournament  tonight                           ridge,  Y2c;  J.  R.  Laird,  Sp ( C) l e;
                                                                       Chief:  "What kind of a  dress did                           COMING  ATTRACTIONS
                                       at  the  USO  Club,  989  Market                            A.  D.  Isom,  Sp(C)3c;  and  C.  L.
                                       Street.  One  bronze  medal  and  one   your  girl  wear  last  night  to  the   Kraft, S2c.  Fair sailing to them all.   Continuous  Show  Starting  at  1700
                                       silver will  be  awarded  to the  win-  party?"             To  bring  the  statistics  up  to  date   Free  Matinee Saturday and
                    Protestant                                         Cox :  "Don't  remember  exactly,                                 Sunday  at  1400
         Sunday Worship  Services- 0930  and  1030  ners.                                          we  add  that  two  men  were  trans-
         Sunday-Holy  Communion- 1130    USO  CLUB- 989  Market  Street   'cept I  remember  it was  checked."   ferred to the hospital for treatment,
                                                                                                                                               *  Monday
            ·        Catholic                                          Chief:  "Boy,  that  musta  been                                Sunday  and
         Sunday  Masses-0630,  0720,  0820   (GA  8671)- 7:45  p.m.,  movie-  some  party."        and  the  past week saw the arrival   October  15  and  16
            (Chapel)                   "Bombers  Moon"  w i th  George                             of four  new  men.
         Sunday Mass-1030  (Theatre  No.  1)                                    ***                                                        "KISMET"
         Weekday  Masses-0645  (Small  Chapel )   Montgomery and Annabella; 8 p.m.,   Nazi  Private:  "What  do  we  do   The construction of a shelter over
         Weekday  Confessions-Daily  before  Mass  Ping  Pong  Tournament.                                                       Ronald  Colman  Marlene  Dietrich
            and  from  0630 to 2000  ( Chapel  Office)               now,  sir?'  Retreat?         the equipment on  the  "slab"  at the
         Tuesday-Holy  Name  Society  1915  (Small   USO  CLUB--111  O'Farrell  St.                Engineering  School  is  progressing        *
            Chapel)                                                    Nazi  Officer :   "Retreat!   You                                    Tuesday
         Saturday- Catholic  Choir  Rehearsal  1000-  (GA  7377)- 8  p.m.,  Victory  Con-  know  that Germans  never  retreat.   rapidly  and  should  be  completed
            1200                       cert,  with  Ann-a  Louise  David;                          shortly.  The  same  can  be  said  of   October  17
                     Jewish                                          We  will  advance  immediately  in                                "THE  BIG  NOISE"
         Sunday  Service--0830  Ch apel  Recep tion  rhumba  lessons;  dancing.                    the AP A  "land"  training  ship.  Of-
            Room                       Sunday,  October  15          the direction from  which we came."                         Laurel                 Hardy
              U.  S.  NAVAL  HOSPITAL                                                              ficers  and men of the various ships
                    Protestant           Music  to  dance  to- and  girls  to   ***                will  be  able  to  go  through  their      *
         Sunday Worship  s ~rvice--1000  Classroom                   ·  Australia has a  poll  tax.  But the                         Wednesday  and  Thu rsday
                     Catholic          dance  with- tonight  at  the  USO   procedure  is  this:  It costs  six  dol-  drills  on  this  ship  prior  to  their
         Sunday  Masses-0630  and  0900  Class- Club  at 70  Oak  Street,  starting  at            "shakedown  cruise."                October  18  and  19
            room               ·                                     lars not to vote.
           Weekday  Masses-0645  Classroom   8:00  p.m.,  in  the  Blue  and  Gold                 Distinguished  Visitor           "TILL  WE  MEET  AGAIN"
         Confessions-Saturday  1800-1900  Class·   Ballroom.                     Jf  Jf  Jf                                      Ray Milland    Maureen O'Hara
            room                                                       A  young  Arabian  wife  is  never   Operational Training School was
            PRE-EMBARKATION  CENTER      USO  CLUB- 111  O'Farrell  St.   permitted to converse with her fa-  honored  by  a  visit  from  Senator   *
                    Protestant         (GA  7377)- 9  a.m.-2  p.m.,  Special                                                           Friday and  Saturday
         Sunday  Worship  Service  -  1000  Ship's                   ther-in-law until she has given birth   David  I.  Walsh,  Chairman  of  the   October  20  and  21
            Service Library            Waffle  Breakfast;  4:30-10:30  p.m.,                       Senate  Naval  Affairs  Committee.
         Christian  Ser vicemen's  League  -  1900   canteen  open;  10:30  a .m.,  singing;   to  at least one child.                 "ATLANTIC  CITY"
            Sunday                                                                                 The  following  men  from  Senator
         Protestant   Communion  -  1100   Daily  11  a.  m .,  arrangements  for  home   ***      Walsh's  home  state  of  Massachu-  Constance Moore  Bradford Taylor
            ' 'Protestant  Chapel' '                                   Beautiful  Doll :  "Why  not  come
                                       dinners;  12  noon,  Street  Car  Ride                      setts  attended  a  gathering  re-
                     Catholic                                        up  to  my  apartment  and  have  a                           Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  2
         Sunday  Mass  -  0900  Ship's  Ser vice  and Picnic.  3  p.m.,  singing;  4  p.m.,        quested by him that he might meet
            Library                    singing;  6  p.m.,  Discussion  Group   bite  before  you  return  to  the                      Sunday  and  Mond~y
         Daily  Mass-1615  Ship' s  Service  L ibrary                Center?"                      them  personally:  S.  L.  Swotchak,
                                       - Victor  Hicks- Education  in  the                                                             Oct.ober  15  and  16
           WEEKLY  CHAPEL  ACTIVITIES                                  Texas  Recruit:  "Naw,  you  can   CEM;  J.  S.  Deraney,  EMlc;  A.  V.
         Monday-Bible  Study  Group  1800  (Chap·  Post  War  World;  8  p.m.,  fortune            Calosi,  Sp(A)2c ;  and  L.  E .  Fran-  "SAN  DIEGO  I  LOVE  YOU"
            el  R eception  Room)   ·                                bite  me  here in  the  hall."                              Louise  Allbritton   Jon  Hall
                                       telling;  community  singing;  por-
         Tuesday-Christian  Science  Group  1800                                                   chetti,  Cox.
            (Chapel  Reception  Room )   trait  sketching;  dancing.             ***               Pr,omoti-0ns                                *
         Tuesday  -  Holy  Name  Society  1915   USO  CLUB- 989  Market  Street   An  old maid is a  gal who knows                          Tuesday
                  (Small  Chapel )                                   all  the answers but has never been   Our congratulations go to Arthur
         Wednesday  -  Ser vicemen 's   Christia.n  (GA 8671)-4 p.m., Vespers ; 8 p.m.,            H.  Chechames, who now wears the        October  17
            League  1830   ( C h a p e I  Recep tion   singspiration;  9 p.m., refreshments.   asked the right questions.             "HEAVENLY  DAYS
            Room )                                                                                 stripes  of  a  full  Lt.,  and  G.  H.
         Thursday  -  C h a p  e I  Choir  Rehearsal                             ***                                             Fibber McGee            Molly
            (Chapel  Gallery)  1630                                    We are told that only 25 per cent   Ember who  received  promotion  to
         Friday  -  W  A V  E   Singers   Rehearsal                                                Lt.  (jg).
                                                                                                                                               *  Thursday
            (Chapel  Reception  Room)  1630-1800   ''What Are We     of the women in tlle Armed Forces                               Wednesday  and
         Friday  -  Mormon  Study  Group  1900                       are married. This leads us to believe  Food  f,or  Thought
            (Chapel  Reception  Room)                                                                                                  October  18  and  19
         Saturday  -  Catholic  Choir  Rehearsal   Waiting  f fJt? ''   that post-war newly wed G. I. Janes   M r.  Thomas  E .  Stimson,  Jr.,   "GYPSY  WILDCAT"
         All  TREASURE  ISLAND  P ersonnel  are  I  care  not to  be an admiral,   and  Joes  will  perhaps  settle  down  western  correspondent  for  "Popu-  Marie  Montez   Jon  Hall
                     eligible.                                       in  Quonset  huts,  whose  prefabri- lar  Mechanics  Magazine,"  spent
                                       In these times  of war and strife.
                                                                     cated  interiors  will  never  absorb  last Saturday and Monday gather-  Friday and
                                                                                                                                               ""  Saturday
            Verba  Buena  Island       I  want to  be back with my family,   such  endearing  terms  as  "Hurry,  ing  information  about  our activity
                                       Three  children and my wife.                                                                    October  20  and  21
                    Protestant                                       dear,  your  coffee  is  getting  cold,"  to  form  the  basis  for  a  story  en-  "ARSENIC  AND  OLD  LACE"
         Sunday  W orship  Service-0930  Theatre   I  don't  want to  be unloyal,   but will  echo  instead to  something  titled "Fitting the Gob for the Job."
                     Catholic                                                                                                    Cary Grant    Raymond Massey
         Sunday  Mass-0830  Theatre    I'll  do  my very best.       like  this:  "Hey,  Mac,  hit that deck  Looks  as  though we  will  be seeing
         Sunday  Confessions  in  T.heatre  Office  -
            0800                       But let's  all  of  us hurry,   and pipe down this chow!"   ourselves in print one of  these days.   -  VERBA  BUENA  ISLAND  -
           AU  Ser vice  P ersonnel  Ar e  Welcome.   So we can go home and rest.                                                  Shows  Start  at  1700  and  2000
         At The  Chapel ...            The  last time  that I  was  home   IJheWolf                            by Sansone
                                                                                                                              ,I  Sunday  and  Monday,  Oct.  15  &.  16
                                       My son climbed on my knee.     ,1 ~~~f.h!  1944  by  Leon.rd  San10ne,  di,trib1.1ted  by  C1mp  Newsp,pet  Servi<•
               Pr-otestant  Services   He'd got himself a  sailor suit,                                                       !    "ARSENIC  AND  OLD  LACE"
                                                                         ',                                                      Cary  Grant        Peter  Lorre
           At both the  0930  and  1030 serv- So he could be like me.
                                                                           ,~,-.,~!:::~ -
         ices  in the Treasure  Island  Chapel                            ,,,r~-v,~·-                            ~ -- ,11        Goldie  Locks  and  the Jiving Bears
                                                                                                                    J  -
                                                                                                                    1.~~-'  i: '
         Sunday,  October  15,  the  Chapel   And my little daughter                                          ~  ~J~                   Tuesday,  October  17
                                       Burst  right out  in  tears.       ~~                                  v...,.,,_,.;t,,  '\~  l• wi,~   .... ,;.~  -~·
         Choir  will  sing  the  anthem  "Open                            ~                                       H.V\,~·t·. -~--->;.   "GOING  MY  WAY"
         Our  Eyes"  (Macfarlane)  and  the   She was oh, so happy                                                1}P7_t1~       Bing Crosby       Rise Stevens
         Jubilee  Singers,  Treasure  Island's   Just to have me near.                                                                On  Our Way  to  Reno
         colored choir, will sing as a  special  My wife and baby were happy too.                                                Wednesday-Thursday,  Oct.  18  &.  19
                                                                                                                  - w. 1~~1~r?.i~\t   " EVER  SINCE  VENUS"
         number  "He  Will  Remember  Me"  You could see it in their eyes.
         (Bartlett).  Special organ  music  by  I  tried to be a  hard old men,                                                  Ina Ray Hutton     Ann Savage
         Ross  McKee  Sp2c(W)  will  But damn me, 1 had to cry.                                          l1=~],,-~J         This  is  America  No.  10
         selections  from  Tannhauser  and                                                                         :-,-- .JJr...   / l   Hollywood G.I .. Joe
         from  Lohengrin  (Wagner)  and   So let's hurry,  time is wasting.                                        i)1 ~i¢',~  1
         "Hosanna"  (Wachs).           Let's  defeat  our enemies.                                                 l-.~IG,,,>'   Friday  and  Saturday,  Oct.  20  &.  21
           "Where  Is  God ? "  will  be  the   We're  tired  and  want  to  go  home                               ]~~,·             "RAINBOW  ISLAND"
         topic  of the 1030 sermon by Chap-  again                                                                               Dorothy Lamour   Eddie Bracken
         lain  H.  G.  Gatlin  and  Chaplain   To  be with our families.                                                           Monkey Business   Fox News
         Walter J . Davis will speak at 0930.
                                        -WALTER L.  CARPENTER S2c
           For  the  past  six  months  the                                                                                      Football  Schedule
         reception  room  at  the  Chapel  has  meetings  at Sampson,  N.  Y.  Serv-
         been  the  setting  every  Wednesday  icemen's  League  meetings will con-                                          41    October  14- U.C.  vs  College  of
         evening  for  Christian  Fellowship,  tinue  each Wednesday at 1830  and                                                Pacific  at  Berkeley -  Servicemen
         prayer, Bible study, and singing at  all  service personnel  are welcome.                                               $1.20.
         the 1830  meetings  of  the Christian   Catholic  Services                                                                October   15 -  Alameda   Coast
         Servicemen's League, conducted by   Throughout the remainder of the                                ,,,,J~~f~            Guard  vs  Fourth Air Force---Serv-
         Chaplain Walter J . Davis.  Sponsor- month  of  October  there  will  be                                                icemen free.
         ship  of  the  group  has  now  been  Rosary  Devotions  each  weekday   CPL- LEN  Z:INS e~G, ITAL','                     October 21- U.S. vs Fleet City a t
         turned  over to  Chaplain  George E.  evening in the Small Chapel begin-   ": .. but I do not see Meecky Mouse!"   (  ~i   Berkeley- Servicemen 95  cents.
         Thomas,  who  previous  to  duty  at  ning  at  1830  and  lasting  approxi-                                              October 28- U.C.  vs Washington
         Treasure  Island  conducted  similar  mately  25  minutes.                                                              U .  at  Berkeley- Servicemen  $1.20.
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