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  Harlem'sSparklingRevue  Naval Training                      Decide Method Of
  Wows Blueiackets In           Schools                       Selectin·g  WAVES

  Laugh-Loaded USO Show           By  direction  of  the  Secretary  of   For Overseas Duty
                                the  Navy,  the  Advanced  Naval
    Treasure  Island's  entertainment  Training  School  has  recently  been   According to a press release
  policy  hit  a  new  and  exhilarating  redesignated  as  Naval  Training
                                                              received  from  the  Navy  De-
  high on  Monday  and  Tuesday  eve- .Schools.  NTS .offers training  in  the
                                                              ,partment  procedures  for  se-
  nings  when  the  USO  Camp  show,  following  fields:  Cooks and  Bakers,
  "What's  Cooking",  trod the boards  Fire  Contr.ol,  Gunner's  Mates  and   lecting  the  WAVES  who  are
  at Theatre No.  1.            Electric  Hydraulic,  Gyro  Compass,  qualified  for  duty  overseas
    A  swiftly  paced,  yet  admirably  Welders,  Underwater  Welders,  and  h,ave  been  established  by
  timed,  revue engulfed the audience  Rangefinder  Operators.   the Bureau of Naval Person-
  in  waves  of  gaiety,  music  and                          nel, and a letter of instruction
  laughter.  For  the  past  year,         *  * *
                                - On Saturday,  October 7,  gradua- is  now  enroute  to  all  Naval
  throughout the country, the colored
                                tion  exercises  were  held  in  the
  stage  artists  from  New  York  and                        activities-in the United States.
                                Treasure  Island  Theatre  for  348
  Chicago have entertained thousands                            On the basis of full reports
  of men  in the  Armed  Forces.   students.  Lt.  Commander  William   still  to  be  received  from  the
    The  Treasure  Island  b a n d   J.  Quinn,  USNR,  delivered  the  ad-
  bounced  through  an  inspiring  ar-  dress to the graduates. The invoca- overseas  areas  where  Navy
  rangement of "Swing Shift" creat-  tion  was  rendered  by  Chaplain  women  are  eligible  to  serve,
                                Georfie  E.  Thomas.
  ing  the  atmosphere  of  "jump                             quotas  to  fill  the  personnel
                                  Civilian  employees  and  WAVES
  music",  while  rotund,  dynamic                            needs  of  Navy  stations  in
                                gathered  during  the  "chow  hour"
  Herbie Cowens convulsed the audi-                           these areas will  be assigned  to the
  ence  with  his  delightful  scat-sing-  Saturday  to  pay  their  respects  to   various  Naval  Districts,  River
                                Miss  Elizabeth  Trittipoe,  mimeo-
  ing  and .  sensational  drumming.                          Commands,  and  Air  Commands  in
  Everyone  agrees  that  this  bundle   graph  operator,  for  two  years  of   continental  United  States.  Only
  of  "Sepian  TNT"  is  unequalled  in   faithful service to NTS.  Miss  Ti;-it-  women  who volunteer for  overseas
  topnotch  "beat".  Fleet  footed  and   tipoe reported aboard on October 7,   duty  will  be  considered  for  such
  full  of  youthful  vitality  were   1942.   Congratulations  on  your   assignments.
                                splendid  contribution  to  the  war
  phrases descriptive of the rhythmic                           According  to  the  Bureau,  selec-
  boy and girl dance team, "Spic and   effort!                tion  boards  will  be  established  in
  Span".                                   *  *  *            each of these  commands  to  review
    Further  highlighting  of  th e   Jack  E.  Gordon,  GM3c,  graduat- all  applications  from  enlisted  wo-
  scentillating  revue  was  the  girl  ing  student  of  NTS  (Gunner's  men and to select those who will be
  vocalist, "Brown Sugar", alias Miss  Mates and  Electric  Hydraulic)  was  ordered overseas  by the  Bureau of
  Laurel  Watson.  A  former  warbler  awarded the Purple  Heart by Com- Naval  Personnel  as  billets  become
  with  Count  Basie's  orchestra,  she  modore  R.  W.  Cary  at ceremoni,es  available.
  was properly sultry and exotic. Her  held  on  Saturday,  Oct,ober  7.  Gor-  It is expected that no quotas will
  rendition  of Gershwin's  "Summer- don  enlisted  in  the -Navy  in  1940  be  assigned  prior  to  December,
  time"  was  uniquely  styled  and  in- and  since that time  has seen  action  1944.
  comparably singular.  She acknow- in  numerous  battles  in  the  Pacific   Members  of  the  Women's  Re-
  ledged  the  thundering  applause  area,  including  the  Coral  Sea,  the  serve  making  application  for  duty
  with  the  catchy  "Milkman,  Keep  Gilbert  and  Marshall  Islands,  and  outside the continental limits of the
  Those  Bottles  Quiet"  and  a  torrid,  Tarawa.  NTS  salutes  y,ou  on  your  United  States  must  meet  the  re-
   soulful,  "You Made Me Love You".  accomplishments!         quirements listed below:
  The  "interpretative"  dancing  of                            1.  A  good conduct record, a  good   Beauteous  Edna  Davison,  our "Girl  Back  Home"  featurette  this  week,
   Ernestine  Porter  spoke  the  subtle                       health  record,  and  a  good  work   is  the  bride  of  Ray  Davison,  Cox,  who  is  a  popular  M.A.A.  at barracks
                                on the piano, ukelele and violin and                         199.  Davison, who  resides at 6150  Eberhart,  Chicago,  Illinois,  says that
   language  that any serviceman can                           record.
                                offered his  pleasant voice  in "Dar-                        he will walk alone until "V-Day" and will  return borne to be a  model  hus-
  · translate into basic English. Danny   ling,  Je  Vous  Aime  Beaucoup,"  a   2.  Service  on  continuous  active  band.
   Alexander,  the  "wild  m~"  of  the   song genuinely appropriate with G.   duty  (exclusive  of  training  time)
   show gave vivid evidence of skillful   I.  Joe's  in  Paris  today.  Buddy   for  at  least six  mo·nths.  When  two    RADIO  MATERIEL
   pantomimic  dancing.  His  impres-  Bower  ''Sinatra-nized"  with a  par- individuals  are  equally  qualified  in
   sion  of  "a  hepcat  in  Harlem"  is   ody on  "No Love, No Nothin' "  en- other  ways,  preference  will  be          SCHOOL
   reminiscent  of  some  undiscovered   titled  "No steak,  No  Butter".   given  t-o  the  one  with  longer
   musical chaplin. Buddy Bowser, the                          service.                                                    National  War  Fund
                                  The  show  reached  a  smashing
   talented  and  genial  M.  C.,  offered   climax  with  a  swift,  dazzling   3.  During  their  military  service,      The  month  of  October  has  beerl
   an  inimitable  musical  comedy  act  routine  by  the  Rhythm  Ensemble,   applicants  must have demonstrated          set aside for the worthy and highly
   with affable Bert Howell as an apt  comprised  of  six  charming  beau-  a  sense of  responsibility,  maturity,        important  National  War  Fund
   and  versatile  straight  man.  Mr.  ties led by a  rhythmic dancer com-  adaptability  and  emotional  sta-            Campaign.  Lt.  Commander  W.  H.
   Howell  displayed  superb  technique  parable to Ann Miller.   bility.                                                  Keplinger,  Welfare  Officer,  has.
                                                                 4.  Applicants  must  be  free  from                      been appointed to conduct the cam-
   DR.  WASSELL  VISITS  SAN  FRANCISCO                        any  form  of  dependency  which   Although  it  may  seem  that  the   paign  at  this  command,  and  it  is
                                                               would  require their  presence  in  the   Mine  Force  Front  has  been  quiet   hoped  that full  cooperation  by the
                                                               United  States.  Individuals  who   lately, it has been so absorbed in its   entire RMS personnel, both civilian
                                                               have  at  any  time  submitted  a  re-                      md  Naval,  be  given  in  order  to
                                                                                             varied  activities  that its  personnel
                                                               quest  for  transfer  or  discharge                         uphold the commendable reputation
                                                                                             has been working like demons. The
                                                               based  on  dependency  are  not  con-                       that ·this  School  has  established  in
                                                                                             entire  office  has  been  moved  top-
                                                               sidered  eligible.                                          ,imilar  causes.  During  the  same
                                                                                             side  in  the  Administration  Build-
                                                                 Applicants  must  volunteer  for   ing.  After  several  days  of  extra-  ~ampaign  conducted  one  year  ago,
                                                               overseas duty as such and may ex-  ordinary confusion, Mine Force has   RMS  contributed  nearly  $1500.00,
                                                               press  a  preference  for  the  area  to   become  well  situated  in  its  nicely  ,;;o  this  year we want to equal  and
                                                               which  they  wish  to  be  assigned.   appointed  offices.  Everyone  is  still  ~ven better that total.
                                                               However,  definite  assignment  to   excited about this  "change for  the   Contributions  may  be  made  by
                                                               the  preferred  area  cannot  be   better" and wonders how they were  ~ash payment during the campaign,
                                                               guaranteed.                   able to do their work in such a  bril- ,r by pledges  to  be paid at a  latei-
                                                                 Overseas  assignment will  be  for  liant  manner  amidst  such  meager  iate,  or  in  quarterly  or  monthly
                                                               a  minimum  period  of  18  months,  surroundings.          'nstallments  through 1944-45.  It is
                                                               and  no  leave  to  return  to  the   "Boats"  Bridgman  is  shi!)ping   '.mportant,  however,  that  all  con-
                                                               United  States will  be  granted dur-  out  on  an  oiler.  Needless  to  say,   :ributions  by  cash  or  pledge  be
                                                               ing  the  period  of  overseas  assign-  Bridgman  is  really  going  to  be   nade prior to the close of the cam-
                                                               ment.                         missed  by all  hands,  as he has  be-  1aign.  This is  an essential welfare
                                                                 A  special  application  form  has  come  an  essential  part  of  Mine   1eed,  and  as  long  as  the war con-
                                                               been  prepared  but  as  yet  not  re- Force.  Lt.  Bowen  is  awaiting  that   ~inues  there  will  be  an  inevitable
                                                               _ leased, which must be filled  out by  second full golden stripe. Visitors to   ·.ncrease  in  health  and  welfare
                                                               all  women  volunteers  for  overseas  the Mine Force office this week were   ?roblems,  so  it  boils  down  to  one
                                                               duty. Applications of volunteers not  Lt.  Kindblad,  former  Officer-in-  :hing- it  is  our  DUTY  to  support
                                                               selected for first quotas will be kept  Charge of Mine Disposal Unit, who   ~he  campaign  to  the  greatest  of
                                                               on file  for future  quotas.   just returned from  Washington,  D.   ,ur ability. Let's all  back this  Na-
                                                                                             C.,  and  Lt.  (jg)  Vic  Martinelli,   tional  War Fund Campaign  100%,
                                                               Lost and  Found               handball expert who is  on his way   Al,ong Ten-Pin  Alley
                                                                                             to  attend  Mine  Warfare  School  in
                                                                                                                             The  newly  organized  WA VE
                                                                 The  following  lost  and  found  Virginia.  A  new  class  for  officers  bowling  team  got  off  to  a  "strik-
                                                               articles  have  been  reported  to  the  has  recently  started .at  Cable  Re- ing" start on Friday night, October
                                                               Security Office,  located in Building  pair  School.  Haviland,  SC3c,  "th-~  13.  Scoring  honors  for  the  evening
                                                               No.  222.                     man who knows all about bowling"  were claimed by SK2c Helen Chev-
                                                                                             and  Mitchell,  MoMM3c,  the  jitter- allier with a  pretty fair average of
                                                               LOST-13  Wallets,  1  Cruise  Box,  5  Sea-
                                                                 bags  and  Hammocks,  1  Peacoat,  1  Pr.  bug, have returned to duty on board  121,  and  the  runners-up  were  Y3c
                                                                                             ship  after  recovering from  leg  in- Gladys  Zielstorf,  111,  and  Slc
                                                               FOUND-9  Wallets,  1  Purse,  1  Check   juries.            Muriel  Birmingham,  104.  We  can
                                                                 book  and  Bank  book ,  1  ID  Bracelet,  1
                                                                 r ing  and  a  seabag  contain ing  the  follow·   Eugene  H .  Magnee  is  the--full  look  for  more  and  continued  ac-
                                                                 ing  articles  of'  clothi)l.g  which  wer e
                                                                 found  in  a  lock er  on  Treasur&  I sla.nd  name of the 8  pound 2 ounce baby  tivity  along  the  RMS  bowling
                                                                 with  the  following  names  stencilled  on
                                                                "!them:                      born  on  October  2  to  Magnee  and  11leys,  for  these  WAVES  are  out
                                                               Article           Stencilled  Name  Magnee,  Inc.  Boy!  They  certainly  to  throw  a  lot  of  strikes.
                                                               White  Hat            L.  Bethard
                                                               P illow  Case      C.  E.  Rasb er ry  were  good  cigars  and  gum  drops.  Volleyball
                                                               Skivvy Shorts           Wi ck es   Frank Molfetto, BM2c, went off the   For  the  sake  of  sport,  also  to
                                                               Dungaree Pants        V.  Hudson
                                                               Tailored  Juniper   Paioletti.  Bob  deep  end  and  took  unto  himself  a  combat  that  persistent  waistline
   DR.  WASS.ELL,  whose  heroic  evacuation  of  Navy  men  from  Jap-held  Regulation  Jumper   R.  G.  Platter
   territory has now become movie history, is seen above as he  paid  a  visit  Regulation  Pants   B.  J .  Matlock  bride  in  Santa  Cruz.  Frank  con- bulge,  a  volleyball  tournament  is
                                                                                   J .  E .  P aschal
   to  the  San  Francisco  Blood  Donor  Center.  At  the  time  these  pictures   Brown  Duffie  Bag   Leirer   tinually  looks at the  certificate to  underway for RMS officers. Matches
                                                               Skivvy  Shirts  (2 )
   were  taken  Commander  Wassell  was  touring  the  United  States  in  be-  Skivvy  Shirt   .R.  J .  P erry  make  certain  he  really is  married,  will be played during the noon hour
   half of the War Loan  Drive. The men  shown  with  him, who  were  lucky  H and  Towel   Stolldor  as  everything  is  a  trifle  hazy  to  in the areaways set aside for RMS
   enough  to  ask  him  some  questions  first-hand,  are  Advanced  Naval   Skivvy  Shorts   J oe  Gr een                personnel  use.
                                                               Sk ivvy Shor ts
   Training personnel.                                         Mattress Cover   E.  T . Washington   him.
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