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PAGE 2           THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY, AUGUST  5,  1944
      *  *                                  AD  *  *                                           CIVILIAN ENGINEER FORCE

     Official  'I'reasure  Island  publication  distributed  eve.ry  Saturdar  without  cost  to  tht:
     officers,  enlisted  men,  and  employees  of  Treasure  Island.  All  communications  and
     contributions  should  be  directed  to  The  Editor,  Welfare  and  Recreation  Department.
     'I'reasure  Island,  San  Francisco,  California.  Phone:  EXbrook  3931.  J-:xtension  59,
                        . CAP'l'AIN R.  W.  OARY,  USN                By  R.  E. John_son,  Y3c
               Commander  U.  S.  Na.val Training  and  Distribution  Cent<•r
                                                                   Secretary   Forrestal   declared
                    LT.  COMMANDlm  R.  S.  KIMBELL,  USNR       that  an  additional  194,000  enlisted
               Welfare  and  Recrt>ation  Officer  - Public  Relations  Officer
                                                                 men are needed by the Navy before
                       STANLEY  SOLOMON,  Y2c.  l:.'Sl\R         December  31,  and  another  189,000
                                                                 may  be  required  by  June  30,  1945,
                                                                 to  meet  the  accelerated  pace  of
                                                                 the  war  against  Japan.  Most  of
                                                                 the  men  will  be  obtained  through
     The  Missing  Memorial                                      Selective  Service.  The  Navy's  call   Left  to  right---Harry  Shatto,  F.  M.  Shepherdson,  Robert  Onorato,  James  Daley,
                                                                                                            Thomas  Skelley,  Lewis  Lang,  Raymond  Dunn.
                                                                 for  selectees  for  October  already
         The  energetic  and  patriotic  brain  of  one  Tony  Todaro  came  up  has  been  increased  8,000  to  a  total
     with  a  powerful  suggestion  which  is  now  attracting attention  all  over   of  30,000  men.  The  planned  in­ CIVILIAN EMPLOYEES AT TREASURE ISLAND
                                                                 1945, Secr.etary Forrestal said, will  UTILIZE PRODUCTIVE EFFORTS ON MANY JOBS
      America.                                                   crease  of  383,000  men  by  June  30,
         Tony  is  just  another  American,  a  Pearl  Harbor  Navy  Yard  war­
                                                                 raise  the·  total  strength  of  the   Here  is  a  word  picture of the  Civilian Engineering Force
      worker,  who  daily  labors  to  help  the  Navyman  and  his  ship  to  get  Navy  to  3,389,000  men.  Most  of
      back  to  sea  where  he  can  fight  Japs.  In  his  few  spare  hours,  Tony  the  new  men  will  man  amphibious   attached  to  the  Public  Works  Design  Department.  There  is
      just  sits  and  dreams ... not  idle  thoughts,  but  constructive,  humani­  craft  and  auxiliary  vessels  to  be   no  end  to  the  credit  to  be  given  to  these  men.  Since  the·
     tarian  ideas. Coupled  with  his  dreams  is  the  horrifying  thought  that   commissioned  next  year.   beginning  of  the  new  building  program  on  Treasure  Island
     our  country  may  not  remember  the  honored  Navy  men  who  died  be-  Bu M ed  Tropical  Victory   and  Y erba  Buena,  they  have  had  more  than  a  hand  in  the
      cause  of  Jap  treachery  at  Pearl  Harbor.                Rear  Admiral  Luther  Sheldon,  engineeri]lg  a,nd  safety  of  all personnel.
         Tony's  dreams  gradually  developed  into  a  real  vision  ...  a  vision  Jr.,  Assistant  Chief  of  the  Navy   Let  us  meet  the  surveyors,  the  men  that  move  in  first.
     of  a  Shrine  of  Pearl  Harbor  to commemorate  the  heroes  of  December   Bureau  of  Medicine  and  Surgery,   When  they  appear  on  a  site,  you
                                                                                               know  that  soon  there  will  be  some
     7  long  after  the  glib  phrase  "Remember  Pearl  Harbor"  has  been  for­  made  a  statement  to  the  effect   changes  in  the  scenery,  roads  or  Adm.  C.  H.  Wright
     gotten.  A  very  noble  thought.                           that  "the   danger   of   tropical   buildings.  This  job  is  ably  handled
                                                                 diseases  for  our Armed  Forces  has
         Visualize,  if  you  can,  a  tall,  towering  pylon  atop  Diamond  Head  been  overcome  to  a  large  extent."   by Mr. Cliff Hubble and  Mr. George  Commends  Waves
     where  Navy  men  and  tourists  through  the  ages,  passing  or  visiting  The  Navy  medical  officers  feel   Though  many  are  not  aware  of  On 2nd Anniversary
     the  Islands,  may  be  reminded  of  the  Navy's  first  heroes  in  World   that  they  "have  the  problem  lick­  it  architectural  and  civil  engi­
     War  One's  opening  chapter.                               ed."  Admiral  Sheldon  said  that  he   n�ers are  burning the midnight  oil,  Rear Admiral Carleton H. Wright,
                                                                 was  not  now  at  liberty  to  give  de­                   USN,  Commandant,  Twelfth Naval
         This  virtually  unknown  stranger  in  our  midst  is  deserving  of  our            figuring,  consulting  · and  working
                                                                 tails  on  the  conquest  of  the  tropi­                   District,  commended  the  personnel
     highest  praises. Tony  has  not  only  dreamed  up  the  whole  plan,  but               with  the  draftsmen.  Mr.  James  of  the  Women's  Reserve  in  an  ad­
                                                                 cal  diseases,  but  to  medical  men
     has  enrolled  many  enthusiasts  for  his  monument.  His  present  plans  who  have  heard  his  statement  on   Daley,  architect,  has  been  doing  dress  to  officer  Waves  celebrating
     call  for  encouraging  thousands  of  fellow  Americans  to  join  in  a  na- the  subject,  it  meant  the  equiva­  double duty  as  he  has  also had the  the  second  anniversary  of  the
                                                                                               responsibility  of  handling  collater­
     tion-wide  financing  plan  to  defray  the  cost  without  the  help  of  the   lent  of  a  major  victory  on  the   al  work  for  all  the  new  barracks  Women's  Reserve,  Thursday,  July
                                                                 battlefield.                                                27,  1944, at the Palace  Hotel. Rear
     government. He  is  calling  on  all  patriotic  and  local  organizations  to            and  buildings.               Admiral  Wright  made  the  follow­
     launch  campaigns  for  financing  the  shrine  of  Pearl  Harbor.   Navy  Clothing  Shortage   Mr.  Harry  Shatto,  civil  engi­  ing  statement:
         Our  hats  are  off  to  this  unselfish  patriotic  American  defense   According  to  Rear  Admiral  W.   neers  collaborates on all structural  "As Commandant of the Twelfth
     worker.                                                     B. Young,  Chief  of  the  Bureau  of   detai{s  and  general  engineering.  Naval District, I  wish  to commend
                                                                 Supplies  and  Accounts,  critical   F. M.  Shepherdson  and  Robert  the personnel of the Women's Naval
         In  the  year  187  4,  the  people  of  France  donatetl  their  hard-earned         Onorato  are  the  civilian  draftsmen
                                                                 problems in  the procurement of ne­                         Reserve  on  their  second  anniver­
     sous  to  present  America  with  a  lasting  tribute.  American  school                  who  work  together  to  finish  the
                                                                 cessii.ry  quantities  of  clothing  and                    sary. The  more  than  4,000  Waves
     children  reciprocated  after  1918  by  donating  funds  to  rebuild  French  textile  items  are  faced  by  the   complete  plans  for_ the  actual  con­  on  duty  under  my  command  have
     shrines. The  cost  of  the  Statue  of  Liberty  was  approximately  $300,- Navy.  In  several  cases,  short­  struction.  The  electrical  depart­  acquitted themselves with efficiency
     000,  to  which  Americans  added  another  $350,000  for  an  appropriate   ages  run  into  mil1ions  of  units.   ment  under  the  supervision  of  Mr.   and with a spirit in accord with the
     pedestal.                                                   Particularly  acute  are  insufficient   Lewis  Lang  has  expanded  to  al­  best traditions of the Naval Service.
                                                                 supplies  promised  f o r  hosiery,   most  a  separate  section;  thus  the   They have  made no  small contribu•
         Also,  after  the  last  war,  the  United  States  set  aside  a  glorious           increase  in  the  use  of  electricity
                                                                 dungarees,  toweling,  and  other                           tion  to  the  success  of  the  great
     spot  in  Arlington,  Virginia,  as  a  shrine  for  the  Unknown  Soldier  who  essential  cotton  products.   has  created  for  him  an  unforseen   task  facing  the  Navy,  and  they
     died  on  the  soil  of Europe. This  monument  to  our  departed  warriors,              revision  of  the  entire  electrical   have won  the  hearty  admiration  of
                                                                 Wooden  M inesweepers         system.
     with  its  eternal  flame  and  the  ceaseless  vigil  of  its  parading  guards,                                       the Navy's  officers  and  men.  There
                                                                   No  longer  sporting  the  tag-line   Most  of  the  reconstruction  has   is  still  a hard  and long road  ahead
     is  perhaps  'the  most  impressive  shrine  in  the  world.  Congress  ap­  -"Men-of-war",  the  wooden  ships  developed  within  an  entire  build­  of  us  before  victory  is  achieved.  I
     n.ropriated  a  sum  in  the  neighborhood  of  $825,000  for  the  monu- and  their  iron  crews  still  play  an  ing;  because  of  this,  there  have   know  that  the  members  of  the
     ment  to  the  Unknown  Soldier.                            important  part  in  winning  battles  been  many  difficult  heating  and   Women's  Naval  Reserve  will  do
         Unfortunately,  there  has  never  been  a  national  monument  erect-  for  the  modern  Navies.   ventilating  problems.  Mr.  Willis   their unfailing  part to help achieve
                                                                   Battle-scared,  dirty,  some  of  Howe  has  handled  this  and  sup­
     ed  for  the  express  purpose  of  honoring  our  Navy  heroes.  It  seems   them limping, au.  s.  Navy Squad- plied  many  other  mechanical  fa­  that  victory  as  quickly  as  may  be
     appropriate  and  necessary  that  we  erect  such  a  shrine  now .. .  not  in   ron  of  136-foot  wooden  YMS  class  -cilities  throughout  Treasure  Is­  possible.  To  the  Waves,  I  say:
                                                                                                                             'Well  done' ".
     far-off  Pearl  Harbor,  but  in  Washington,  D.  C.,  where  the  majority  minesweepers  nosed  proudly  into  land.  For  plumbing  problems  re­
  ,.   of Americans  can �ee it and  glory in  the  ideals  for which  it will stand.  a  British  harbor,  cut   between  quiring  drawings  or  consultation
         The  Navy  deserves  a  fine,  picturesque  shrine,  all  its  own,  a   giant capital ships and dropped an- to  carry  out  the  actual  repair  job,   BU  PERS  RULES  OUT
                                                                                                                             DISCHARGE  VIA  MARRIAGE
     symbol  of  unique  achievement  by  men  who  traditionally  went  down   chors  to  complete one  of  the  most  Mr.  Thomas  Skelly  has  the  au­  AFTER  OCTOBER  15
                                                                 hazardous  assignments  given  • to  thority.
     to  the  sea  in  our  fighting  men-o'-war.                any  Allied  Navl'l,l  unit  in  the  in-  Regardless  of  whether  there  is   Requests  for  discharge  by mem­
                                          'Our  Navy"            vasion  of  Europe.  The  wooden  new  construction  or  maintenance  bers  of  the  Women's  Reserve,  en­
                                                                 sweepers  had  completed  their  task  repairing,  there  is  always  the  sub­ listed  or  appointed  prior  to  April
                                                                 of  clearing  a  channel  for  the  sup- ject  of' money  involved;  Mr. Ray  15, by reason of marriage to a Navy
                                                                 porting  cruisers  and  destroyers  Dunn  is  the  man  who  estimates  man,  will  not  be  considered  by
                                                                 only  a  few  minutes  before  the  and  plans  the  procurement   of  BuPers  ·on  and  after  October  15,
                                                                 "Men-of-War"  opened  their  initial  money  for  all  projects  requiring  the  Bureau  announces.
                                                                 barage.                       the  expenditure  of  funds.
                                                                                                 Come  over  to  "Design"  some­
                                                                 GI  Rubber  Eraser  Feat      time  and  meet  these  swell  peo­ Big  Colorful Dance In
                                                                   When it comes to improvising la­
                                                                 bor  and  utilizing  scant  material   ple;  they  will  be  glad  to  show  you   Spotlight  Tonight
                                                                                               around  the  departm.ent.
                                                                 which  is  available,  the  American
                                                                 GI's  are  capable  of  performing  in­                      For  Colored Personnel
                                                                 genius  feats.  This  was  evidenced   Destroyer Pool Wins
                                                                 when  an  ordinary  rubber  eraser,                            The  vnitial  dance  for  the  col­
                                                                 taken  from  a lead pencil,  w,as used   The battery of Ralph Marteruello   ored  Bluejackets  stationed  at
                                                                 to  repair  an  engine  of  a  Navy   and  G.  H.  Poppe,  pitcher  and   Treasure  Island  will  be ,heuJ,  to­
                                                                 Consolidated  Catalina  (PBY)  fly­  catcher  respectively,  of  the  D.  D.   night  at  the  Treasure  Island
                                                                 ing  boat  forced  down  in  the  Cen­  Pool  softball  players,  proved  too   gym.  The  dance  will  begin
                                                                                                                              promptly  at  2000  amd  end  at
                                                                 tral  Pacific,  and  the  plane  was   strong  a  combination  against  the   2400.
                                                                 able  to  travel  hundreds  of  miles   Post Office team. The superb mound   In  a  last-minute  report  by
                                                                 to  its  home  base safely.   performance  and  great  catching   the  dance  committee,  it  is  an­
                                                                 Quote-worthy                  job  of  these  two  were  responsible   nounced that due to the pressing
                                                                   "Following  the  lines  of  least   in  limiting  the  Post  Office  crew  to   engagements  of  USO  Hostesses
                                                                 resistance  makes  men,  women  and   two  runs,  while  the  D.  D.  players   serving  in  the  Bay  Area  -
                                                                 rivers  crooked."             went  on  a  batting spree.    Berkeley,  Oakland,  and  San
                                                                                                 Every one  of  the  D. D.  team  got   Francisco only a limited number
                                                                   Taking  an  air  raid  warden's  at  least  one  hit,  turning  the  game   of them will be present.
                                                                 test,  Groucho  Marx  was  visibly  into  a  one-sided  affair.  The  final   There  will  be  music  by  the
                                                                 bored  by  the  long list of  questions,  score  was  D.  D.  Pool  14,  Post  Of­  Treasitre  Island  swing  band,  a
                                                                 some  of  them  not  too  pertinent.  fice  2. "Pop"  Pellerin,  FClc,  is do­  surprise  stage  show,  and  free
                                                                                                                              drinks  served  c o n t i niwusly
                                                                 Towards  the  end,  the  examiner  ing a great job supplying the needs   throug,hoiit the evening.
                                                                 asked  Groucho  what  he  would  do  of the D. D. Pool and  recently  was   Men  who  plan  to  attend  the
                                                                 if  he  came  home  and  found  his  instrumental  in furnishing the men   dance wre requested to see their
                                                                 wife had  put  her head  in  the  oven  with  new  uniforms. Well  liked  by   commanding officer of the activ­
                                        Navy  War  Bond  Cartoon  St-rvice
                                                                 and  turned  on the gas.      all,  "Pop"  gave  much  credit  to  the   ity  to  which  they  are  attached
        "Domes?  I treat  'em  like  W or  Bonds.  I  get  a.  new  one   "Baste  her  every  15  minutes,"  fine  sportsmanship  of  WA VE  En­  and  secure  tickets.  Don't  r
      every month."                                              yawned  Groucho.              sign M. Zinke.                 this sparkling affair.
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