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       The  station  dance  held  for  the
       entertain.ment  of  the  WAVES
       and  enlisted  personnel  of  Treas­
       ure  If/and  last  Saturday  night,
       September  30,  was  an  over­
       whelming  success.
         Again the photographer put in
       an  appearance  and  his  camera's
       magic  eye  recorded  some  pic­
       torial  highlights  of  the  co/01f 11/
       attraction  which  was  staged  at
       the  T1·easure .Island  gymnasium.
          Hundreds  of  attractive  host­
       esses  from  San  F1·ancisco  and
       the  nearby  cities  were  present
       as  guests  of  the  bluejackets.                                                                                "Czech  Angel"
       Talented  artists rep1·esenting the
       Armed  Forces  Entertainment                                                              Three  Ring  Circus           Warfield Theatre  in  San Francisco.
       Committee  performed  during                                                                                            These  dreams  from  a  sculptor's
       the   intermission   with   the                                                           On Tap For This               notebook  have  plenty  of  snappy
       musical   background   of  the                                                                                          routines,  plus  the  two  important
       Treasure  Island  Swing  band.                                                            Week's Smoker                 F's  (figure and  face)  to go  with it.
         Jitterbugs  with  d,mcing  shoes                                                                                      Also on tap will be a few acts from
       gave the audience a superb show                                                             What a show!!               some  of  the  better  night  clubs.
       in  one  of  the  hottest  jitterbug                                                                                      A  flying  ring  exhibition  by  tal­
                                                                                                   B e a u t i f u l   girls, professional
       contests  ever  held  here.  The                                                                                        ented  trapeze  artists  will  display
                                                                                                 wrestlers,   acrobats,   sensational
       winners  were  rewarded  with  a                                                          tunes by the T. I. Band and our own   various  tricks that are  expected  to
       twenty-five  dollar  War Bond  by                                                         galaxy  of  Boxing  hopefuls  con­  keep  the  audience  up  in  the  air,
       Commodore  R.  W.  Cary.                                                                                                  Chief  Boxing  Instructor  Max
                                                                                                 tributing eye-opening  bouts,  all for
                                                                                                 gratis  this  Wednesday  night,  Oc­
        * NAVY CALLS T •. I. OFFICER TO  NEW DUTY *                T. I. Blueicrckets Invited    tober 11th.
                                                                                                   Two  mountains  of  muscle  have
                                                                                                 consented  to  show  their  wares  for
                                                                   To Take  Part In War          gruesome  standpoint,  this  doubl€
                                                                                                 this  gala  smoker,  and  from  th€
                                                                   Fund  Drive                   horror  affair  promises  excitement
                                                                                                 and chills to no  end.  Stanley Pinto
                                                                     By  Direction  of  the President of   a  Chicago  importation,  will  hoist
                                                                 '  the United  States,  the  Secretary of   his  enormous  240  pounds  througt
                                                                   the  Navy,  and  the  Commandant,   the  ropes,  in  hopes  of  stopping  th€
                                                                   rwelfth Naval District, full cooper­  charges  of  the  mat's  number  on€
                                                                   ation is to be given to the National   glamour  boy  "Tiger"  Frank  Mal­
                                                                   War  Fund  and  its  affiliated  Com­  cowicz,  also  a  little  fella  tippinf
                                                                   munity Chests during the campaign  the  beams  around  225.  Pinto,  pro•·
                                                                   Zar  funds  to  be  conducted  during  fessionally . kn6wn  as  the  "Czect,
                                                                   October.                      Angel,"  is  hard  pressed  for  oppo•
                                                                     It  is  desired  that  all  personnel,  nents  because  of  his  terrific  list  of
                                                                   both  Naval  and  civilian,  be  given  casualties,  but  Malcowicz  doesn't
                                                                   tributions as they feel to be proper,  clippings,  · figuring  to  handcuff I  "Tiger  Malcowicz"
                                                                   full opportunity to make such con­ seem to pay any  attention  to  press
                                                                   �onsidering the worthy purposes for   "Playboy  Pinto"  handily  with  sci-
                                                                   which the  money is  to be  spent.   entific holds. All Cooks and Bakers  Marek  is  throwing  his  best  punch
                                                                     Each  Treasure  Island  command  are  urged  to  turn  out,  as  this  is  a  pupils  into  the  ring  in an  effort  to
                                                                   and administrative department will  splendid  opportunity  to  view  4 75  make  this  affair  a  huge  success.
                                                                   designate  a  representative  to  con­  pounds  of  beef  at  the  same  time  Such  crowd  pleasers  as  Archie
                                                                   duct the  campaign.  Posters, pledge   with ration  points.   Rasley,  Chief  Indian  Williams,  and
                                                                   cards  and  full information may  be   Furnishing the evening's musical  other talented maul masters are ex­
       Lt.  Commander  J.  A.  Larson,  USNR,  left:,  and  Lt.  Commander  E.  L.  obtained  from  the  Master-at-Arms side  will  be  the  world  famous  pected to  put  it  across.  Third  man
       Harding,  USN,  who  succeeds  him  as  engineering  and  repair  officer,  office  in  Barracks  K .   Helene  Hughes  Dancers,  who  are  in  the  ring  will  be  that  popular,
       Industrial  Division,  Frontier  Base,  Treasure  Island.
                                                                     If  you  wish  your  money  to  be   presently  engaged  at  the  Loew's  past  ring  great,  Frankie  Carter.
                                                                   allotted  singly  to  any  one  of  the
         Treasure  Island  lost  one  of  its  mander  Larson  was  well-equipped  many  groups  benefited  by  War
       most  popular  officers  last  week  in  educational  background  and  Chest  funds,  place  a  check-mark
       when announcement was made that  civilian  pursuits  to  take  over  his  opposite  the  name  of  that  group
       Lt.  Commander  J.  A.  Larson,                             as  listed  on  the  pledge  card.
                                     naval  duties  upon  outbreak of  the
       USNR,  engineering  and  repair  of­                 .
                                     war. He holds a degree in mechani­
       ficer,  Industrial  Division,  Frontier
                                     cal engineering and has had several   San Francisco  Lawyers
       Base,  had  been  detached to take  a
                                     year's  experience  in  power  plant
       new  assignment.                                            Receive Award for Legal
         Lt.  Commander  Larson  also
                                      His  home  is  at  724  Mountain
       served  here  as  engineering  officer                      Aid Given Service Men
       for  the Northern California Sector,   Blvd.  in  Berkeley.
       Western  Sea Frontier.         He was guest of honor at a fare­  Recognition  of  the  work  San
         His  duties  on  Treasure  Island  well party in  the Frontier Base of­ Francisco  lawyers  and  lawyers
       will  be  taken  over  by  Lt.  Com­ ficers'  wardroom  Tuesday  night.  throughout  California  have  been
       mander  E.  L.  Harding,  USN,  for­ The  affair  was  sponsored  by Com­ doing for service men, veterans, and
       merly  attached to  the  Mare  Island   mander  M.  E.  Carlson,  command­ their  families  was  officially  made
       Navy  Yard.                   ing  officer,  U.  S.  Naval  Frontier  when  the  War  and  Navy  Depart­
        Lt.  Commander  Larson  was  as­ Base.                     ments  presented  the  State  Bar  of
       signed  to  Treasure  Island  in  July                     California  with  certificates  of  ap­
       Queen  as  assistant  to  the  materiel  Lost  and  Found   preciation.
       of  1941, reporting aboard the Delta
                                                                    Members  of  the  State  Bar  and
       and repair officer. He took over his   The  following  lost  and  found   affiliated  associations  gave  free
                                                                   service  in  more  than  55,000  cases
       duties  in the  Industrial  Division  in  articles  have  been  reported  to  the
                                                                   since the program of the Navy De­
       June  of  1943  and  it  was  through  Security  Office,  located  in Building
                                                                   partment,  the  War  Department,
       his  efforts  that  the  vast  shops  at  No.  222.
       the south end of the island reached                        and  the  California  Bar  began
                                     LOST - 1  jacket,  4  s_eabags,  1  pen,  14  about a year ago  In recent months Pictured above are the new ANTS basketball champions, Gyro Compass,
      ·their present state of efficiency, ac­  wallets, 1 watch,  1 ditty bag,  1 peacoat,
                                      checks.                      the number of free cases for service   Division  6.  Top  row,  left  to  right:  T.  V.  Grigsby,  F.1c;  L.  L.  Delevalle,
       cording to his commanding officers.                                                       F1c;  Dale  Krahn,  F1c; V. J.  Battaglia,  EM3c.  Bottom row, left to right:
        A  graduate  of  the  University  of  FOUND - 13  wallets,  1  pair  trousers,  1  personnel  has  increased  from  100   Louis Fornero,  EM3c; C. D. Solamido,  F1c;  Bob G. Prout,  EM1c  (Capt.);
                                      ring,  1  purse,  1  ID  bracelet,  orders,  to 300 per  cent.
       California,  class  of  1936,  Lt.  Com-  engine parts.                                   E.  G. Ratekln,  EM3c
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