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                                   MINE  FORCE           •  •  •                                                             The  guide  was  exhibiting a  bronze
                                                                                                                             tablet on  the  deck.
                                     Lt.  Alan  G.  Dohrmann  paid  a                                                          Guide:  "And  here  is  where  our
                                    short  visit  to  the  Mine  Force
                                                                                                 Doctor:   "Any   intestinal  gallant  Captain fell."
                                    while  on  leave  from  his  ship.  Lt.                                                    Nervous  Old  Lady:  "Well,  no
                                    Dohrmann,  now  attached  to  a
                                                                                                 California  Boot:  "I  don't  know.  wonder!  I  nearly . tripped  on  the
                                    "sw-eeper"  out  in  the  Pacific,  was                                                  darned  thing  myself!"
                                                                                               It ain't  been  issued  to  me  yet."
                                    with the  Mine  Force in 1943.
                                                                                                 Doctor:  ''Do you know the King's      * * *
        Thanks Santy for a  lov-ely party,   Chief Yeoman  Kimmer,  who was   Our  Commanding  Officer,   C  ap-  Engli'sh?"   "Oh,  doctor!  I'm scared to death.
      and  confidentially  your  ambassa-  on a  YMS  at one  time  attached  to   tain Paul P. Blackburn, USN  (Ret),   Boot:  "I.s  h-e ?"   This is my first ope-ration."
      dors  did  a  wonderful  job.  And  to   this command, stopped in the office               Doc:  "My,  but you're  stupid."   "I  know  exactly  how  you  feel.
                                    to  say  hello  last w-eek.  Chief  Kim- has  issued  a  Christmas message  to
      those  of  you who missed the  Wave                                                        Boot:  "You  ought  to  see  my  You're my first  patient."
                                    mer  has  been  out  in  the  battle  be  delivered  to the personnel of his
      Christmas  party  held  at  the  Mess                                                     brother, he walks all humped over."    *  *  *
      hall,  and  in  the  compound  outside   zone and has some mighty harrow- command:                  * * *                San  Francisco  sailor  (to  dining
      by Uncle Sam Santa Claus' helpers,   ing  experiences.  It  was  good  to   "My  best wishes  are  extended  to   Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust.   room  hostess):  "Just  as  a  matter
                                    see  our  former  shipmate  and  we  all  personnel  of  this  command  .  .  .
      the  Wave  officers,  we  are  sorry                                                      You  can  admire  my  sweater   of  curiosity,  did  the  waiter  who
      that  your  stocking  is  so  empty.  It   wish  him  luck  in  his  new  assign-  In  the  19 4 4   But keep your hands off my soror- took  my order I-eave  a  family?"
      also  seems  that  "Brooklyn"  is  not  ment.                              Christmas   sea-  ity  pin.                            *  *  *
      the  only  place  where  a  tree  ever   We wish to take this opportunity   son  we  are  be-      *  *  *               No.  1  on  the  Wolf  Parade:  "I'll
      grew,  because  a  green  fir,  full- to  wish  all  personnel  on  the  Island   ginning  to  see   .The  battleship  was  in  port,  and  Be  Seizing  You,  In- All  the  Old
      grown,  is  now  ' decorating  the  A  Very  Merry  Christmas  and  a      the  bright  star   visitors  were  being  shown  around.  Familiar Places."
      square  in  front  of  Barracks  232.  Happy  1945.                        of  Victory  guid-
      Christmas is  wonde·rful  and  that is   ----- ----                        ing us to  "Peace
      the  truth,  and  so  was  the  candy                                      on  Earth  and
      and  soap  which  we  found  in  our   Bakers  Annex  Bowling              Good   Will   to
      sock. on  Thursday noon.                                                   Men."   As  the
       (g                           Match  From  Scrappy                         Wise Men of the
                                                                                 E  a s  t  follow-ea
                                    DD  Pool, 2400- 2364                         the star to Beth-
                                     Thirty-six pins w-ere all that kept         lehem,  so  must
                                    the  DD  Pool  from  scoring  at least       w e  s e t  o u r
                                    a   tie  with  the  hook-throwing            course  to  the
                                    Bakers  of  Galley  K.        / II...        construction  of
                                      Crossing  the  finish  line  with  a  @~L-1/.r//_:   a  better  world.
                                    total  of  2400  against  2364,  the  Let  us  be  merry  this  Christmas  in
                                    doughnut  and  coffee .boys,  as  well  the  hope  that  Christmas  1945  will
      The  Christmas  Spirit
                                    as  the  tin-can  men,  displayed . see  families  reunited  and  the  old
        A  small  story  which  we  heard
      this  week  makes  us  believe  that   plenty  of  rust  at  the  hinges  from  days  of  the  holiday  season  re-
                                    lac.k  of  competition.  It has  sort  of  gained! "
      there is such a  thing as th-e  Christ-
                                    been  a  two-team affair and all  per-  The  men  and  women  who  &erve
      mas  spirit.  A  Wave  and  a  sailor                                                        '
                                    sons concerned are hoping for some  under  Captain  Blackburn  wish  to
      got to talking together on  the  Key
                                    kind  of  a  leagu-e  to  show  itself,  extend sincere  holiday greetings to
      System train while on their way to
                                    because  bowling  is  definitely  be- him  and  to  his  family.  It  is  our
      the  city.  They soon  found  out  that
                                    coming  a  major  interest.   pleasure  to  serve  under  a  man
      their. home  towns  were  only  a  few
      miles  apart,  further,  that  while                        whom  we  respect  and  admire  SD   . . -:--
                                      First  Seaman  Guard:  "So  your  greatly~
      the  Wave  was  going  home  for
                                    prisoner  got  away?  Didn't  you   It is  our  wish  that  in  the  New
      Christmas, the sailor,  who had  just
                                    guard  the  exits?"           Year  our  combined  efforts  may
      returned from  two  years  sea  duty,
                                      Second  Seaman  Guard:  "Yes,  he  h-elp  to  bring "Peace on  Earth."
      would  oo  unabJ.e  to  make  it,  main
                                    must  have  gone  out  one  of  the   Season's  greetings and  a  "M;erry   "Maybe  we  shouldn't  have  been  so  quick  to  laugh  when  he
      reason  being that his pay accounts                                                                      wrote that letter to  Santa Claus."
                                    entrances."                    Christmas,  Everyone'"
      had been held up and he  was with-
      out  the  necessary  funds.
        The end of the story is short and
      v-ery  nice,  the  Wave  had  a  ride
      home  by automobile,  she contacted
      her  "ride" found  a  place for  friend
      sailor and now they are both going
      home  for  Christmas  and  return.'  It
      really  is  a  small and  v-ery  wonder-
      ful  world  after all.
       Merry  Christmas
        This  is  a  Christmas  greeting
      from  all  The  Masthead  staff  to  all
      the  Waves  and  more  than  that  a
      hope  that  all  of  us  will  ring  in  a
      victorious  1945 !  We  can  think  of
      iio  better way to  close  this  Christ-
      mas  column  than  with  the  Wave
      prayer, written by a  Wave yeoman.
      "Dear  Lord,  as  I  kneel  down  to
        pray,  I  have  so  much  to  ask.
      My prayers  are for  the strength to
        serve  a  nation's  mighty  task.
      I  need -the  grace  with  which  to
        wear  in  dignity  and  pride
       My  uniform,  and  take  with  it,  its
        meaning  in  my stride.
      Teach  me,  oh Lord,  obedience,  that
        I  may  do  my  best
      Until  our  country  once  again  is
        peac-eful  and  at rest.
      And having these to guide me while
        our  Navy's  in  the  war',
       I  have  but  then  to  thank  you,  I
        cannot  ask for  more.
      Thank  you  for  our  country
      For  our  people,  free,  strong  and
      And  make  me  ever  worthy,  Lord
       To  be a  Navy Wave.

           Male Call              by Milton Caniff, creator of "Terry and the Pirates"    Kipling Didn't Know Arnerican Soldie..-s

          :.i/  ON  Y'WAY, SOLDAT!  .,.;  PALL BACK  AND   Y-WITH ON                     EEZH-TH                     AY, MAC, Howz  I  WU
          ·-  I'M  HEl<:E  TO  PREGENT  <3gouP UP  win-!   DI COU!-                     ID  BROTHE                     UT A BEER   JUGT
            ✓ MIG~ LACE  WITI-1  A NAZI   '{El<'.  MAM-4El-5,   '1-G  THAT               OUL.D  60 N
             FLAG  r  ggoUGlff HE/<:   MUD- EATEJZ.! THEgE   RE  ENOUel-1                E/Z  TH/, H
             -AND  No' HOT WEAnlEr;;!:  WA~N'T No  DAMES   -YoU-W/N
              D06FAC&  IS  60NNA   ON  MY ATol-L.  A-TALL
                /<:ED  I-ING  MEl   AND I  AIM, T PRE:5ENT
                                   Tl-115  JAP  OFFICER~
                                   5WOIW TO  THE  DREAM
                                   ~CHEME  THAT K:EPT ME
                                   oUTA  ~ECTION  EloHT !
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