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l••••••••••••••••••••••!                                     U.. S.  Naval  Training  and Distribution  Center         *
    * .
                                                                                                                              Some  time  today  or  tonight :t
    *  "Personal  initiative  .  •  .   :t                                                                                 ~······················~
    t Free  enterprise  .  .  •   :t                                                                                       :   in  some  far  flung  inferno  of  !
    *  It's· the  American  Way."   it  .                                                                                  :  war,  a  life  was  saved  by   :t
    *  Help  pr-eserve  it  by-  :t                                                                                        * your  bl,ood  •.. Give  more   it
    :   Backing  the  Attack  with- :t                                                                                     :   blood  and  save  more  lives   !
    :   More  War  Bonds  and  Stamps it                                                                                   *                           it
    !**********************~                                                                                               ***********************~
    VOL  Ill -  N,o.  26                                TREASURE  ISLAND,  SAN  FRANCISCO,  CALIF.                                       AUGUST  12,  1944
    Bill  ''Bojangles" Ro~inson Smash Hit at All l. I. Colored Dance

    Successful  Dance
                                                                                                                           Disabled  Men  On
    Held  at T.  I.  Gym
                                                                                                                           Shore  Duty  Will
    Saturday  Evening
                                                                                                                           Serve  Near Home
     The  Treasure  Island  gymnasium
    could  have  appropriately  sported                                                                                      Washington  -  Disabled  enlisted
   the  New  York  Savoy  Ballroom's                                                                                       patients  classified  for  duty  ashore
   tag-line  -  "The  home  of happy
                                                                                                                           ( except  Seabees  an d  Hospital
   feet" , for last Saturday night,  Au-
   gust  5,  Treasure  Island  regained                                                                                    Corps  personnel)  will  be  assigned
   its  pre-war  color  and  splendor  as                                                                                  hereafter to  duty· in the  naval  dis-
   a  treasure  chest  of  entertainment                                                                                   trict  or  river  command  in  which
    and  the  mecca  for  music  lovers                                                                                    they  are  hospitalized  or  in  their
   and  dance  fans.  The  Colored  Blue-                                                                                  home  naval  district,  river  com-
   jackets  stationed  on  Treasure  Is-                                                                                   mand  or  naval  air  training  com-
   land found  their hearts "drumming                                                                                      mand.
   a   cadence"  to  t h e  pulsating                                                                                        This  procedure,  announced  in  a
    rhythms  of  the  Treasure  Island                                                                                     BuPers  directive,  supersedes  the
    Swing  band  when  they  met  some
                                                                                                                           previous system whereby such per-
    of  Bay  Area's  loveliest  ladies  at
                                                                                                                           sonnel-currently  more  than  1500
    one  of  the  most  colorful  dances
    ever  given  here.                                                                                                     a  month-have been transferred to
     The gymnasium was nearly filled                                                                                       the  nearest  receiving  ship  or  re-
    to  its  capacity  and  a  spirit  of                                                                                  ceiving  station  to  await  assign-
    joviality  permeated  the  atmos-                                                                                      ment  by  BuPers.  The  change  was
   phere  as  the  swing  band,  led  by                                                                                   made  to  avert  loss  of  man  days
    saxophonist  Van  Buren  Kelley,                                                                                       and to  reduce  paper work.
   played many popular song hits ar-                                                                                         Men  evacuated  from  overseas
   ranged  by  their  staff of  arrangers
                                                                                                                           and  later  found  qualified  f o r
   headed  by  D.  K.  Brown,  Mus2c.
                                                                                                                           limited  shore  duty  may  designate
     Mingled  laughter,  mirth  and
   merriment,  sporadic  applauses  and                                                                                    their  home  naval  district,  river
   thunderous  o v a t i o n s  prevailed                                                                                  command  or  naval  air  training
   throughout the  evening.                                                                                                command as the one in which they
    Bill  Robinson  in  Spotlight                                                                                          wis h  to  serve  and  may  be  trans-
     The  colorful  affair  was.  high-                                                                                    ferred  there  at  government  ex-
   lighted  when  the  spotlight  beam-                                                                                    pense.  Other  qualified  personnel
   ed  upon  America's  greatest  tap                                                                                      may  have  the  same  privilege-at
    dance  artist  B i 11   "Bojangles"
                                                                                                                           their own travel  expense.
   Robinson,  who  rushed  over  to
                                                                                                                             In  cases  where  a  report  of
   Treasure  Island,  between his stage
   appearances  at  San  Francisco's                                                                                       medical  survey  recommends  as-
   Warfield  Theatre  where  he  was                                                                                       signment  of  a  man  to  a  warmer
   heading  the  "Basin  Street  Jam-                                                                                      climate  or  other  locality,  the
    boree",  to  perform  a  tap  dance                                                                                    medical  officer  in  command  will
   routine  for  the  bluejackets.  Robin-                                                                                 exercise independent judgment and
   son's  charming  wife  accompanied                                                                                      transfer  the  man  to  the  comman-
   him  in  a  soft  shoe  dance  number
                                  HIGHLIGHTS  of  the  dance  for  the  Colored  Bluejackets  are   girl.  Insert  shows  Captain  R.  W.  Cary  greeting  Robinson  dant  of  the  nearest  naval  district,
   to  climax his  performance and  the  shown  in  a  pictorial  revue.  Top  (left  to  right)-Van  Kelley,   while  Mrs.  Robinson,  R.  E.  Johnson,  Y3c,  a  "Masthead"
                                  saxophonist,  fronting  the  Treasure  Island  Swing  band.  ' 'Bo-  staff  member,  and  Chief  White  look  on.  Mrs.  Neilson  and   river  command  or  air  training
   audience  rocked  the  gymnasium  jangles"  Robinson  with  C.  Clark  and  Elizabeth  Ford.  Harris   Mrs.  Horn  aid  hostesses  with  refreshments.  Bottom  (left  to   command  which  best  fits  the  in-
    with  one  of  the  loudest  ovations   Allen,  Flc  in  a  dance  routine  with  attractive  Connie  Curry.   right)-"Chow  time."  Cox  Ray  Davidson  and  charming  Eva
                                  Center  (left  to  right)-Refreshment  time  for  a  sailor  and  a   Lane  are  shown  " cutting  the  rug."   dividual's case.
    of  the  night.  After  his  perform-
    ance,  Robinson  was  introduced  to                                                                                     Disabled Seabee personnel classi-
    Captain  R.  W.  Cary,  Commander                                                                                      fied  for  shore  duty  will  be  trans-
   U.  S.  Naval  Training  and  Distri-  72,000 WOMEN ARE  NOY{ WEARING 12th  Naval "District                             ferred  to  the  Naval  Construction
    bution  Center.  He  stated  that  he                                                                                  Center  at  Camp  Endicott,  Davis-
   has  entertained  membex,s  of  the   UNITED STATES  NAVY UNIFORM                         Swim. Meet Slated             ville,  R.  I.,  or  at  Camp  Parks,
    Armed Forces more than any other   The  nationwide  celebration  of  the  second  anniversary  For August  30          Shoemaker,  Calif.,  depending  on
    individual  performer  but  he  enjoy-                                                                                 which  is  nearer.
                                  of the  Women's  Reserve,  was  held  in  the  Sylvan  Theatre,   The  Twelfth  Naval  District  will
                                  Washington  Monument  Grounds,  Washington,  D.  C.  The   hold  its  District  Swimming  Meet
                                                                                             at  the  Alameda  Naval  Air  Base
                                  rally,  sponsored jointly by the Navy Department and Poto-
                                                                                             on August 20. Thex,e will be  entries   Gas  Ration  on  leave
                                  mac  River Naval  Command,  was attended. by nearly 10,000  from  the  various  stations  in  the
                                  officers  and  enlisted  personnel  of  the  Women's  Reserve,  Twelfth  Naval  District.  Enlisted   One  Gallon  Per  Day
                                                                                             men and WAVES  who  wish  to try
                                  probably the largest gathering of military ·women in Ameri-                                Naval  personnel  on  leave  72
                                                                                             out,  or  anyone  who  has  had  com-
                                  can history.                                               petitive  experience  in  swimming  hours  or  more  are  entitled  to  re-
                                   The  Mistress  of  Ceremonies  for                        contact  Chief  Bill  Egan  at  the  ceive  special  gasoline  rations  of
                                                                part  of  the  Navy,  the  WAVES
                                  the  Anniversary  program  was  Lt.                        Treasure  Island  swimming  pool  one  gallon  for  each  day  of  leave
                                                                have  dem~mstrated  keen  ability,
                                  Frances Rich, who introduced Cap-                          located  in  the  gymnasium.   up  to  30  gallons.  Ration  currency
                                                                loyalty,  and  devotion  to  duty.  We
                                  tain Mildred_ McAffee. Distinguish-                          Events  for  enlisted  men  attend- may  be  obtained  from  local  OPA
                                  ed  speakers  were  Admiral  Chester   are proud  of  ~hem."   ing  the  meet  will  include  fancy  Boards  up on  presentation  of
                                  W.  Nimitz,  USN;  Admiral  Ernest   Secretary  Forrestal  presented   diving contests, 100 yard free style,  original  copy  of  leave  papers
                                  J .  King,  USN  and  Secretary  of  present  statistics  by  noting  that  50 yard back stroke, 50 yard breast  which  will  be  endorsed  by  the
                                  the NavY James Forrestal.     today  72,000  women  wear  the  stroke,  150  yard  medley  relay,  50  boards  to  indicate  the  ration
                                   Admiral  Nimitz,  speaking  from  Navy  uniform,  nearly  half  the  yard  free  style,  220  yard  free  issued.  Application should be made
                                  Pearl  Harbor,  brought  forth  the  pre-war  strength  of  the  Navy  in  style,  200  yard  free  style  relay,  to  local  boards  in  the  community
                                  important part women have had in   1940.  They hold  34  different  Navy  150  yard  medley  (individual),  440  where  the  automobile  to  be  driven
                                  the  Naval  history  of  the  world.   ratings,  representing  250  different  yard  free  style,  underwater  swim  is  located.
                                  Cleopatra of Egypt,  who  is credit-  kinds of work.  Mr.  Forrestal made  for  distance,  and  cross-chest carry
    ed  his  stay  her-e  better · because
   Treasure  Island  is  the  "cream  of   ed  with  having  had  command  of   a  statement which will  interest all  race.
                                                                                               Interested  WAVES  have  their
                                  a  task  force  of  60  ships  almost  the  advocates  of overseas  duty for
   all  the  musical  affairs"  which  he   2000  years  ago.  Famous  Helen  of  WAVES. He stated, "The tempo of  choice  of  participating  in  any  of   WANTED
   has  attended.
                                 Troy whose salvation fleet of 1000  the  war  is  rising  to  a  climax.  the following:  Diving, 50  yard free   Professional Mus.icians
     Another  attraction  of  the  eve-  ships  have  now  become  legend.  This  stepped-up  push  for  victory  style,  50 yard back stroke, 50  yard
   ning  was  a  jitterbug  contest.  The                                                                                     Professional  musicians  who
                                 Isabella  of  Spain whose  patronage  will  increase  your  responsibilities  breast stroke,  150 yard medley  re-
   winners-Thelma Potts and Harris   of Columbus founded  a  new world.  and  the  demands  for  your  work.  lay,  200  yard free  style  relay,  and   know  they  will  be  stationed  on
   Allen ;  Roberta  Green  and  Abra-                                                                                      Treasure  Island  four  weeks  or
                                  Queen  Elizabeth  _saw   England  You  will  have  many  opportunities  150 yard medley  (individual).
   ham  Kelley--were  each  awarded  reach a  new pinnacle  of sea power   for  varied  and  interesting  service,   A  cup  will  be  awarded  for  the   longer  are  needed  in  the  New
   a  twenty-five  dollar  war  bond  by  and  her  Navies  prove  for  all  time   certainly  here,  and  we  hope  ulti- winning  team  and  winning  relays   Treasure  Island  dance  band  be-
    Captain  R.  W.  Cary.       the  value  of  Naval  defense.  He   mately in our shore establishments  while  individual  medals  are  to  be   ing  formed  at  this  time.  Those
                                                                                                                            playing  saxophones  and  trom-
     Refreshments  consisting . of  de- concluded  his  talk  by  saying,  "It  abroad.  I  offer  the  Navy's  tradi- given  for  the  first  four  places  in
   licious  sandwiches,  cakes,  olives,   is  only  recently  that women  have  tional  'Well  Done'  to the  Women's  eachevent.PointscoresforWAVES   bones  are  requested  to  leave
   pickles,  cokes  and  coffee  were   had  an  influence  within  Navies.  Reserve  of  the  United  States  events  will  be  counted  towards   their  names  at  the  Welfare  De-
                                                                                                                            partment  now.
         ( Continued on page 3)   In  their  two  years  as  ap.  integral . Navy."          Team  Points  for  Trophy.
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