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PAGE 6          THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  AUGUST  5,  1944
       CHAPEL                  •                                                                 Huskey  to  Lead  T.  I.

               DIVINE  SERVICES                    ing  o·P~ ~,~:s                                                                mov1~t
              TREASURE  ISLAND                                                                   Boxing  Team in  Fistic                %-~
                                                                                                 Fracas  in  San  Francisco
                                                                                                                                                    ~ •.  ~
                                                                                                                                                  ~ £
                                                                                                                                                    /,"1 .  I
                                          -~~sLore  ~ • llFE                                     Huskey  will  again  lead  a  team  of  ~> -~  -  ~ )  ,~·-~:'· ·--- ~ !  __ ,  ..   ½
                                                                                                   Spindle-legged,  wiry  Nathanial
                                                                                                                                             ~ -
                                                                                                 stalwart  ring  warriors  in  the  Dia-  ,,·
                                      For  Saturday,  August  5                                  mond Belt Amateur championships
                                                                                .G.S                                             Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  1
                                     USO  CLUB- 111  O'Farrell  Street                           scheduled  August  18  and  25  in
                                       (GA  7377)- 9  a.m.  to  9  p.m.,   A  simple  way  to  prevent  secret   Civic  Auditorium.  ·   -  COMING  ATTRACTIONS  -
                                       daily  employment  bureau,  "G.I.  treaties  would  be  to  employ  wom-  "Ski"  Dynkowski,  capable  coach  Continuous  Show  Starting  at  1700
                                       Jobs";  9  a .m.  to  10:30  p.m.  en  diplomats.         of  Treasure  Island's  boxers,  has   Free  Matinee  Saturday  a11d
                                       canteen  open;  8  p.m.,  victory                         submitted  the  names  of  ten  boys,   Sunday  at  1400
                  Protestant           concert with Anna Louise David;
       8 unda y  Wonhip  Services-0930  a nd  1030                   A  boot,  stopped  short  by  a  lieu-  six  of  whom  will  compete  in  the
          H oly  Commu nion  ( Sunday )-  11 30   rhumba  lessons  with  Gladys;                 senior  class.                      l:>unday  and  Monday
                   Catholic                                        tenant  for  failing  to  salute,  was
        Sunday  Masses-0630,  0720  and  0820   dance.             asked  him  name.  "Mortimer  Mon-  Huskey  is  mentioned  at  the  top   August  6  and  7
       W eekday  Masses-0645  (Small  Chapel )  USO  CLUB-989  Market  Street                    because  he  is  by  far  the  greatest   "THE  GREAT  MOMENT"
          Sa turday  Confessions-1130-2000                         roe  Lundberg,"  the  boy  blurted.
                (Small  Chapel )       (GA  8671)- 7:45  p.m.,  movie-  "Say  •sir'  when- you  speak  to   amateur  lightweight  to  appear  in  Joel  McCrea   Betty  Field
       W eekd ay  Confessions- daily  before  Mass   "Sweet Rosie  O'Grady."                     northern California in years.          -ALSO-
         F'rom  0680  to  2000  (Chapel  Offi ce )                 an  officer,  sailor."
       '           .Jewish           USO  - APOSTLESHIP  OF  'l'HE   The  recruit  corrected  himself   Since he joined the Navy Huskey
       Sunday  Serdc...--0830  Chapel  Recept ion   SEA- Fr e mont and  Harrison                 has  not  been  defeated  in  tourna-  USO  SHOW
          Room                                                     snappily,  "Sir  Mortimer  Monroe
                                       Streets  (GA  7845)-11  a.m.,                             ment  competition.                       Monday
            YERBA  BUENA  ISLAND       open  house ;  8  p.m.,  dancing   Lundberg."               In  the Examiner's Golden uloves     1830  August  7
       1-iirnday  Worshi p  Ser\•ice-08~0  T heatre   under  auspices  of  Apostleship  of       of  last  year,  Huskey  proved  to  be   "ALL  IS  WELL"
                   Catholic            the  Sea.                     "Darling,"  she  confided,  "if   the  outstanding  fighter  in  the
           Sunday  Mass  -  0915  1.' hea t re
       C'onfessions  in  Chaplain' s  Offi ce  at  0845  USO   CLUB  -  1530   Buchanan  marry  you,  I'll  lose  my  job."   tournament.  He  thrilled  fans  with
                                       Street  ( WE  8720)  -  5:30  p.m .   "But  why  can't  we  keep  ou r  his  speed,  boxing  and  punching.   T·uesday
            U.  S.  NAVAL  HOSPITAL                                                                                                       August  8
                  Protestant           gym  open  for  games;  6:30  p.m.,  marriage  a  secret?"  protested  the   However,  he  is  not  the  only
       f-<und ny  W orship  Servic...--1 000  Classroom   quiet  games;  '/  p.m.,  record  ardent  though  practical  swain.   topnotcher  on  the  Treasure  Island   "I  LOVE  A  SOLDIER"
                   Catholic                                                                                                    Paulette  Goddard   Sonnie  Tufts
       Sunday  ) fa,sses-0630  an d  0900  Class-  hDur ;  8:30  p.m.,  danc-e,  "Bilge-  "We  could-"  and  she  hesitated.  squad.  James  Alexander,  Golden
          r oom                                                                                                                         -ALSO-
         W eekd ay  }lasses-064-:)  Classr oom   water  Septet  Orchestra"  from  "But  suppose  we  should  have  a  Gloves  welterweight  king,  is  an-
       Confession s-Saturda y  .1800 -J 900   Class-  Alameda  Naval  Air  Station.   baby?"     other  standout.  Charley  Perkins,
          r oom                                                                                                                         USO  SHOW
                                     For  Sunday,  August  6         "Oh,  we  can  tell  the  baby,  of  featherweight,  is  a  smooth  ·work-
          WEEKLY  CHAPEL  ACTIVITIES                                                                                                      Tuesday
       Monday-B ible  Study  Group  1800  (Ch ap-  USO  CLUB- 111  O'Farrell  ~treet  course."   man and a  stiff left hook  puncher.       1830
          el  R eception  Room)        (GA  7377)-9  a .m.  to  9  p.m.,                           Dynkowski  is  high  on  his  new
       Tuesd ay- Chr istian  S cience  Group  1800   daily  employment  bureau,  "G.I.           middleweight,  H a  r r  y  Maronski.   "ALL  IS  WELL"
           ( Chap el  R eception  R oom)                                EVOLUTION .. .
       Tuesday  -  H oly   Name  Society   J 915   Jobs" ;  9  a.m.  to  1 :30  p.m.,  waf-      The  latter  is  a  rough  and  ready
                (Small  Chapel )       fle  breakfast;  10:30  a.m.,  sing                       fellow  who  throws  plenty of leath-  Wednesday  and  Thursday
       VVP.dnesday  -  Ser vicemen 's   Christian
                                       around  the piano  in  canteen ;  ar-
                                                                                                 er.  In  the  heavier  divisions,  he
          L eague  1830  (C h  ape I  Reception   p.m.  dance ~  4:30  to  10:30  p.m.  ~                                             August  9  and  10
          Room)                        rangements  for  home  dinners;  3                        has  Scott  Chapman  at  175  pounds   "SUMMER  STORM"
       T hursday  -  C h  ape I  Choir  Rehearsal
           (Chapel  Gallery )  1630                                                              and  Harold  Fortner,  senior heavy- George  Sanders   Linda  Darnell
       F riday  -  W  AV E   Singers   Rehear sal   canteen  open ;  4:30  p.m.,  devo-          weight.                                -ALSO-
           (Chap el  Recep tion  Room)  1630-1800
       ~' riday  -  Mormon   Study  Group  1900   tional  music  and  hymn  singing;               Four  will  fight  in  the  novice    Thursday
           ( Chap el  Reception  Room)   6-  p.m.,   informal   discussion                       class.  Two-,George  Teagie,  147,
       Sa turday  -  Oatholic   Choir  RelH'arsal  group  -  Prof.  Holland  Roberts,   ~     .   and  Manuel  Cooper,  135- are         August  10
          l 000-1200
                                       "The  S o v i e t- in  War  and
       All  TREASURE  ISLAND  Personnel  a re   Peace" ;  8  p.m .,  portrait  sketch- -         known  to  the  followers  of  the     Phil  Sapiro's
                   eligible.                                                  ~            .     sport.  Both  competed  in  previous   VARIETY  STAGE  SHOW
                                       ing;  dance;  your fortune-told  by      ,c=:7       -    tournaments.  The  newcomers  are
       Chapel Activities               Veronica.                                                 Sam  Maddera,  heavyweight,  and    Friday  and  Saturday
                                     USO  CLUB- 989  Market  Street                              Luther  Burke,  light  heavyweight.
         Corporal  E.  McDuffie,  of  the   (GA  8671)- 5:30  p.m.,  vespers ;   ~  along  the  line  coaches  and                    August  11  and  12
       400th  A.  A.  F.  Base  Unit  in  San   8  p.m.,  "singspiration";  9  p.m.,             instructors  are  getting  their  men   "WING  AND  A  PRAYER"
                                                                                                                               Don  Ameche     Dana  Andrews
       Francisco,  will  be  guest  soloist  at   refreshments.                                  ready  for  the  big  show.  Entry
       the  Treasure  Island  Chapel  Sun- USO  - APOSTLESHIP  OF  THE                           blanks  can  be obtained  through Al·   Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  2
       day,  August  6.  At  both  0930  and   SEA  -  Fremont  and  Harrison                    Sandell,  boxing  commission  office,
       1030  services,  he  will  be  heard  in   Streets  (GA  7~45)  -  9  a.m.,               Civic  Auditorium,  or The  Examin-  Sunday  and  Monday
       the  tenor  solo,  "How  Lovely  Are   Mass ;  9:30  a~m .,   communion                   er  S p o r t  s  Department,  Hearst   August  6  and  7
       Thy  Dwellings"   (Liddle).  T h e   breakfast  served  by  Catholic                      Building, Third and Market streets.   "DOUBLE   INDEMITY"
       Chapel  Choir will  sing the anthem,   Ladies  Aid  Presidents'  Club;  11   The  absent-minded  professor              Barbara  Stanwyck
       "Awake  My  Glory"  (Iliffe) ,  at   a.m.,  open  house;  8  p.m.,  danc- was  having  a  physical  examina-  "Conductor!  Help  me  off  the   Fred  MacMurray
       both  services.  At  0930,  Chaplain   ing.                · tion.
       Robert  W.  Butler  will  speak  on   USO   CLUB  -  1530   Buchanan   "Stick  out  your  tongue,"  com- train."                   Tuesday
       the  subject,  "Let's  Think  Things   Street  (WE  8720)- 9  a.m.,  java  manded  the  doctor,   "and  say   "Sure  thing,  lady."   August  8
       Over  Again"  and  at  1030  the  ser-  breakfast; 10 a.m.,  biking party;  'ah!'  "        "You  see,  I'm  stout,  and  I  have   "COBRA  WOMAN"
       mon  by  Chaplain H .  G. Gatlin  will   11  a .m.,  attend  tae  church  of   "Ah,"  obeyed  the  professor.   to  get  off  the  train  backwards;  Jon  Hall   Maria  Montez
       be  titled  "There  Go  The  Ships."   your  choice-;  4:30  p.m.,  vespers ;   "It  looks  all  right,"  nodded  the  .the  porter  thinks  I'm  getting  -on
       Special  organ  music  by  Ross  Mc-  5 :30  p.m.,  tea  served  in  the  Ii- M.  D.,  " but  why  the  postage  and  gives  me  a  shove  on  again.   Wednesday  and  Thursday
       Kee,  Sp(W)3c,  will  include  "Air   brary;  6:;:io  p.m.  music  of  the  stamp'! "     I'm  five  stations  past  my  destina-  August  9  and  10
       From  The  Overture  in  D"  (Bach)   masters; 8:30  p.~ .•  movies.   "Oh-ho,"  said  the  professor'.  "So  tion  now."    "THIS  IS  THE  LIFE"
       and  "Triumphal  March"  (Grieg) .  ARMY  AND  NAVY  YMCA-USO  that's  where  I  left  it! ''                           Donald  O'Connor  Susanna  Foster
         At  1430,  special  services  will  be   - 166  The  Embarcadero- IO  a.                  Mrs.  Rumstead  had  been  to  her
       held  in  the  Chapel  for  approxi-  m.  to  5  p.m.,  swimming  pool   WAVE:   "I  don't  mind  your I weekly  club  meeting,  so  her  hus-  Friday  and  Saturday
       mately four  hundred  guests  of  the   open ;  9:30  a.m.,  Java  Club--  making  love  to  me,  but  can't  you  band  knew  he  was  in  for  an  ear-  August  11  and  12
       WAVES  of  the  United  States   coffee  and  doughnuts  and  inter-  be  a  little  more  subtle?"   ful  of  neighborhood  gossip.   "SECRET  COMMAND"
       Navy.  Catholic  women  will  be   esting  discussion ;  12  to  2  p.m.,   Salty:  "Subtle!  On  a  six-hour   "Everyone  in  town  is  talking," I Carole  Landis   Pat  O'Brien
       addressed  by  Chaplain  L.   R.   "talk  a  le tter  home";  3:30  p.m.,  pass?"         reported  the  wife,  "about  the
       Schmieder in the Small Chapel and   Music  of  the'  Masters  w i th .                    Jones'  quarrel.  Some  are  taking
       Chaplain  H .  G.  Gatlin  will  meet   Georgiana  Gremnes;   5   p.m.,   Navy  Wife:  "When  we  were  his  part  and  some  hers."   I Lost  and Found
       with  the  Protestants  in  the  Large   organ  concert  in  the  lounge,  re- first  married  you  said  I  had  a   "And,  I  suppose,"  replied  Mr.   The  following  lost  and  found
       Chapel.  The  Chapel  Choir  and   corded;  6 :30  p.m.,  music  hour,  shape  like  a  beautiful  sleek  ship."  Rumstead  grimly,  "a  few  eccen-
                                                                                                                               articles  have  been  reported  to  the
       Corporal  McDuffie  will  repeat   Natsoulas  Sisters;  7 :30  p.m.,   CBM:  "Yeah,  but  your  cargo  tric  individuals  are  minding  their
                                                                                                                               Security  Office  located  at  the
       their  performances  and  in  addi-  vesper  service;  8-:15  p.m.,  party  shifted."     own  business."
                                                                                                                               Security  Office  Building  No.  222.
       tion,  the  WA VE  Singers  of  Trea-  time  in  the  lounge-refresh-
                                                                                                                               LOST- 15  wallet s,  3  h andbags,  2  iden·
       sure  Island  will  be  heard  in  a   ments  served  by  Ladies  Activi-  SaHor:  "I  like  your  form."   I  Observes  Salty  Sam:  "You  can   t ification   bracelets,   2   suitcases,   l
                                                                                                                                w a tch,  1  album,  1  bedding  roll,  keys.
       special  anthem,  "The . Silent  Sea"   ties  Committee  -  Junior  Hos-  Girl:  "Must  we  go  all  over  that  never tell  how a  girl will  turn  out  FOUND-11  w allets,   1   ditty  bag,   1
       (Neidlinger) .                  tesses.                     again?"                       until  her  folks  turn  in."   handbag,  1  w a t ch ,  1  jack et ,  1  iden tifi ·
                                                                                                                                 cation  bracelet,  1  flag,  1  book.
        ~~6tP·(!~~_JPooo WllBU R                                                                                  GEO/l6E  SCHECHTER
           AR.MY?                                                                    NAVY?
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