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        [  Sefl  Frontier Sector  find  Loc(J/ Defense                                            .. -.. ,_                    Commodore  R. W. Cary

         •   •   ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  •   •   •   ♦  +  +  •   ♦  •   ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   ♦  •   ♦  •           Opens  Hostess  House
         Lt.  P .  J.  Gilmore,  Jr.,  USNR,  ir   Lt.  Johnson  was  "Reared  in                                                   (Continued from page 4)
       newly assigned to the local defense  Texas,"  at Mart,  near Waco  (well   Send· a., bit of home                        are many tables for a friendly game
       force.  He  was  born  in  Ketchikan.  'it has  to  be  identified  some  way!) .                                       of cards, and ash trays everywhere.
       Alaska,  and  attended  high  school   He received his law degree at the                                                The  ceiling  height  windows  on
       there.  Gonzaga  University,  Spo- University  of  Texas  and  practiced                                                either  side  allows  the  streaming
       kane,  Washington,  is  his  alma  law  for  ten  years  in  Houston.  Lt.   to a prisoner of W'c2l"                    sun to pour  in all  day making  the
       mater,  a  dubious  distinction  which  Johnson  is  on  military  leave from                                           lounge  practically  a  glass  house.
       he  shares  with  Bing  and  Bob  the  law  firm,  Baker,  Botts,  An-                                                  Charming  Gloria  Brammer,  secre-
       Crosby.  Lt.  Gilmore  received  hit  frews,  and  Wharton.  He  and  his                                               tary of the Hostess House is always
       law degree at the Georgetown Uni·  wife  make  their  home  in Houston,
                                                                                                                               at your service.
       versity  in  Washington,  D.  C.  and  md  he  expects  to  return  to  the
       was employed for the following six  "quiet  life  there  . . .  home  on  the                                            Many  Other  Interesting  Rooms
       years by the Public Works Admin- range  . . .  once  'V'  day arrives!"                                                   There  is  a  secluded  room,  with
       istration in the Capital. He returned                                                                                   a  library  for  meditative  reading.
       to Alaska in 1939 as Assistant U.S.                                                                                     Of special interest there is a  lighted
       Attorney  and  in  1942  was  sent  tc   Vivian  Willett  O'Leary,  Ylc,  is                                            globe  of  the  world  today,  where
       Juneau as Principle U.  S.  Attorney.   now  a  civilian.  She  is  looking  for-                                       you  can  tell  your  mates  of  your
       It was there that he entered active   ward to "going domestic" and keep-                                                travels abroad.  ·
       duty  in  the  Navy  as  Lt.  (jg) .   ing  house  for  her  husband,  Chief                                              The  Powder  Room  with  long
         When asked if anything unusual   Yeoman  O'Leary  of  Personnel                                                       walled  horizontal  mirrors  gives
       or exciting happened  while  he  was   rraining Center.  Good luck,  Vivian                                             you  an  opportunity  for  maidenly
       in  the nation's capital,  Lt.  Gilmore   . . . from all of us.                                                         elegance.  Friendly and understand-
       answered,  "Well .. . I  met my wife   Lillian  Campbell,  Y2c,  in  the                                                ing  Mrs.  Berry,  Housekeeper  of
       there!"  Alaska  must  "have  some- Chief Clerk's office, has fallen.prey                                               Hostess House,  will always be glad
       thing"  for  Lt.  Gilmore  expects  to  to  cupid's  darts.  As  of  September                                          to  oblige  you  WAVES.
       return to Alaska to practice general  11th she is Mrs. Roy Anderson. Our                                                  One end of the ell contains three
       law  . . .  "when  the  rising sun  has  ~ongratulations  to  Lillian  and  to                                          bedrooms  and  a  nursery.  These
       set."                         h~r husband,  Roy Anderson,  CWT,                                                         rooms  are  for  the  wives  and  chil-
                                     who is attached to an attack trans-                                                        dren  of  men  critically  ill  in  the
         Lt.  D.  N.  Johnson,  USNR,  was  port.                                                                              hospital  on  Treasure  Island.  Down
       assigned  to  duty  with  the  Naval   James  Hudson  Howell  has  ar-                                                   the  long  hallway  there  are  well
       Local Defense Forces early in Sep- rived!  On October 5th at the  Oak-                                                   appointed writing desks, filled with
       tember.  He  began  active  duty  in  land  Naval  Hospital  a  baby  boy                                                stationery  and  other  writing,  ac-
       the  Navy in February,  1943,  as  an  was  born  to  Lt.  (jg)  and  Mrs.        Give generously to                     cessories.  There  are  four  public
       apprentice seaman with indoctrina- James  Maurice Howell.  Lt.  Howell                                                   telephone  booths.
       tion  at the  University  of  Arizona,  is attached to Naval Local Defense                                               The  South  Terrace  Grounds
       Tucson.  He  received  his  commis- Force and if rumor is correct is the   YOUR  COMMUNITY  WAR  FUND                     As  you  walk  out  into  the  South
       sion  as  Lt.  (jg) ,  upon  completion  first  to  be  handing  out  cigars  . ..                                       Terrace,  flanked  on  either  side  of
       of  the  course,  and was assigned  to  there's more to follow from this de-                                             the  main  panel  lawn,  there  are
       duty in the Twelfth Naval District.  partment!                       Representing  the  NATIONAL WAR FUND                walks which lead out into  the gar-
                                                                                                                                den  with  overhanging  olive  trees
                                     learned  in  housekeeping  from  the  ls-··.   --~-:~ ... -- -- ·  --=~  - -  -  ...   511.!::;:::c  1·  ·  ~   and  flowers.  Garden  benches  sur-
                                     whom  are  now  second-class,  are
                                     now going to  take the lessons they
                                                                                                                                round  the  view.  Enclosing  the
                                     _Navy and apply them to being just                                                         grounds  at  the  South  End,  are  a
                                                                                                                                group  of  undulating  pines,  boxed
                                     housewives  in the  civilian  sense of   Noted  Screen  Stars   Pacific  Ocean  Area  and  brought  from  Mcclaren  Park
                                     the  word.  We  will  miss  you  girls,                                                    (courtesy  of  Superintendent  J .  L.
                                     but good luck to you  both.   Make  Appearance  At           Officers Meet In              Girod).  Overhanging  the  trees  are
                                      Orchids  to  AGC(PAC)                                                                     redhouse  lights for starless  nights.
                                       The  girls from  Armed Guard  re-  Treasure  Island  Hospital  San  Francisco             As  you  meander  toward  the
        WAVES  Prepare  to  "Ship  Out"   ceive  the  orchid  of  the  week  for
                                                                     The Treasure Island hospital ex-  Admiral  Ernest  J.  King,  USN,  Chapel  facing  the  pines,  the  walk
         Here it is,  hot off • ~1e press!  The  their grand tu111-out for Badminton              Commander  in  Chief  of  the  U.  S.  leads  westward,  where  one  sud-
                                                                    perienced  two  exciting  days  this
        latest official  news from  Washing- ~lasses now being held at the gym-                                                 denly  finds  himself  in  the  Palm
                                                                    week  when  the  patients·  were   Fleet,  and  members  of  his  staff
        ton; D. C.  on the WAVES Overseas  nasium. The coming district tourn-                     have  concluded  a  conference  with   Court;  patterned  with  walks,
        Bill will  be  found  in full  detail  on   :i.ment  is  open -to  any . experienced   honored  by  the  personal  appear-
                                                                    ances  of  Ginny  Simms  and  Gabby   Pacific  Ocean  area  officers  in  San  graced by a  circular row of palms,
        page  seven.  The  bill  states  that  ?layer who  is interested.  This  also             Francisco  on  aspects  of  the  cam- giving a  definite seclusion and still
        no  WA VE  will have cause to "kiss   goes  for  volleyball  with  the  date   Hayes.     paign against the Japanese.   beauty  of  an  oasis  of  peace.  You
        the  boys  goodbye"  until  at  least  for  the  tournament  in  the  district   Miss Simms'  jolly, down-to-earth   Coincident  with  a  visit  to  the  are  unconscious  of  the  billowing
        December, but the girls are already  Jet for the second week in Novem- sense  of  humor  and  singing  of  all
                                                                                                 West  Coast  of  Secretary  of  the   waves  100 yards  away.
        burning  the  midnight oil  trying  tc  ber.  Girls  interested  in  forming  a  popular  songs  lifted _the  patients'
                                                                                                  Navy James Forrestal, the strategy   The  result  of the Hostess House
        make  up  their  minds  about  going  ;earn  from  any  activity,  contact  spirits  to  a  high  level  seldom
                                                                                                  :neeting  brought  Admiral  C.  W.  is  a  monument  to  the  foresighted-
        We wonder if some oil  hasn't been  Mary  Jane  Smart  at  the  gym- equalled.  The  performances  given
                                                                                                  Nimitz,  USN,  Commander in  Chief  ness  and  vision  of  all  who  parti-
        burned  by  a  few officers who  may  1asium  as  soon  as  possible.  It  is  at  the  hospital  were  typical  of   Jf  the  Pacific  Fleet  and  Pacific  cipated  in  this  noble  endeavor.
        face  the  situation  of  breaking  ir,  ,!most impossible for Smart to con- Ginny  Simms.  Her  style  of  ward
                                                                                                  Ocean  Areas,  from  the  Pacific   We  hesitate  to  close  without
        new  help  to  jobs  vacated  by  sea- :act all  WAVES  with previous ex- entertainment  was  very  informal
                                                                                                  Jperating  area.  With  him  were  giving  you  the  message  of  the
        going  WAVES.  Latest  news  frorr  _Jerience  in  the various sports,  and  .  .  .  the  kind  that everyone  in  the   11..dmiral  Raymond  A.  Spruance,  Director of the Hostess House, Mrs.
        the  print  shop  says  that  applica-  f  you  are  really  interested  in  a  service  likes.   USN,  Commander Fifth Fleet,  and   Virginia Nielson.
        tion forms are already being print- :op-notch recreation program, drop   Ginny  put the  boys  in  the  mood   staff  officers  of  the  Pacific  com-  "In  recognition  of  the  love  of
        ed,'and .now is the time to make UJ:  .n  to  the  gymnasium  and  tell  her  by giving  out with  some  blue,  hot
                                                                                                  mand.                        -beauty,  warmth  and  friendliness
        your minds.                   10 ,  giving her a  chance  to plan the  and  sensational  numbers.  Miss   Others  at  the  conference  which  deep  in the  hearts  of our men and
         Incidentally,  if  you  do  not swim  Jrogram to fit your needs.   Simms  was  accompanied  by  Lt .   was  held  at  the  headquarters  of  women · who  serve  so  unselfishly,
        or  are  a  poor  swimmer  and  ar€  ·'Second  the  Motion"   (jg)  Jarrett  (Art  Jarrett) .  His   Vice  Admiral  D.  W.  Bagley,  USN,  so  that  we  at  home  may  enjoy  so
        thinking about going, why not tak€   All  WAVES  should  second  the  work  on  the  guitar  was  excellent   Commander Western Sea Frontier, I much  •  •  •  is  Hoste~s  H~~se  on
        this  time  to  take ·1essons  and  be  .notion  of  the  girls  in  the  Com- and  his  solo  and  duet  with  Ginny   were  Vice  Admiral  c.  M.  Cooke,  Treasure  Island  dedicated  .
        sure that you will pass all require-  . nunications office  that we offer Lt.  made a  great hit.
       . ments when the_ day of  testing  ar-  Nilliamson,  new  Women's  Reserve  Western Star Here   Jr.,  USN,  Admiral King's  Chief of
                                                                                                  Staff;·  Vice  Admiral  Aubrey  W .
       '  rives.                      ~epresentative for Treasure Island,   Gabby Hayes, one of Hollywood's   Fitch, USN, Deputy Chief of Naval   Italy-Capt.  Almon  S. - Farrar,
       / Good·bye  to  Navy  Blue     :he  warmest  of  welcomes.  The  best  loved  character  actors,  who   Operations  (Air),  and  Vice  Ad- 51,  who has spent: the last 35  years
         Two  Arm~d  :Guard  Yeoman  are  ;aciiomen  know her from  Madison,  has  appeared  in  140  Western  pic-  miral  Randall  J_acobs,  USN,  Chief  of his  life in  the Army,  was filling
        saying  goodbye  to  Navy  Blue  fo1  0/is.,  where  she  was  their  WA VE  tures,  visited  the  Treasure  Island   Jf Naval Personnel.   out  a  biographical  form  when  he
        the duration and ever after for the}  )fficer,  and  they  say  she  is  one  hospital  Monday,  under  the  spon-      came  upon  the  question:  "Civilian
        have  received  their  discharges  5rand  officer.  Both WA VE  officers  sorship  of  USO  Camp  Shows.  Al-  Mr.  Hayes  started  his  "Gabby"  --Occupation?"  He  thought  for  a
        under  the  recent  order  which  per- and  enlisted  women  are  looking  ways  the  tobacco-chewing,  loqua- role  pasting  on  a  beard;  but  that  minute,  then wrote:  "Child."
        mits  separation  from  service  to  forward  to  working  with  her  and  cious  side-kick,  Gabby  has  palled  got boring after awhile and he now
        women who enlisted prior to  April  we  do  say  with  a  great  deal  of  with  William  Boyd  in  the  "Hop- has  his  own  whiskers.  His  most
        1943  and ~re now married to Navy  pleasure,  "Welcome  Aboard."   along  Cassidy"  series  and  has · recent  pictures  are  "In  Old  Okla-1   Did  you  hear  about  the  Jap
        men.  Betty  Jo  (Hall)  Sears  anc                         broken  up  gangs  of  cattle-rustlers  homa,"  "Lights  of  Old  Santa  Fe"  destroyer  that  intercepted  and
        Mary  Jane  (Clark)  Box,  both  01   Send  "The  Masthead"  Home!   in  20  Roy Rogers films.   and "Tall in the Saddle."   destroyed five  U.  S.  torpedoes?
                                         R                                                                              '9~S~
                                                                                                                         .. \.

                                                                                                           r /*  >1------/

                                                                                                               ~) v,

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