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        CHAPEL        •    •   •    •                               Spices  of Life  .... I Verba  Buena  Bowling  &
               DIVINE  SERVICES                                      Many  incidents  are  supposed  to  B  k tb  II L   w·11  mov1et
               TREASURE  ISLAND                     ing  have  happened  aboard  the  busses  as  e  a  eagues             I
                                                                    going  to  and from  the Key  trains.  S   G t U d  W
                                                                    This  is  the latest.  A  sailor  aboard  00ft  e  n er  ay         ~-~-~
                                                                    one of  the busses  arose,  tipped his   The  Yerba  Buena  Intramural   ~   ~ •   I   ~   I   ~
                                          .~shore  hat and  offered  a  WA VE  his  seat.  Bowling  and  Basketball  Leagues     : .. · _...   . ...
                                                                                                                                 ,;,;_··  -~ ,~G··...-_- \ !.- ..
                                                                    She  was  so  overcome  with  such  a  will soon get under way. The bowl-
                                      Saturday,  September  23      display.  of  politeness  that  she  ing  league  promises  to  be  a  red-  Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.
                                        Join the novelty  Kiddie Party to- fainted.               hot one according to the caliber of
                                      night  at  the  70  Oak  Street  USO   She  was  soon  restored  to  con- teams  coming  in.  The  M.  A.  A.'s,   COMING  ATTRACTIONS
                                      Club.  Games,  dancing, and refresh- sciousness  and  upon  taking  the  Carpenter  Shop,  Personnel  and   Continuous  Show  Starting  at  1700
                                      ments,  starting  at 8.:00.   proffered  seat,  thanked  the  sailor.  Specialists  (A)  feel they will walk   Free  Matinee Sunday at ~400
                   Protestant           USO CLUB -  989 Market Street   Then  he  fainted.        away with it.
        Sunday Worship  Services-0930 and  1030   (GA  8671)-7:45  p.m.,  feature                  The  basketball  league  will  be   Sunday  and  Monday
          Holy  Commun!on  (Sunday)-1130                                     *  *  *
                                      movie: ''Miracle of Morgan's Creek,''   During  one  of  his  illnesses,  the  played  on  Monday,  Tuesday  and   . September  24  and  25
        Sunday Masses-0630, 0720, 0820 (Chapel)  with  Betty  Hutton.   late John Barrymore was placed on  Wednesday  of  each  week.  Each   "MUSIC  IN  MANHATTAN"
         Sunday  Mass-1080  (Theatre  No.  1)
        Weekday  Masses-0645  (Small  Chapel)   USO  - APOSTLESHIP OF THE   a  diet  and  schedule  noted  chiefly  team will have one or more players  Anne  Shirley   Dennis  Day
           Saturday  Confessions-1180-2000   SEA- Fremont  and  Harrison  Sts.   for  scantiness  in  everything  but  of  National  renown,  and  a  fast
                 ( Small  Chapel)
        Weekday  Confessions-daily  before  Mass  (GA 7845)-Open daily.   absolute rest and  quiet.  His  nurse,  league is anticipated.   Tuesday
         From  0680  to  2000  (Chapel  Office)   USO  CLUB-1530 Buchanan  St.   removing  his  tray  one  day  after
                    Jewish                                          a  microscopic  lunch,  noticed  that                               September 26
        Sunday  Service--0880  Chapel  Reception   (WE 8720)-6  p.m.,  gym open for               Melody  in  4-F                "CRY  OF THE  WEREWOLF"
           Room                       games; 6:30 p.m., pool tournament;   he  was  restless  and  irritated.   Palpitating here I  stand,   Nina Foch   Stephen Crane
        Confessions  in  Chaplain's  Office  at  0845               Hoping  to  relieve  the  monotony,
             U.  S.  NAVAL  HOSPITAL   7 p.m., record hour; 8:30 p.m., Mask                       Letter in  my sweaty hand ;
                   Protestant         Dance-Jitterbug Contest.      she  asked,  "And  what  would  you   Envelope  that  seals  my  fate,   Wednesday  and  Thursday
        Sunday  Worship  Service--1000  Classroom                   like  to  do  now,  Mr.  Barrymore?"                             September 27  and  28
                    Catholic           USO  CLUB--111  O'Farrell ·st.                             Local Draft Board six  three  eight.
        Sunday  Masses--0680  and  0900  Class·  (GA  7377)-8  p.m.,  Victory  Con-  "Bring  me  a  postage _stamp!"   "Dear flat feet and underweight,   "GREENWICH VILLAGE"
          Weekday  Masses-0645  Classroom   cert;  rhumba  lessons;  dancing.   growled  the  irrepressible  John.  "I   Greetings  from  board  six  three  DonAmeche   Carmen Miranda
        Confessions-Saturday  1800-1900  Class·   ARMY  &  NAVY  YMCA-US0--  think  I'll  do  a  little  reading."
           room                                                                                    eight.
                                                                             *  *  *
                                      166  The Embarcadero -  9  a.m.-10                          We're sorry·to report              Friday and  Saturday
           PRE-EMBARKATION  CENTER                                    Precocious  three-year-old  Ann
                   Protestant         p.m.,  swimming pool  open;  4  p.m.,                       That you will  be our last res0rt.   September  29  and  30
        Sunday  Worship  Service  -  1000  Ship's   Stan  Scott  at  the  piano;  6  p.m.,   had  taken  up  swearing  and  the      "PEARL  OF  DEATH"
           Service Library
        Christian  Servicemen's  League  -  1900  Movie:  "Bachelor  Mother" ;  8:45   horrified  parents  had  seemingly       Basil Rathbone    Nigel  Bruce
           Sunday                                                   tried  everything  to  no  avail.   A  sailor phoned a  San Francisco
        Protestant   Communion  -  1100  Daily  p.m.,  The  Saturday  Nite  Club--
           "Protestant  Chapel"       dancing,  refresl;lments,  floor  show.   Finally,  she  was  told  that  if  she  hotel one  night while on week  end   Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  2
                    Catholic                                        swore  again,  she  would  have  to  liberty.  "Where  can  I  get  a  room
        Sunday  Mass  -  0980  Ship's  Service   Sunday,  September  24   leave home.             for tonight?" he  asked.
           Library                      Melodies  of  the  Masters  tonigh t                                                          Sunday  and  Monday
        Daily  Mass-1615  Ship's  Service  Library                    In  due  time,  small  Ann  found   "Where are you phoning from ?"
                                      at 6:00  at the Army-Navy-YMCA-                                                                 September 24 and  25
          WEEKLY  CHAPEL  ACTIVITIES                                herself  in  front  of  the  house  with  came the  reply.
        Monday-Bible  Study  Group  1800  (Chap- USO, 166 The Embarcadero.   her  bag  packed.  Her  parents,  of                      "STEP  LIVELY"
           el  Reception  Room)         ARMY  &  NAVY  YMCA-USO-                                    "A phone  booth."           Frank Sinatra   George  Murphy
        Tuesday-Christian  Science  Group  1800   166 The Embarcadero  (EX 2191)-  course,  w  e r  e  inside  anxiously   "Pleasant dreams.''
           (Chapel  Reception  Room)                                hoping that their last resort would
        Tuesday  -  Holy  Name  Society  1915  10  a.m.-5  p.m.,  swimming  pool                                                           Tuesday
                 ( Small  Cnapel)                                   be the  cure.
        Wednesday  -  Servicemen' s   Christian  open;  9:30 a .m.,  Java Club--Coffee   The  mailman  came  along  and   Lost  and Found   September  26
           League  1880  ( C h a p e I  Reception   and  donuts  and  interesting  discus-                                          "U-BOAT  PRISONER"
           Room)                                                    brightly  asked:  "Well,  little  girl,
        Thursday  -  C h a p e 1  Ohoir  Rehearsal  sion;  12-2  p.m.,  "Talk  a  Letter            The  following  lost  and  found I Bruce  Bennett   Erik  Rolf
           (Chapel  Gallery)  1680                                  is  your  mother  home  today?"   articles have  been  reported  to  t he.
        Friday  -  W AV E   Singers   Rehearsal  Home";  3 :30  p.m.,  Music  of  the
           (Chapel  Reception  Room)  1680-1800   Masters,  with  Georgina  Bremnes;   "How  the  hell  do  I  know?"  ex- Security  Office,  located  at . the  Se-  Wednesday  and  Thursday
        Friday  -  Mormon  Study  Group  1900                       plained Ann, "I  don't live there any   curity Office Building No. 222.
           ( Chapel  Reception  Room)   5  p.m.,  recorded  organ  concert;                                                           September 27  and  28
        Saturday  -  Catholic  Choir  Rehearsal                     more."                        LOST-27 wallets,  8  handbags,  2  seabags I   "WING AND  A  PRAYER"
           1000-1200                  6:30  p.m.,  music  hour;  7:30  p.m.,
        All  TREASURE  ISLAND  Personnel  are  Vesper  Service;  8:15  p.m.,  party   *  *  *      and  ha.mmocks,  1  seabag  and  locker  1   Dana Andrews
                                                                                                   box  of  gear,  1  pen,  1  pair  of  glasses,  Don Ameche
                    eligible.                                         A  person  doesn't  have  to  be  a
                                      time in the lounge-refreshments.                             envelopes,  2  CPO  cap  covers.
                                                                    carpenter  to  put  a  bottom  on  a
                                        USO  CLUB-989  Market  Street   chair.                   1  FOUND-2 wallets,  2  travelers'  cheques,   Friday and  Saturday
           Verba  Buena  Island       (GA  8671)-5:30  p.m.,  Vespers ;  8                         1  hammock,  2  blankets,  1  watch.   September 29  and  30
                                      p.m.,  "Singspiration";  9  p.m.,  re-                                                              " JANIE"
                   Protestant                                          CUR  BONDS  fREE  THEIR  BONDS                           Joyce Reynolds   Robert Hutton
        Sunday  Worship  Service--0980  Theatre   freshments by Parkside PTA.
                                        USO  - APOSTLESHIP OF THE
                                      SEA- Fremont  and  Harrison  Sts.
            Sunday  Mass  -  0880  Theatre
                                      (GA 7845)- Open daily.                                                                    VERBA  BUENA  ISLAND
                                        USO  CLUB-1530  Buchanan  St.
        Chapel  Activities            (WE 8720)-9:30 a.m ., Java Break-                                                           Shows  Start  at  1700  and  2000
                                      fast;  9:30  a.m.,  horseback  riding;
        Protestant  Services          11  a.m.,  attend the church of your                                                       Sunday  and  Monday,  Sept.  24-25
          Sunday  morning,  September  24,  choice;  4:30 p.m.,  vesper service;  6                                                       "JANIE"
        Chaplain  William  N.  Vincent  will  p.m.,  record hour;  8  p.m.,  movie.                                             Joyce Reynolds and Robert Hutton
        speak  at  the  0930  Protestant   USO  CLUB -  111  O'Farrell  St.                                                       Russian Rhapsody and News
        Service  on  "Regrets."  Subject  of.  (GA  7377)- 9  a.m.-2  p.m.,  Spscial
        the sermon at 1030 by Chaplain H.  Waffle Breakfast; 10:30 a.m.,  sing-                                                    Tuesday,  September  26th
        G.  Gatlin  will  be  "Seeing  It  ing;  12  noon,  Street Car Fun Ride                                                    "TAKE  IT  OR  LEAVE  IT"
        Through."                     and  Picnic;  11  a.m.,  arrangements                                                               Phil Baker
          At both services·the Chapel Choir  for  home  dinners;  3  p.m.,  singing;                                                    Cat Came Back
        will  sing  "Jerusalem,  0  turn  thee  4  p.m.,  Singspiration;  6  p.m.,  Dis-
        to  the  Lord"  (Gounod)  and  "Love  cussion  Group  -  Mr.  Langner  -                                                    Wednesday  and  Thursday,
        Never  Faileth"  (Root)  will  be  the  Bi:itain;  8  p.m.,  fortune  telling;                                               September  27  and  28
        tenor solo  by Roy Zobel,  Y3c.  Spe- community singing; portrait sketch-                                               "MR.  WINKLE  GOES  TO  WAR"
        cial organ numbers by John S.  Tre- ing;  dancing.                                                                            Edward G.  Robinson
        maine,  Sp(W) le, will include "Lie-  vaded"  the  NAVAL  REST  CEN-                                                           Com.  Sing No.  11
        beslied"  (Grieg)  and  "Hymn  to   TER at  Sonoma  Mission  Inn  Sun-
        Joy" from  the Ninth Symphony of                                                                                        Friday  and  Saturday,  Sept.  29-30
                                      da,y  afternoon  September  17,  ac-
        Beethoven.                                                                                                                  "BRIDE  BY  MISTAKE"
                                      companied  by Chaplain W.  N.  Vin-
        Verba  Buena  Island          cent  of  Treasure  Island.  Follow-                                                       Laraine Day and  Alan  Marshall
          The  schedule  for  services  in  the·  ing  an  afternoon  of  swimming,                                             Donald and the Gorrilla and News
        new theatre on Yerba Buena Island   golf,  horseback  riding  and  other                                                This  is  the  story  of  Sammy  Mc-
        is  now  Sunday  mornings,  Protes-  recreation  the  singers  entertained                                     ;          Guire
        tant Worship  at 0930  and  Catholic   all hands in the big main lounge at                                              Who  ran  through  the  town,  his
        Mass at 0830.
                                      the Inn with a  program of musical                                                          trousers on fire ;
        Choir Activities              numbers  and  a  community  "Sing-                                                        He went to the  doctor and fainted
          Nearly 40 members of the Chapel   song."  The evening was concluded                                                     with fright
        Choir, WA VE singers, and the ush-  with a  short devotional service con-                       l«c-M~~IH~              When  the  medic  told  him  his  end
        ering  staff  from  the  chapel  "in-  ducted by Chaplain Vincent.                                      . u. S. Treasury Dept,;   was in sight.
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