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THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY, AUGUST 5,  1944 ·          PAGE  5

                                         CHOW  TIME  FOR  TREASURE  ISLAND  WAVES                                           AltMED  GUARD
                                                                                                                            T r agedy
                                                                                                                             On  Sunday, July 30, 1944, Lt. Com-
                                                                                                                            mander  Macklin,  Lt.  R.  L.  Moore
                                                                                                                            and  Chaplain  R.  J.  Wash  of  the
                                                                                                                            Armed  Guard  Center  (Pacific)
         By  Carolyn  Br own,  Y2c
                                                                                                                            represented  this  Command  at  the
      It may  be somewhat unorthodox,                                                                                       Memorial  services  held  at  Port
    but  we  would  like  to  congratulate                                                                                  Chicago  for  the  officers  and  men
    ourselves  for  one  of  the  nicest                                                                                    missing  in  the  recent  explosion.
    birthday  parties  we  have  ever  at-                                                                                  The  Color  Guard  of  the  Armed
    tended.  These  are  some  of  the                                                                                      Guard  Cent.3r  was  on  hand  to  aid
    comments  we  heard  after  the                                                                                         in  the  ceremonial  procedure.
    party  was  over.                                                                                                         From  the  rolls  of  the  Armed
      "The  posters  in  the  mess  hall                                                                                    Guard,  one  officer  and  29  men
    were  tops,  what  portraits!"  "Im-                                                                                    were  stricken  in  connection  with
    agine,  steak  on  Monday,  that's                                                                                      one  of  the  worst  disasters  of  the
    something  new  in  Navy  food."                                                                                        current  war.  Their  passing  leaves
    One  girl  exclaimed  at  the  end  of                                                                                  a  void  in  the  hearts  of  their  ship-
    the  program,  "I'd  like  that  little                                                                                 mates.  To  the  next  of  kin  of  the
    'Gadabout',  he  had  enough  pep  for                                                                                  men  lost,  Commander  E.  D.  Fla-
    three  men."  Another  WAVE  was                                                                                        herty  has  expressed,  on  behalf  of
     heard  to  say,  "It  certainly  was                                                                                   their  shipmates,  sincere  condol-
    nice  of  Captain  Cary  and  Captain                                                                                   ences.
    Blackburn to say 'Happy Birthday'
    personally,  it  gives  a  .girl  a  good                                                                               ANTS
      These  and  many  more  give  the                                                                                       Regretfully,  we  bid  farewell  to
    impression  that  the  party  com-                                                                                      four  of  our  shipmates:  Arthur  G.
     mittee  headed  by  Lt.  (jg)  Gold-                                                                                   Hammond,  CY,  who  originally  re-
    rick  and  Ens.  Masheter  did  an  ex-                                                                                 ported  to  ANTS  on  November  17,
     cellent  job.  The  program  headed                                                                                    1942;  Gunner R.  L.  Wells;  A.  Lees,
     by  Ernie  Smith,  San  Francisco                                                                                      GMlc,  and  P.  Friedberg,  GM2c,  in-
    sports  announcer,  was  top-notch.                                                                                     structors  in  Gunner's  Mates  and
     It's  a  pleasure  to  say  "Happy                                                                                     Electric  Hydraulics,  all  of  whom
    second  anniversary"  to  one  of  the                                                                                  were  detached  this week.  Our  best
     prettiest  groups  of  two-year  olds                                                                                  wishes go with you as you report to
    we  know.                                                                                                               your  new  stations.
     Seen  and  Hear d                                                                                                        Congratulations  are  in  order  for
      The  rivalry  is  getting  stronger                                                                                   R.  M.  Benowitz,  SK(T)lc  on  his
    day by day.  Someone  once  criticiz-                                                                                   recent advancement.
    ed  the  WAVES  for  lack  of  group                                                                                      Lt.  (jg)  M.  H .  Hill  recently  re-
    spirit  but we  are  here  to  say  that                                                                                ported  aboard  as  an  assistant  to
    such  is  not  the  case.                                                                                               Lt.  (jg)  Zech  in  the  Audio-Visual
      The Armed Guard WAVES  have                                                                                           Aids Training Program.
     organized  a   baseball  team,  a                                                                                        ANTS  Waves  take  this  oppor-
     regular  drill  unit,  and  recently                                                                                   tunity to express their appreciation
    sponsored a  swimming party. They                                                                                       to  the  committee  and  sponsors  of
    are  soon  to  challenge  the  WA VE                                                                                    the Waves'  Birthday Party for  the
     hospital  softball  team,   better                                                                                     splendid banquet and entertainment
                                                                                                                            provided  for  the  Second  Anniver-
     known  as  the  "Doc-ettes".  The
     girls  at  Radio  Materiel,  not  con-                                                                                 sary Celebration.  Well  done!
     tent  with  one  ):)irthday  party  )leld
     their  own  last  Saturday  morning
     and  had  as  their  honored  guests,                                                                                  Industrial  Shops  -
     their  commanding  officer;  Captain                                                                                     On  the  production  line,  the  In-
    Breckel and other of  their officers.                                                                                   dustrial  Department  is  on  the  job
      We  are  finding  that  it's  lots                                                                                    twenty-four hours a  day. When the
     more  fun  to  do  things  together.                                                                                   dead  line  on  ship  repairs  are  met,
     How  about  a  bowling  team,  more                                                                                    and  the  ships  steam  out  the  Gol-
     swimming  parties,  and  more  ac-                                                                                     den  Gate  for  the  war  zone,  the
     tivities  of  all  kinds.
                                                                                                                            officers  and  men  have  the  as-
                                                                                                                            surance  of  a  job well  done.  Credit
     RADIO  MA TERI EL                                                                                                      for  these  jobs  goes  equally  to  the
                                                                                                                            officers,  civilians,  and  Navy  per-
     SCHOOL                                                                                                                 sonnel.
    .Dow n  t he  A isle
      On  Sunday,  July  23,  WA VE                                                                                           Industrial has proven it can play
     Winona  Eason,  Y2c,  became  the                                                                                      as  hard  as  it  works.  The  noon
     bride  of  Edward F.  Purdy,  Ylc,  in                                                                                 hour  softball  games  have  been
    a  double ring ceremony at the Lit-  Twelve  o'clock  noon  finds  WAVES  hurrying  to  WAVE  mess   Cox,  Slc;  L.  Rankin,  Slc;  V.  May,  Slc;  E.  Bush,  Slc;  M.  giving the fellows  a  real work out.
     tle  Chapel  of  the  Flowers,  Berke-  hall  from  all  directions.  Top  view  shows  main  dining  room   Hall,  Slc;  M.  Vinson,  Slc;  M.  Dixon,  Slc ;  N .  Baize,  Slc   In  a  fast  moving  seven  inning
                                  completely  furnished  with  moder n  equipment.  Center  view   Seen  at  the  bottom  are  girls  in  mess  line  waiting  im-
     ley,  Calif.  Dorothy  Elmore,  Y2c,  gives  credit  to  WAVE  mess  attendants,  left  to  right:  I.   patiently  for  the  excellent  noon  meal  regularly  served  at  the  softball  game,  ·the  officers  of  the
                                  Pickford,  Slc;  D.  Radcliffe,  Slc;  B.  Shingleton,,  Slc;  S.   galley.
     and  Bill  Davison,  Y2c,  were  the                                                                                   Industrial Department met and de-
     orily  attendants.  The  bride  and                                                                                    feated  the  Officers  of  the  USS
                                                                  The  new  galley  is  well  ventilat-
     groom  were  given  moral  support                                                                                     Lawrence,  by  a  score  of  seven  to
                                   New Wave  Galley  ed,  and furnished  with  aesthetical-   Operational
     by  a • large  number  of  friends  and                                                                                one.  The  game  brought  out  the
     shipmates.  Best  wishes  Winona   Suitably  Located       ly  arranged  tables.  The  silver  and                     best  of  the  officers'  talent,  includ-
     and  Ned for  a  happy and  success-                       paper napkins are neatly arranged   Training  School        ing  such  stars  as  Lt.  Commander
                                                                at  each  place.  The  galley  has  a
    ful  married cruise.                                                                        We had to say "Farewell" to two  Larson,  Lt.  Dobbins,  Lt.  Eager,
                                   On  Treasure  Island  capacity  of  650  per hour.
     Voti ng  Officer                                                                         of  our  shipmates  this  week.  S.  N.  Chief  Warrant  Barton,  and  fea-
      In  response  LO  the  many  in-  By  Clyde  F-.  Babb,  S1 c   . The  galley  is  completely  man-  Misita,  Slc  and  E.  A.  (Chick)  turing Lt. "Ace" LaLanne as pi_tch-
     quiries  that have been  received  re-  The  way  to  a  man's  heart  is   ned  by  Waves;  however,  the  scul-  Maples,  Slc  have  both  been  trans- er. This first game, won with ease,
     garding voting procedure, Lt.  Com- through  his  stomach,  so  the  old   lery,  spud  locker,  and  kitchen  are   ferred  to  Alameda Air Station.  All  brings  conftdence  that  there  will
                                                                operated  by  bluejackets.  T.tiirteen
     mander  Keplinger,  voting  officer  saying  goes,  but  it seems  that the              Ship's  company  wish  these  men  be  many  more  victories  for  the
                                                                 girls  do  the  serving,  and  after
     of  this  command,  explains  that  on  way  to  a  Waves  heart,  her  en-              success  in  their new  venture.   officers'  team.
                                                                 these  girls act in  this  capacity for
     or about August 20,  post cards will  thusiasm  to  do  a  job  well,  may
                                                                three  months  they  may  strike  for
     be  furnished  to  all  officers  and  come  from  the  fact  that  Waves
                                                                any  rate  in  which  they  may
     enlisted  personnel  who  will  be  21  on  Treasure  Island  have  excellent              Along with the first of the month
                                                                 qualify.   Helen  M.  Cattani  and   come  new  crows,  new  stripes  and  G.S. K.  NEWS
     years  of  age  by  November  7  food,  well  prepared,  deliciously
                                                                Lois  J.  Gray have passed their ex- loud  cigars.  We  congratulate  the
     (Georgia  18  years  of  age)  which  flavored  and  served  in  a  new,                                                 G.  S.  K.  is  as  busy  as  the  pro-
                                                                aminations  for  cooks,  third  class.  following  advancements  in  rating:  verbial  bee  these  days!  At  long
     will  enable  them  to  apply  for  spotless  galley.  The  new  galley,
                                                                 Others  plan  to  strike  for  cooks'  CBM(AA)  Craig  to  CBM(T);  last  we  are  moving  to  our  new
     state absentee ballots in their home  just  recently  opened,  is  located
     states.-'·  Voting  information  in  the  conveniently between Galley K  and   ratings,  some  for  mail  specialists  Davis and Falk, Sp(A)2c  to Sp(A)  office.  Nevertheless,  some  of  us
     form  of  large  posters  has  been  the  Federal  Galley.   and  some  for  yeomen.  Six  cooks  le;  Gabbard  and  Guildey,  Slc  to  are  not  too  busy  to  give  some
     placeci  on  the  bulletin  boards  and   The  assortment  of  food  served   ave  on  duty  in  the  kitchen  and  23  Y3c;  Isom,  EM3c  to Sp(C)3c;  Tay- thought  to  orange  blossoms  and
     the  Voting  Officer  located   in  is  a  delight  to  the  lady  blue-  bluejackets  serve  in  the  spud  lor,  SM2c  to SMlc;  and  Blanchard  Dan  Cupid's  magic  darts.
     Building  B  is  available  to  answer  jackets,  and  the  health  records  of  locker  and  scullery.   and Geror,  S2c  to  Slc.   Barbara  Seitz,  SK2c,  is  joining
     questions  as  they  arise  with  refer- the  Waves  show  that  the  food  is   Also  included  in  the  new  build-  forces  with  the  Army  Air  Forces
     ence  to  specific  states.   a  definite  contributor to their well- ing  is  an  officers'  mess,  which  at   The  O.T.S.  Ship's  company  is  on  August 8  to  become  Mrs.  "Lt."
     Pr-omoti-on                   being  and  efficiency.       this  time  has  not  been  opened.  eagerly looking forward to  the two  Robert  Fitz  Henry.  Our  civilian
      Edward  J.  Kornman,  Jr.,  who   For  lunch  and  dinner   the   L.  M.  Cherington,  CSStd,  is  In  dances  being  held  on  August  12  employees  seem  to  be  leaving  us
     has  been  a  member of  the instruc- hors  d'oeuvre  usually  consists  of  a           and  19.  Our  annual  dance  is  held  en  masse  to  grace  California's
                                                                charge  of  the  galley,  and  is  ably
     tion  staff,  received  a  permanent  delicious  salad  topped.  with  a  assisted  by  Ralph  Markham,  SClc  on  two  consecutive  Saturdays  this  campuses  and  family  firesides.
     appointment as Ensign in the Nav- rich  creamy  dressing.  The  menus                    year so as to accomodate all hands.  July  31  was  the  WAVES'  second
                                                                and  James  W.  Perry,  SC2c.  Those
     al  R eserve. and  has  been  detached  vary daily  and  consist of  well  pre-            After  a  thorough  investigation  anniversary  as  you  probably  well
                                                                 in  charge  are  performing  a  fine
     for  training at the  Na~al Training  pared  meats,  vegetables,  and  pas-              your  editor  has  found  that  our  know.  Most  of  the  WAVES  in our
     School  (Indoctrination),  Tuscon,  tries.  Menus  are  posted  daily  in   duty,  which is  proven  by _the small   athletic  specialist  Calosi  has  not  office  have  been  "in"  at least half
     Ariz.  His  shipmates  join  in  wish- the  galley,  and  each  week  a  com- amount  of  waste  and  healthy  ap-  made  chief.  That fancy  uniform  is  that  long  and  haven't  regretted  it
     ing  Kornman  the  best  of  luck  in  plete  menu  is  posted  in  the  Wave  petites  of  the  Wave  personnel  on  the new uniform-of-the-day for ath- a  bit!  Happy Anniversary to  every
     his  new  billet.             barracks.                    Treasure  Island.             letic instructors.            gal  who  wears  the  Navy  Blue!
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