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                                    Waves On  T.  I.
       ~~~                              (Continued  from  page  1)      GYM  SMOKER  DRAWS  3600                             T.  I.  Swim  Program
                                                                                                                              Noted  Visitor  Praises

       I ll'll  'll'H IE  1111 IEW ~   .aults  pay  for  the  effort.
                                    Can  She  Bake  a  Cherry  Pie?                                                            Author  of  many  textbooks  on
                                     She  can  indeed  if  she  holds  the                                                   swimming  and  nationally  recog-
      In  Three  Major  Battles     rate  of  Ship's  Cook.  She  can  bake,                                                 nized  authority  on  Water  Safety
       After  spending  two  years at sea ,   she  could  feed  thirty  people  with-                                       .  Programs,  Mr.  Carroll  L.  Bryant
      J acob  W.  Fernandez,  CMoMM,  is   out  turning  a  hair  and  she  knows                                            of Washington, D. C., Assistant Na-
      now  Chief  Master-At-Arms  at  the   her  vitamins!  This  WA VE  has                                                 tional  Director  of  Swimming  and
      Federal Galley. The young 34-year-  learned  the  •'ins"  and  "outs"  of                                              Life  Saving  Service  of  the  Ameri-
      old  chief  has  been  in  the  Navy  for   1 ,nenu  planning,  food  preparation,                                     can Red  Cross,  was a  recent visitor
      the  last fifteen  years.  He  is  one  of   tabl-e  service  and  food  purchasing.                                   to  Treasure  Island.  As  a  guest  of
      the  survivors of  the  USS  Seminole   vVAVES  on  Treasur-e  Island  have                                            Lt.  A.  N .  Higgins,  Physical  Train-
      which  was  sunk  in  the  latter  part   their  own  mess,  staffed  by  their                                        ing  Officer  of  Treasure  Island,  Mr.
      of  1942.  He  went  through  many                                                                                     Bryant expressed great admiration
                                    own  personnel,  and  these  girls
      enemy  attacks  on  Guadalcanal  and   are  a  f.ew  who  will  always  be  able                                       in  seeing  our  swimming  pools,  in-
      is  very  fortunate  to  emerge  from   to  answer,  "I'll  say  I  can  cook'"                                        cluding  the  new  ones  in  construc-
      all of them without a  single injury.                                                                                  tion.
                                    Paper  and  Print
      He has been in three           Treasure  Island  has  the  only                                                          "I  hav-e  of  course  heard  a  good
      major  battles -  the         WAY.I!>  pri:i;i.ter  in  the  United                                                    deal about the success of the swim-
      Battle  of  Midway,           Sta tes.  One  of  the  most  recent                                                     ming methods and program you are
      the  Battle  of  Santa        rates  to  be  opened  to  WA YES ;                                                      conducting here  at Treasure Island
      Cruz  and  the  Battle        it  requires  a  high  degree  of  skill                                                 for  the  Navy,"  said  Mr.  Bryant,
      cf  Guadalcanal.  Al-         and  precision.  This  WA VE  printer                                                    "but  this  is  the  first  time  I  have
      though  seeing  many          is  doing  multilith  printing  which                                                    been  able  to  see  it  first  hand.  I
      rough spots in enemy          entails  tne  making of photographic                                                     have  just  completed  a  very  long
                                    plat-es,  later  precessed  and  used  in                                                trip  taking  in  most  of  the  United
      engagements,  all  these  haven't
                                    the  printing  of  tex~-books.  'l"his                                                   States  and  including  a  large  num-
      changed  his  idea  about  staying  in
                                    process,  due  to  become  more  im-                                                     ber of  military swimming and ath-  ,.....
      the  Navy  for  20  years.
                                    portant after the war,  holds a  defi-                                                   letic  conditioning  programs  and  I
       A  lover of all  sports,  he hopes  to
      retire  after  the  war  to  a  ranch   nite  promise  of  future  employ-                                             would  like  to  say  that  your  swim-
                                    ,nent.                                                                                   ming  activity  here  at Treasure  Is-
      and  raise  mink.  Surveyed  and  on
      limited  duty  because  of  a  severe  Coin  and  Currency                                                             land  is  one  of  the  most impressive
                                     The  Navy  recently  divided  its                                                       and  well-conducted  programs  of
      case  of malaria on  Guadalcanal,  he
                                    storekeepers  into  two  rates.  One                                                     training  for  American  youth · and
      is  very  enthusiastic  about  his  Jap-
      anese  diary,  and  pictures  he  ac- to  handle  the  issuance  of  supplies                                          the  safety  of  our  boys  that  I  have
      cumulated  while  over  there.   and  one  to  be  responsible  for  pay-  Action  Shot  of  the  Year  taken  by  our  staff  photographer,  shows  Ken  (Red)  Barton  ever seen. "
                                                                 with  terrific  left  and  right  upper cuts  to  V.  Motley' s  midriff  had  the  Alameda  boy
                                    .n ent  of  personnel.  lt  is  the  last  all  at  sea.  The  Alamedan  just  missed  falling  out  of  the  ring,  so  terrific  was  the
                                    ,·ate.  now  known  as  Storekeeper   bombardment  of  the  fightin g  redhead.  Referee  Joe  Lynch  tensely  looks  on.  Large
                                                                 .crowd  wat ch  California  Joe  Lynch  referee  some  of  the  great  bouts  held  at  the
                                    (D) ,  that  makes  payday  possible.  boxing  smoker  at  Trea sure  Island  gymnasium.   the  staff  of  boxing  instructors,
      Transfers to  Destroyer  Pool   vV A VE  storekeepers  in  this  rate                                                  "Possum"  Verner,  former  profes-
       Benny  Kuzski,  whose  home  is  in                                                     Alameda  gave  as  good  as  he  re-
                                    are  bookkeepers,  accountants,  ancl                                                    sional  boxer,  Al  Whitlow,  boxing
      Pittsbur~h,  Penn.,  joined  the  Mer-                     Throngs  Thrilled  By  ceived  for  two  rounds  but  tired  in
                                    operators  of  various  office  ma-                                                      instructor  at  the  gymnasium  and
      chant  Marines  at  the  outbreak  of                                                    the  last  round.
                                    .::hines.  Many  serve  in  pay  line                                                    Benny  Kuzsik  acted  as  seconds.
      the  war.  After  being  in  that  type   and  personally  deliver  pay  to   Big  Boxing  Show   T.  K.  0.           Fred  Douse  refereed  the first four
      of service for nine months, he asked
                                    their  brother  sailors.       The  Club  Lido  night  club  enter -  The  third  bout  of  the  evening,   bouts,  Fred  Capers  did  another
     for  a  transfer and  is  now  attached·
                                    Keeper  of  the  Keys        tainers,  seven  great  boxing  bouts,  between  two  T.  I.  fighters  was  a   swell  job  of  announcing,  Jimmy
      to  the  Destroyer  Pool  at  Treasure
                                     ,WAVES  holding  the  rate  of  impromptu  entertainers  and  a  humdinger  while  it  lasted.  Harry   Collier  helped  in  the  seating  of
     Island.  He  learned  military  tactics
                                    Specialist  ( S)  deserve  the  eternal  smoothly  conducted  show  made  Bond,  130  and  Homer  Griffin,  132   the  guests,  Chaplain  Walsh  act-
      at  a  CCC  camp  in  Seattle,  Wash.,
                                    gratitude  from  all  their  sisters.  \Vednesday,  July  26,  a  gala  eve- 111.ixed  it  up  in  a  bout  devoid  of  ed  as  timekeeper,  Lt.  Delaney  of
      at  the  early  age  of  sixteen  years.   rheir  "S"  stands  for  service  and  ning  for  the  3600  people  who  at- science.  Griffin,  who  was  a  last  the  Fire  Department  and  Bill
       Benny  is  an  a ccomplished  show-
                                    they  deliver  it  twenty-four  hours  tended  the  smoke r  held  at  T.  L  minute  substitute,  won  the  first  Ahern  oi"  the  San  Francisco  News
                  man and helps out at
                                    a  day.  They  check  and  purchase  gymnasium.  The  festivities  start- round  rather  handily  with  a  two  did  a  swell  job  of  judging  the
                  all  the  shows  on
                                    supplies,  phone  the  carpenter,  ed  off  with  a  bang  when  five  fisted  attack,  but  showing  the  bouts.  California  Joe  Lynch,
                 Tre.;.sure  Island.  He
                                    painter,  and plumber,  maintain  the  charming  feminine  dance  inter- lack  of  condition,  was  so  exhaust- former  bantamweight  contender,
                  recently  performed   supply  of  fresh  linens  and  house- preters swooped  down  upon the un- ed  that  he  suffered  a  technical  who  fought  some  of  the  greatest
                  a  jitterbug  number  hold  equipment  necessary  to  house  suspecting  sailors,  and  using  their  K.  0 .  in  the  second  round.   fighters  in  the  world,  came  over
                 on the stage of Thea- hundreds  of  WAVES.  It  is  due  to  charm  and  talent  made  the  audi- Cooperation   merely as a  guest,  but when asked
                  tre  No.  1  that  had  their untiring efforts  that Treasure  ence  part  of  the  show.   · The  Treasure  Island  band  play- to  referee,  he  graciously  consent-
                  the   audience   ap- Island WAVES  arrive at their jobs   Riot  of  Fun      ed  hot  music  between  bouts  caus- ed.  He  refereed  the  last  three
      plauding and asking  for  more.  Ac-  each  day,  on  time  and  ready  for   The  sailors  went for  this  type  of   ing a  seaman to perform in an un- bouts  and  the  fighters  benefited
      tually he was a  professional dancer   the  day's  work.                                 rehearsed  impromptu  dance,  also  much  by  his  professional  know-
                                                                 entertainment like  a  double  decker
      before  the  war,  besides  working  in   From  Eight  to  Four   of  ice  cr eam.  A  conga  number,  a   giving  impersonations  of  Hitler  ledge  of  the  boxing  game.
      a  large  steel  mill.  Dancing  com es   From  eight  in  the  morning  to              and  Tojo,  which  rocked  the  stands
      natural  to  Benny,  because  his  four  in  the  afternoon  and  long                   with   laughter.   A   professional  Back  Again
      mother  was  a  former  stage  enter- after  the  Yeoman  work  is  one  of              civilian  dancer,  Betty  Paredes,   Jackie  Burke,  165,  of  Armed
      tainer.  Always  willing  to  help  out  the  most  extensive  of  all  V\I AVE          who  is  booked  for  the  Sir  I<'rancis  Guard,  recently  out of  the  hospital
      in  order  to  provide  entertainment  rates.  Their  rate  demands  that                Drake,  was  induced  to  join  this  where  he  had  his  tonsils  removed,
      for  the  bluejackets  and  WAVES,  they  be  familiar  with  all  the  rec-             seaman  in  a  dance,  and  the  crowd  returned  to  the  wars  and  won  a
      he has all the requisites for the true  ords  and  re ports  necessary  to               gave  her  a  terrific  ovation.   rough  and  tough  battle  over  his
      trouper.                      handle  the  Navy's  personnel.  In                        First  Defeat                 adversary,  A .  Brown,  163,  of  Ala-
                                    addition  they  are  serving  in  most                       The   "Mighty   Midget"   J  O  e  meda.  Burke  was  the  aggressor
                                    of  the  other  departments,  such  as                     Sworek,  m et  a  tartar  in  the  per- throughout.  The  Alameda  boy  put
      In  Four  Enemy  Engagements   communications,  public  relations,                       son  of  c.  Lashley,  145,  of  Ala- up  a  great  fight  and  received  a
       Hubert B.  Gibbons,  CY,  returned                                                      meda.  Fighting  a  southpaw  for  great  hand  for  his  courageous
                                    transportation,  the  C h a  p I a  i n ' s
      to  Treasure Island last  week  after                                                    the  first  time  in  his  career,  he  stand.
                                    corps  and  many  more.  They  fight
      a  very  pleasant  leave  with  his                                                      was  unable  to  solve  this  unortho- Clever  Exhibition
      family  at Paducah,  Ky.  He arrived   with  the  typewriter,  pencil  and               dox  style  of  boxing  and  suffered
      at Treasure Island last month after  paper,  but  it  is  the  paper  work                                               The  semi-final  bout  of  the  eve-
                                                                                               his first  defeat  at Treasure  Island
      many  months  of  overseas  duty,  that  lays  the  foundation  for  the                 gymnasium.  Lashley  was  a  little   ning  was  a  clever  boxing  contest
      and  is  now  waiting  to  return  to  production  of  ships,  guns  and  am-            too  much  for  Joe ;  he  outclassed   between  babyfaced  Bobby  Plant,
                                                                                                                             147 · of  T .  I.,  and  L.  Seal,  150  of
      his  base  in  the  Pacific.   munition.                                                 him  and  was  a  foot  taller  and   Alameda,  A.  A.  U.  Champion.
       Chief  Gibbons  enlisted  in  the   These  are  the  present  rates  in  Archie  A nd erson  lashes  out  wi th  a  left  knew  too  much  about  the  game.   The  good-looking  Bobby,  using  an
                                                                 and  a  right  but  the  Alameda  fighter  had
      Naval  Reserve  in  1926,  and_  after  which  WAVES  are  serving  on  a  perfect  defense.  The  left  to  the  chin  The  fighting  heart  an d   stiff
                                                                 and  the  right  to  the  body  were  cleverly              educated  left  to  the  stomach  and
      seven  years  of  duty,  returned  to  Treasure  Island.  Their  jobs  are   blocked  as  shown  in  the  picture.   punching  by  the  "Mighty  Midget"
                                                                                                                             chin,  and  the  boy  from  across  the
      civilian  life.  He  was  employed  by  diversified  and  they  have  learned            kept  the  Alamedan  from  taking
                                                                                                                             bay gave  a  very fine  performance.
      the  United  States  Treasury  De- them  by serving apprenticeships or  hula  dance,  a  cowboy  ta p  dance  any  unnecessary  chances,  being   Plant,  sharpshooting  with  lefts
                                                                  routine,  an  acrobatic  act  and  soft  content  to  outbox  little  Joe.  Great
      Partment  and  t he  United  States  by going to Navy schools. They are   shoe  dance,  together  with  a  nov- fight  though.   and  rights  to  the  chin,  won  the
      D  a  tment  Of  Agriculture  until  well  trained  and  they  are  working   elty  cat  dance  that  had  the  m en  Good  Job   third  round  and  the  decision.
       ep  r
      1942,  when he was called back into  hard.  It  is  certain  that  the  final  clamoring  for  more,  were  instru-  Marvin  Moore,  new  addition  to  Dreadnaughts
      active  duty  with  the  Naval  Re- day  of  victory  will  belong  to  them  mental  in  causing  waves  of  mirth
                                                                                                                               The  fighting  redhead,  Ken  Bar-
      serve.  His  first  duty  was  aboard  for  their  gallant  service  at  home  and  laughter  to  emana te  from  the
                                                                                                                             ton,  182,  of  T.  I.  won  decisively
      a  cruiser,  performing  escort  duties  as  well  as  to  the  men  who  have  large  attendance  throughout  the
                                                                                                                             over  V.  Motley,  180,  of  Alai;neda
      in  the  Atlantic  and  Pacific.  In  the  carried  on  the  fight  overseas.   evening.                               in the  main  go  of  the  evening.  The
      summer   of   1942,           ________________  Standoff                                                               redhead  packed  all  together  too
      while  serving  with                                          The Alameda boxing team,  made                           many  guns  for  his  opponent.  Bar-
      a  task  force,  he  es-      states,  Chief  Gibbons  is  returning  a  very  creditable  showing  despite            ton  dropped  Motley  in  the  second
      caped  injury  when           to his station, completely recovered  the  fact  that  they  won  only  one              and  also  in  the  third,  but  Motley
      his  ship  was  sunk.         from  his  wounds  and  shell , shock.  bout  of  the  six  in  which  they              hung  on  tenaciously  and  just  did
      Since  that  time,  he          Chief  Gibbons  is  married  and  pa·rticipated.  The  fisticuffs  started             manage  to  last  the  round.  These
                                                                  with  A.  Torrez,  126,  of  Alameda                       boys  both  were  hard  punchers.
      has been attached to          maintains  a  residence  in  Paducah.
                                                                  battling  Archie  Anderson,  129,  of
      an air station in  the        He  is  the  proud  father  of  two  fine  T.  I.  to  a  standstill  in  the  first     Next  Show
      South  Pacific.               children- Hubert,  Jr.,  aged  6,  and  bout  of  tJ-\e  evening  to  earn  him-           Miss  Braun  and  Mrs.  Wollen-
       Since returning to  the Naval Re- Mary  Alice,  aged  3.  Photography  self  a  draw.                                 burg,  who  were  responsible  for
      serve,  he  has  been  in  four  engage- is his  hobby.  He  uses  35mm  equip-                                        providing  entertainers  in  the  past
                                                                  Slugging  Bee
      ments with the enemy. In the fourth  ment  and  has  a  complete  develop-                                             for  the  gym  shows,  came  through
                                                                   Johnny  Samson,  lo9,  of  the
      engagement,  he  was  struck  with  ing  laboratory.  He  is  very  fond  of                                           once  more  with  some  fine  talent.
                                                                  Armed  Guard,  proved  too  hard  a
      three  pieces  of  shrapnel  and  was  wrestling  and  boxing  and  is  one   puncher  for  R.  Urquijo,  163,  of  The  "Mighty  Midget"  Jabs  with  a  left  Thanks  a  million  ladies,  we  sure
                                                                                               as  he  holds  his  right  hand  cocked.  The  appreciate  it.  The  next great  show
      only  slig htly  injured.  After  a  rest  of  the  sport  officials  on  the  base  Alameda ,  winning  the  decision  in  Alameda  boy  was  a  trifle  too  tall  and
      and  a  leave  with his  family  in  the  where  he is  regularly stationed.   another  close  bout.  The  bo  from  battling  Joe  Sworek  could  have  used  an  is  scheduled  for  Au  st  9.
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