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     VOL.  111- No.  32                                   TREASURE  ISLAND,  SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.                                    SEPTEMBER  23,  1944
     PRE  SIDEnT APPOlnTS CA  PTA  In R. W. CARY .  commo□oRE
                                               *                                                                            COMMODORE
    "Top Hat" Fourth                                                                                                        R. W. CARY APPOINTED
     All Navy Show                  GREAT  DAY  ON  T.  1.-lnset:                                                           SEPTEMBER 8, 1944
                                    Hoisting of the flag  for  Commo­
     Pleases T. I. Audiences        dore  R.  W.  Cary  on  Treasure
                                    Island. Main picture shows Com­
                                                                                                                              The  appointment  of  Com­
      Monday  night  the  fourth  All­  modore  R.  W.  Cary  congratu­                                                     modore  Robert  W.  Cary  was
    Navy _  show  "Top  Hat"  was  pre­  lated  by  Rear  Admiral  Carleton                                                 received  with  a  great  degree
    sented to two capacity audiences at   H. Wright,  Commandant,  12th
    Theatre  Number  one.  If  you  were   Naval  District.                                                                 of pride and justifiable pleas­
    there  you  heard  the  Treasure  Is­                                                                                   ure. by all hands on Treasure
    land band open the curtains on the                                                                                      Island.
    "Top Hat"  trio, Offen, Skinner and                                                                                       Commodore  R.  W.  C a r y
    Hoare,  who  brought  the  original                                                                                     (then  Captain)  during  his
    theme  "Top  Hat,  White  Tie."  You                                                                                    four  months  as  Commander,
    met  Douglas  Sherwin,  CSM  in  the                                                                                    U.S. Naval Training and Dis­
    role  of  a  smooth-talking,  fast­                                                                                     tribution  Center  has  already
    quipping MC,  and you laughed and                                                                                       won  the  admiration  and  re­
    applauded  while  he  brought  you  a                                                                                   spect  of  all  he  has  come  in
    show  to  fit  all  tastes.
      The  "hep-cats"  came  alive when                                                                                     contact with.  In  spite  of  his
    Dave  Lugone  and  his  "Zoot  Suit­                                                                                    many  d u t i e s,  Commodore
    ers"  took  the  spotlight,  and  they                                                                                  Cary's  unfailing  interest  in
    had  a  hard  time  sitting  still  when                                                                                personnel  welfare  and  recre­
    Siegel and Wright cut loose on  not                                                                                     ation  deserves  special  men­
    one,  but  four  key-boards  in  a                                                                                      tion.  Congratulations,  Com­
    combined  organ  and  piano  version                                                                                    modore!
    of  "Cow-cow  Boogie."                                                                                                  Distinguished  Service  Record
      Evidence  of  the  professional                                                                                         Commodore  Cary has  devoted  30
    talent  now  wearing  navy  blue  was                                                                                   years  of  his  life  to  Naval  service,
    Bob Kingery, ventriloquist, and his                                                                                     was  born  in  Kansas  City,  Mo.,  at­
    better  halves,  "Tiny"  and  "Jewel"                                                                                   tended  Westport  High  School  and
    who kept the audience roaring with                                                                                      graduated from the William Jewell
    laughter  as  they  tossed  the  gags                                                                                   College  and  the University  of  Mis­
    back  and  forth.                                                                                                       souri.
      From  legitimate  theatre  came                                                                                         He later entered the Naval Acad­
    the   dramatic   number   "Laugh                                                                                        emy  and  graduated  in  1914.  Hav­
    Clown  Laugh,"  p  r e  s e  n  t e  d    by                                                                            ing  spent  many  years  of  sea  serv­
    George  Morris,  who  made  the                                                                                         ice  aboard  some  of  the  Navy's
    theatre his business during pre-war                                                                                     greatest  vessels  which  have  been
    days.  Two  new  WA  VE  stars  were                                                                                    cited  f o r  heroism,  Commodore
    presented  in  the  personalities  of                                                                                   Cary  was promoted  to  the  rank  of
    Nancy  Payne  and  Jean  Cleary.                                                                                        Commander  on  June  30,  1935  and
    Nancy's  "Embraceable  You"  tied                                                                                       attended  the  Naval  War  College,
    that all-time favorite up with a red                                                                                    Newport,  R.  I.,  and  served  on  the
    ribbon,  and  presented  it  to  an  en­                                                                                staff until May, 1939.
    thusiastic  audience.  Jean,  whose                                                                                       In January, 1941, he reported for
    dancing  feet  tapped  out  a  sizzling                                                                                 duty in the  Naval District Division
    South American number,  is a new­                                                                                       Office  of  the  Chief  of  Naval  Oper­
    comer  to  the  T.  I.  stage,  and  has                                                                                ations  and  in  March,  he  was  as­
    promised to return soon.                                                                                                signed  additional  duty  in  Halifax,
      No  better  personification  of  the                                                                                  N.  S.
    theme  "Top  Hat"  could  be  found                                                                                       He was promoted  to  Captain  on
    than when Roy Zobel stepped from                                                                                        January  1,  1942  and  assumed  the
    the hat to charm the audience with                                                                                      command  of  a  cruiser;  he  partici­
    "Begin  the  Beguine"  and  returned                                                                                    pated in the  amphibious  assault on
    to  present  "How Many  Times  Do I                                                                                     the  Island  of  Sicily  in 1943.
    Have  to  Tell  You."                                                                                                     For  his  distinguished  service,
      The  Gay  Nineties  quartet,  un­
    recognizable  by  even  their  own                                                                                      Commodore  Cary  has  received
    most  intimate  friends, ·wm  never  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  ' .  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  .•             many  medals  a  n    d  awards.  His
    be  forgotten  with  their  version  of   ANOTHER  BIG  DANCE   Specially Reduced Fare  Boxing Variety Show             medals and decorations include  the
                                                                                                                            Medal  of  Honor,  Navy  Cross,  the
    "Down  by  the  Old  Mill  Stream,"                                                                                     Legion of Merit  (four times),  G9ld
    and  not  a  few  of' the  audience had   COMING  UP  SEPT.  30   for Railroad Travel For  Scheduled for Retake         Star  in  lieu  of  second  Legion  of
    difficulty  in  recovering  from  a   The  next  dance  for  the                                                        Merit  (Navy), Oak Leaf Cluster in
    little  skit  called  "Fast  Fingers,"   enlisted  personnel  of  Treas­  Discharged Personnel   Sept. 27 at T. I. Gym   lieu  of  third  Legion  of  Merit
    performed  by  the  familiar  city                                                                                      (Army), Gold Star in lieu of fourth
    slicker,  country  hick  and  confused   ure  Island  is  scheduled  for   Navy,  Army,  Marine  Corps  or   Another  T.  I.  Boxing  Smoker  is   Legion  of  Merit  (Navy);  Mexican
    old maid. WAVES who are wonder­  Saturday,  September  30,  it   Coast Guard personnel traveling at  on  tab  for  Wednesday,  September   Service  Medals;  Victory  Medal,
    ing  as  to  the  identity  of  the  horde   was  announced  today.   their  own  expense  upon  discharge,  27,  with  an  eveµ  more  attractive   Destroyer  Clasp;  American  De­
    of  brats who  kept  interrupting  the                      retirement  or  release  from  active  boxing  card  and  variety  show  to   fense  Service  Medal,  Fleet  Clasp
    show  may  recognize  some  of  their   Tickets  can  be  obtained   duty  because  they  are  not  entitl_ed  entertain  you.   European-African-Middle  Eastern
    own  room  mates  if  they  look   from  the  Welfare  or  Com­  to  travel or transportation requests   Plenty  of  outside  talent  from   Area Campaign Medal.
    closely.                        manding Officer of each com­  may  obtain  specially  reduced  one- Alameda,  Hamilton  Field,  and  the
                                    mand.  Dancing  will  begin  at   way  fares  under  a  new  arrange­ Coast  Guard  will  furnish  our  sock   Six Civilian Jobs
                                                                                              warriors with plenty of trouble. Be­
                                    2000 with scores of charming   ment  which  became  effective  Sep­  cause  of  the  top  notch  ability  of
                                                                tember  1.
                                    hostesses  gathered  from  the                            our  Armed  Guardsmen,  outside  Named For Men On
                                                                  The  tickets  are  sold  at  the  rate
                                    surrounding  area  present  to   of  about  1 ¼  cents  per  mile,  are   competition  had  to  be acquired.
                                    make  sure  that  everyone  en­  good for travel in coaches only and   Chief  Capers is arranging  a  ter­ Leave or Liberty
                                    joy�  himself. WAVES wlll  be   authorize  the  usual free checkable   rific  floor show with plenty  of  girl   The Twelfth Naval District head­
                                    admitted  without  ticket,  so   baggage  allowance  and  stop-over   appeal  and  jivy  tunes  from  our  quarters  announced  that  enlisted
                                                                                              Treasure  Island  band.  Festivities  personnel  on  leave  or  liberty  may
                                    the  more  the  merrier,  girls!   privilege  en  route.   will  begin  at 1900.        accept  employment  in  six  civilian
                                      Hepcats  will  give  out  to   Tickets  are  sold only  from  place                   occupations  in  need  of  emergency
                                    the  jive  of  the  T.  I.  Swing   of  discharge,  retirement  or release              labor.
                                                                (or an intermediate point) to home
                                    band  and  as  usual .there  will   or place of  enlistment or induction,   within  30  days  of  separation  from   The  jobs  listed  are  shipbuilding,
                                     be  tables  loaded  with  deli­  or  place  of  employment  in  the   the  �rvice.     ship  repair,  food  processing,  food
                                                                                                The  Bureau  of  Naval  Personnel  harvesting, high octane gasoline re­
                                     cious refreshments.        United  States  or  Canada  to  which   is  sending  a  supply  of  these  cer- fining and transportation, including
                                      Remember:  Treasure  ls­  the  person  desires  to  travel.   tificates  to  commandants  of  naval  longshoring and  warehousing.
                                    land  gymnasium  Saturday,    No  tickets  will  be  sold  to  men  districts with the United States for   Enlisted personnel,  not  including
      The  Treasure  Island  band,  well­                       unless they present a properly exe­ use  and  distribution  to  activities  officer  personnel,  who  are  granted'
    equipped  with  arrangements  by   September  SO  from  2000  to   cuted  form  of  "Identification  Dis- within their district, and additional  permission by their commanding of­
    Braxton  Patterson,  took  over  the   2400.  See  you  there!   charge  Certificate,"  issued  by  the  supplies may be requested from the  ficers may seek employment in any
          (  Continued on page 4)   ,  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  ,  •  railroads,  which must be presented  Bureau when  needed.   of  the  named occupations.
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