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   Top  left   ''SLIDE,  HOEHN,  SLIDE!' ' -Shortstop  Walter  Hoehn   Bill  Fassler,  C.  Tucker,  M.  Bennetti,  S.  Cooper,  B.  Williams,  W.   and  catcher  Carl  Vallero  snares  the  ball  to  retire  shortstop  Walter
   beating  the  throw  to  home  plate  as  Umpire  Howard  Hall  watches   Hoehn,  D.  Kutch,  F.  Douse,  manager;  H .  Hall,  manager.  Bottom   THE  PLATE' '-The  ball  reaches  home  plate  before  the  runner,
   Catcher  Carl  Vallero  catch  the  ball  a  trifle  too  late.  Treasure  Island   row-K.  Gambini,  H.  Meegan,  J .  Rezac,  L.  Riggs,  C.  Vallero,  H.   Hoehn  as  Umpire  Howard  Hall  looks  on.  Center  inset--T.  I.  athletic
   Baseball  Team-reading  from  left  to  right,  top  row- Playing  coach,   Tracy,  F.  Wheeler,  J.  Anderson,  J .  Raggati.  Top  right--"OUT  AT   officers-story  below.

   Finest  Baseball  Equipment Made                            Docs  Softba II               Athletic  Officers            Knute  Rockne's  Grid
   Available  For  Blueiackets  at T.  I.                      Team  Defeats                 Of  T.  1~  Gymnasium         Star,  Lt.  (ig) Hanley,
                                                                                               These  athletic  officers  supervise
                                                               Receiving  Ship               all  the  various  activities  at  Trea- Athletic  Officer  Here
   Athletic  Directors  Help  Organize
                                                                 The  T.  I.  Docs  Softball  team   sure  Island  gymnasium  and  are   Lt.  (jg)  D.  F.  Hanley  of  Butte,
   Competitive  Teams To  Promote  Interest                    entered  a  victory  on  the  blue  side   doing  a  splendid  job.  They  also   Mont.,  enlisted  in  Chicago,  Decem-
                                                                                             are  in  charge of  the  athletic  field.
                                                               of  the  ledger  with  a  10  to  5  win                    ber  1941,  as  a  Chief  Specialist.
                       By  I.  Cooperman, Bkr3c                                              The  trophies  shown  in  the  picture
                                                               at  Section  Base  Field  on  July  20.                     An  all  around  athlete,  he  played
                                                                                             were  won  by  the  athletic  instruc-
     Baseball,  a  game  requiring  consummate  skill  and  tech-  On  the  mound  was  Camp  ( cap-  tors  attached  to  the  gymnasium.   football  at  Notre  Dame  under  the
   nique is an iinteresting sport.  Every sailor should  know the   tain),  who  pitched  brilliant  ball.   They  are  badminton,  basketball,   immortal  Knute--.Rockne.  He  was
                                                               He  also  contributed  to  the  attack                      the  star  fullback  of  the  Notre
   fundamentals  and  recreational  values  of this  great  Ameri-                           swimming,  tennis,  track  and  swim
                                                               with a  home  run.  Phillips  tied  into                    Dame  championship  team  in  1930.
   can sport. Daily at the athletic field on Treasure Island base-                           relay  championship  prizes.
                                                               a  fast  pitch  and  banged  out  a                           He  served  aboard  the  USS
                                                                                               Reading  from  left  to  right  in
   ball  games,  soccer,  archery,  football  (in  season)  and  even  triple. The way he galloped  around                 Massachusetts  on  the  Atlantic
                                                                                             center  picture,  Lt.  (jg)  A .  J.
   judo classes are held there.                                was  something  the  boys  will  talk   Strosnider,  assistant  physical
     At  the  outbreak  of the  war,  there  was  only  a  large  lot   about  for  some  time.   training  officer,  of  Treasure  Is-
   where  the  baseball field  is at pres-                       The  exhibition  our  boys  put  on   land,  from   Dayton   University,
   ent.  Norman  Roche,  former  White                         proved  they  are  of  championship   Notre  Dame  and  Kent  University,
   Sox  ball  player  came  to  Treasure  T.  I.  Receiving    calibre  and  with  such  a  line-up  as   former  basketball,  football,  hockey
   Island  way  back  in  July  1942.  At   Ship  Defeats      Ffothstein,  Tolliver,  Zellman,  Phil-  and  track  coach  at  Cathedral
   that  time  there  was  not  even  a                        lips,  Land,  Eddie,   Toarminina   Latin  School  in  Cleveland,  0 ....
   baseball diamond or any semblance   Stockton  7  to  3      Mussilli  and  Ellenger  they  ar~   Lt.  (jg)  D.  H.  Hanley,  assistant
   of  a  playing  field  there.                               pointing  to  the  Captain's  Trophy.   physical  training  officer,  coached
                                   Rallying  in  the  seventh  inning   A  new  face  appears  among  the
     Under  the  able  supervision  of                                                       football  at  De  Paul  University.
                                 for  five  runs,  the  Receiving  Ship  Docs,  and  it  is  Land,  an  up  and
   experienced  and  capable  officers                                                       also  played  at  Notre  Dame  under
                                 gained  a  7-3  victory  over  the  coming player.  His  position  is first
   the process of building up  the fi.eld                                                    the  immortal  "Knute"  Rockne  .
                                 Stockton  Air  Base  nine  at  the  base.  He  has  plenty  of  what  it
   went into effect and many wonders                                                         Lt.  A.  N.  Higgins,  physical  train-
   were  accomplished.  Softball  and   Yerba  Buena Fie_ld.  Stockton  scor- takes,  as  he  proved  so  when   he  ing  officer,  Treasure  Island  and
                                 ed  its  three  in  the  fifth,  with  smashed  out  a  home  run.
   baseball  diamonds  were  designed                                                        Yerba Buena Island,one time track,
                                 Blackwell's  triple  featuring.
   and  a  system  was  installed.  The                                                      basketball  and  football  star  at
   seamen  pitched  in  and  labored                           T.  I.  Softball League  Wabash  College; _ coached  many
   daily  building  the field;  a  working   T.  I.  Ringsters  Annex                        track  and  football  stars;  was  a
   party  was  organized  and  after                                   Softball  Results     football  scout for Eastern and Mid-
   working  all  day,  they  played  ball   Vidory  Over  Hamilton   Frontier  B as e  10,  Receiving  western  football  teams  besides  be-
   late  in  the  afternoon.                                   Ship 4                        ing  the  recreation  and  physical
     After being a~ay from  Treasure  Field  in  Slugfest        A.N.T.S.  15,  Radio  Materiel   training  leader  for  Tampa,  Fla.
   Island  for  over  two  years,  Chief   With  the  Army, · Navy  and  the   School  ::i   ... Ensign  M.  Zunic,  all  around  Coast- also  went to  Noumea,  New
   Roche  was  agreeably  surprised  to   Coast  Guard  collaborating  as  one,   D.  D.  Pool  11,  Post  Office  2   athlete  in  sports,  formerly  with  Caledonia in  the  South Pacific  and
   see  the  many  changes.  The  finest   a  great  boxing · show  was  held   Tr:easure  Island  Hospital  16   George   Washington   University,  attended  gunnery  school  at  Nor-
   facilities  and  equipment  are  now   at  Hamilton  Field  Air  Base  last   Radio  Materiel  3   '   Washington,  D.  C.,  was  a  player  folk,  Va.  He  was  athletic  officer
   available  at  the  athletic  field  and   Thursday,  July  27.  Four  of  the   Frontier  Base  12,  Treasure  Is-  and  coach  in  football,  baseball  and  at Chapel  Hill,  North  Carolina for
   thousands of sailors are taking ad-  Treasure  Island  fighters  displayed   land  Hospital  9   basketball.            the  V-12  program.  Before  joining
   vantage  of  their  spare  time  by   their  wares  and  came  away  with   A.N.T.S.  10,  Receiving  Ship  2           the  Armed  Forces,  he·  coached
   working  out  daily.  Chief  Roche,   three  victories.       Armed  Guard  14,  Post  Office  6                        football  for  three  years  at  De-
   collaborating  with  Chiefs  Opasek   Fred  Capers  was  in  charge  of   Standing  of  the  Clubs   Receiving  Ship    Paul  University.  After  fourteen
   and  McConnell  (who are both lieu-  the  group  of  fighters ·  who  were    w.  L.   Pct.                             months  of  shore  and  sea  duty,  his
   tenants · (jg)  now)  were  responsi-  treated to  steak  dinners  and  made   A.  N.  T.  S .  . .... .. .. . 5  0  1.000   Downs Shoemaker   ::apabilities  were  recognized  and
   ble  in  getting  together  the  first   to  feel  at home.  Jackie Burke  and   Armed  Guard  ...... . . 4  0  1.000   T: I.  Receiving Ship defeated  the  he  received  his  commission  in
   ball  teams  to  participate  at Trea-                      Frontier  Base  .. .. .... 4  2   lads  from  Shoemaker  in  a  wild  February  1943.  Well  liked  by  all
                                 Joe  Sworek,  both  boxing  instruc-                   .666
   sure  Island  and  did  a  great  job   tors  at  Treasure  Is 1 and  gym-  Industrial  .... .. .. . .. 2  1   .666   and  wooly  baseball  game  played  the'  men  at  the  Treasure  Island
   forming  the  nucleus  of  its  present   nasium,  handled  the  fighters  rep-  D.  D.  Pool  .. . ....... 3   ~   .600   on  the  Yerba  Buena  diamond  gymnasium,  he  says,  "Treasure
   status.                                                     T.  I.  Hospital  .. .. .. .. 2  3   Wednesday,  July  26.  The  final  Island has the  best equipped  gym-
                                 resenting  Treasure  Island.                           .400
                                   Harry  Bond,  130,  Treasure  Is-
                                                               Radio  Materiel  .. .. .. . 1  3
   Armed Guard Center            land,  won  the  decision  over  Soldi-  Receiving  Ship  .. .. ... o  5   .250   score  was  14  to  8.  The  game  fea- nasium  on either  coast.  The  many
                                                                                             tured  the  masterful  pitching  of  facilities,  the  body  building  pro-
   To Organize Boxing Team       er  George  Taylor,  135.  Jimmy   Post  Office  .. .. .. ... . o  5   .000   Perasso,  of  T.  I.,  who  limited  the  gram,  the swimming pool,  the box-
                                                                                             opponents  to  three hits  during  the  ing  and  judo  instructors  are  tops.
     It  is  reported  by  the  Armed   Smith, 147,  Treasur,e  Island,  won a   Games  This  Week   six  innings  which  he  worked  on
   Guard  Center columnist that plans   close  one  over  George  Harris,  145.  Monday,  August  7   the  mound.          When a  man leaves for battle, he is
                                 Ken  "Red"  Barton,  180,  Treasure   Armed  Guard  vs  R.  M.  S.  (1)                   physically  fit  and  well-trained  to
   are  being  made  to  organize  a
                                 Island,  won  by  a  technical  K.  0.   T.  I. Doc's  vs  Ind.  Div.  (3)   Sheely  and  Hernandez  homered  meet any occasion that may arise."
   boxing  team  to  represent  its  ac-                                                     for Treasure Island and  Antroccoli
   tivity.                       over  Lawrence  Robertson;  Bobby  Tuesday,  August  8                                   After  the  war,  Lt.  Hanley  intends
                                 Plant,  147,  Treasure  Island,  lost  a   Post  Office  vs  Rec.  Ship  (1)   accumulated  five  hits  in  six  times
     Although  many Bluejackets  who                                                                                       to  practice  law.
                                 tough  one  against  Jesse  Walker,  Wednesday,  August  9   at  bat.  The  losing  team  acquired
   are  affiliated  with  the  Armed
                                 147.  The  Treasure  Island  fighters   D.  D.  Pool  VS  R.  M.  S.  (1)   15  hits  while  the  T .  I.  Receiving
   Guard  Center  have  participated                                                         Ship  came  up  with  a  grand  total   "Where  are  you  going,  my pret-
   from  time  to  time  on  boxing  pro-  are  being  kept  busy  lately;  they   Frontier Base vs Ind.  Div.  (3)   of  18  hits.  After Perasso  had  been  ty  maid?  Why  do  you  pass  me
   grams  which  have  been  held  at  have  fought  against   Hamilton  Thursday,  August  10
                                                                                             relieved,  Shoemaker  punched  out  by?"
   Treasure Island, none of them have  Field,  Alameda  and  also  in  the   No  Games
                                                                                             seven  tallies  in the  seventh inning,   "I'm  on  my  way  to  gymnathtic
   participated  under  the  sponsorship  Bi-monthly  shows ·at  Treasure  Is- Friday,  August. 11
                                                                                             in  a   never-say-die  attempt  to  thcool,"  she  lithped  as  she  heaved
   of that activity.             land  gymnasium.               D.  D.  Pool  VS  Rec.  Ship  (1 ) .   salvage  the  game,  but  to  no  avail.  a  thigh.
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