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t>ACm  2       THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY, AUGUST 19,  1944
                                                                                                        BANK  OF  AMERICA  IN  NEW  LOCATION
                                                                       ', , ..
          * *            .ASTHEAD.                        * *          ---. ...:            e
                                                                         '  '
                                                                          '  '
          Official  Treasure  Island  publication  distributed  every  Saturday  without  cost  to  the
          officers,  enlisted  men,  and  employees  of  Treasure  I sland.  All  communications  and   s
          contributions  should  be  directed  to  The  Editor,  Welfars  and  Recreation  Departmen t.
          Treasure Island,  San Francisco;  California, Phone :  EXbrook 3981,  Extension  59.
                                                                          By  R.  E.  Johnson,  Y3c
                             CAPTAIN R. W.  OARY,  USN
                    Commander U.  S.  Naval Training and Distribution. Center   Ack-Ack Sharpshooters
                                                                       The  British  anti-aircraft  gun-
                        LT.  COMMANDER  R.  S.  KIMBELL,  U SNR
                   Wslfare  and Recreation  Officer  -  Public  Relations  Officer   ners  collaborating  with  eagle-
                                                                      eyed RAF fighter  pilots have been
                           STANLEY  SOLOMON,  Y2c,  USNR              doing  a  4.0  job  in  beating  back
                                                                      Britain's  current  menace-the  fly-
                                                                      ing robot bomb.  It is  reported that
          TREASURE  ISLAND,  S.  F.,  CALIF.,  SATURDAY,  AUGUST  19,  1944   despite the Nazis'  increased tempo
                                                                      in  catapulting  the  fantastic  pro-
                                                                      jectiles  across  the  channel,  only  a
                                                                      few  robots  have  been  able  to  get   EMPLOYEES  IN  THE  BANK  OF  AMERICA-Top  Photo-  (left  to  right)  Leona.rd
             ~~                                                       Suspended-Freedom  .of  Press   Cormick,  Laina Williams,  Helen  W.  Trucano,  Gladys  Johnson,  and  Hugh  Houston,
                                                                                                    Link,  manager and assistant cashier in  charge of the  facility;  Louise  Berlin,  Ruth  Mc-
                                                                                                    chief teller.  Lower photo- scene  as  bank opens for  business.
                                                                       Allied  Nations  regarded  Tur-
                                                                      ke~•s  sev~rance  of  diplo~ati~  ~e- Bank of America  Now in New Home
                                                                      lat10ns  with  Germany  with  mdif-
                                                                      ference,  for  the  time  has  come  to   The Treasure Island branch of the Bank of America is
             mn  TlttllE  UIEWS                                       pass  when  what  this  former  Axis  now located  in its new home  in the  new Post  Office  build-
                                                                      satellite does makes little difference  ing.  The bank is now centrally located on the Island,  easily
                                                                      one  way  or  the  other.     accessible to  all  activities.  The organization is located here
                                                                       Even  a  sign  of  disunity  within  for  the  service  of  the  enlisted  personnel  and  officers,  and
                                          .   h"   t  t  h  .  b  t   d  t  Turkey has been a  potential threat.  all services found in any bank are offered to the naval per-
          Th  N avy  s  a  areer        d  omg   LS  s  re c  m  oo  s  an  a  -  .                             •               .
           D  .   h"  t          .  th  t  d.            h  .  t  s   Evidence  to  this  fact  was  ascer- sonnel. Bankmg hours are from 1000 to 1500 on week days,
             urmg  is  we ve  years  m   e  en  mg  gunnery  sc ·  00  1   a   an  tained  when  the  Anatolian  News  and  from  1000  to  1200  on  Satur-
          Navy,  Richard  H.  Dunfee,  BMlc,  Diego,  he was transferred  to Po_rt- Agency  reported  that  th~  Turkish  days.  Leonard  Link,  who  has  had   SEEING-EYE  DOG
          has served aboard almost as many  land,  Oregon, where,  to  put it into  government  had  provisionally  sus- · years  of experience  in  banking,  is
          ships as he has fingers  and has lit- his own words, "my life in the Navy  pended  the  newspaper  "Tan"  be- in  complete  charge,  acting  in  the   GUEST  OF  T. I.
          erally "sailed the seven seas."   really began."            cause it "persistently and systema- capacity  of  assistant  cashier  and   To  the  surprise  of  one  of  the 1
            Recently  back  from  20  months   Leaving  Portland  i~  December,  tically  published  articles  and false  manager.  Hugh  Houston  is  his   guards who was making his roundsl
          sea  duty,  he  participated  in  some  1942,  Guritz  served  as  a  gunner  news  calculated  to  incite  the  capable  assistant.  The  staff  also  at the brig one night,  a  full-grown
          of  our  Navy's  heaviest  engage- aboard  a  merchant      citizens  against  each  other."   consists  of  five  well-trained  civi- police  dog  appeared  out  of  thej
          ments in the Pacific area, including  vess-el  which  took  ~ ·· ···  ··   ·   - --       lian  girls who  are always  on  their  darkness, evidently in search of thej
          the  battle  of  Savo  Islands  and  the  him on a  globe-circl- •; ..... · ...  ~.· .. ·.·• . . I _San  Francisco's  Wise  Move.   .  .  toes  when  it · comes  to  ~ounting  Security  Office.
          Gilbert  and  Marshall  campaigns.  ing mission touching  . . ..   . ·•·•••  .,j   It affords a  keen source of satis- the  correct  amount  of  bills  and   Making  her  way  through  the
                                                                             cu  ,:,v,ay  serviceman  to
                                                                   ..   .c,,.. ,.4-.; ,... _   + ...   _ ... ..... -..   --------------  --- .. u  .. ...,....,t',..,. .. b   ...,...,.., ... ,....,.   barbed-wire  gate,  via  the  guard,
          The  action  that  re-        points  in  Australia,        have knowledge of San Francisco's  First  Bank  Here  in  1943   the  dog  commenced  making  her-
          mains  most vivid  in         Egypt and Sicily. At          wise  move  to  pay  tribute  to   The  f J r  s t  Bank  of  America   self  well-liked  by  affectionately
          his  memory,  how-            Sicily  occurred  the         America's  "fighting  sons  of  free- branch  was  opened  on  Treasure
                                        action  in  which  he
          ever,  o c c u r r e d at                                   dom"  with  a  San  Francisco  War  Island June 22,  1943,  and has been
                                        and his group earned a  commenda-
          Guadalcanal.   Th e                                         Memorial  to  World  War  II.  Al- located  in  the  old  Post  Office
                                        tion  for  "standing  up"  under  fire.
          battle  in  which  he                                       ready  _plans  are  underway  and  building  up  until  a  few  days  ago
                                        In the invasion at Syracuse,  Sicily,   practical  ideas  for  this  War  Me- when  it  was  moved  to  a  more
          took part turned the
          tide against the Jap-         Guritz'  ship  was  subject  to  con-  morial are being sought. by a  com- convenient  location.  Both  saving
          anese at Guadalcanal, and was con-  stant raids  by German and Italian   mittee  of  representative  citizens  and checking accounts are handled
          sidered the largest surface engage-  planes,  the longest of which lasted   who  will  judge  the  entries  and  by  the bank  and  the  deposits  here
                                                                      award  the  winner  a  $100  War  on  Treasure  Island  alone  exceed  a
          ment in the  Pacific war theatre of   four hours.  While the ship was not   Bond  given  by  The  Call-Bulletin  million  dollars.  Travelers'  cheques
          any  that had  been  fought  to  that   damaged  badly,  Seaman  Guritz   Everyone  is  eligible  to  submit  sold  by  the  bank  amount  to  well
          date.         •               says  that  in  the  worst  raid,  some   suggestions  and  should  mail  them  over  $100,000  per  month.
            This  affable  Boatswain's  Mate  of  the  bombs  fell  close  enough  to   to The Call-Bulletin War Memorial   In an interview with your "Mast-
          was  reared  on  a  farm  in  Indiana,  shatter  the  gauges  in  the  engine   Editor.   --  head"  reporter,  Mr.  Link  said,  "It
          and joined the Navy when he was 18  room.  A  nearby  hospital  ship  was   Rugged  Performer   is  a  pleasure  to  serve  the  naval
          years of age.  His plans for the fu- lost on the first night of the action.   Arm-chair  military  strategists  personnel  of  Treasure  Island;  I
          ture  include  making  Chief  Boat-  A  pleasant,  unassuming  person,  who  underestimate  the  ; bility  of  cannot  pay  a  high  enough  tribute
          swain's  Mate,  because  here's  one   Verne  is  a  native  of  Beecher,  a  the  Navy's  Destroyer  Escort  be- to  them  for  their  excellent  co-
          man  who  is  definitely  making  the   small  town  in Illinois.  His  charm- cause  of  its  tiny  size  may  be  sur- op-eration  and  satisfactory manner
          Navy  his  career.  Richard  claims   ing wife, to whom he has been mar- prised  at  the  ship's  ability  to  ad- in which they have conducted their
          chess  as  his  favorite  leisure  time   ried  for  three  years,  is  living  in  just  itself  to  changing  conditions.  business  affairs with us."
          activity, and was always the undis-  California while he keeps things in  Recently,  two  officers  of  a  small
          puted champion of his ship.   their proper place over at the Ma- destroyer  escort  told  how  their   Captain Tasker
           After  taking  a  well-earned  40·   teriel  Storeroom  at  the  Armed  tiny warship  spearheaded one  sec-           Lt.  Commander  Quinn  is  pictured  above
                                                                                                                                  with  a  "seeing-eye"  dog  who  reported  to
          day leave, Dunfee reported back  to   Guard Center.         tion  of  the  invasion,  performing   Urges Systematic    the security office.
          Treasure  Island,  and is  now  "giv-  When  asked  about  his  post-war  tasks  for  which  it  had  not  been        nuzzling  up  to  everyone  in  sight,
          ing them a  bad time" as mustering  plans,  he  smiled  and  said  that  he  designed. They stated that destroy-  Buying  of Bonds   apparently  endeavoring  to  single
          petty officer in Barracks "J" while  had a little farm all picked out back  er escorts are 50  per cent  cheaper   Immediately following the grati- out  "someone  in  particular."  Be-
          awaiting reassignment to sea. duty.  in his home state, and if you've ever  than  a  destroyer,  operate  with
                                        been  to  Illinois  you'll  see  that  he  smaller  crews,  and  are  capable  of   fying response to the Independence  cause  of  her  well-trained · air  and
          Receives Commendation         knows a  good thing when he sees it.  tasks  a  destroyer  might  have  to   Day "Extra"  Cash War Bond sale,  "tendency to lead," plus the special
           Vernon  H .  Guritz,  Slc,  has seen I  By the way, if you'll promise not  shun.        the Commanding Officer forwarded  type  of  harness,  it  was  assumed
                                                                                                   to  the  Secretary  of  the  Navy  a  that  the  animal  was  trained  as  a
          action  aplenty  since  entering  the  to  tell  anyone,  his  secret ambition
                                                                                                   comprehensive  report,  including  seeing-eye  dog.
          service  September  23,  1942.  After  is to drive a  rural mail route.
                                                                      TINAPO  Team  Defeats        photographs  and  poster  reproduc-  If  anyone  hears  of  news  that
                                                                                                   tions.  I  have  seen  the  reply  from   might  aid  in  reuniting  dog  and
                                                                      Receiving  Ship  6-5         the  Navy  Department,  and  noted  master,  will  they please notify the
                                                                       The  Post  Office  softball  team,   Captain   Eubank's   enthusiastic   Security  Office.  In  the  meantime,
                                                                      better · known  as  the  TIN APO   comments.  We  must not rest now,  until  word  comes  from  the  Red
                                                                     team,  defeated  the  Receiving  Ship   however.  We cannot stop here. The  Cross,  or  the  "Seeing-Eye  Dog
                                                                     team by a  score  of  6  to  5  in their   systematic  savings   advantages   Agency"  in  San  Francisco,  the
                                                                     last  game.  This  was  an  eventful   that  naval  personnel  glean  from  superb  specimen  of  "man's  best
                                                                     game  as  neither  team  had  had  a   War  Savings  Bonds  is  not  all  de- friend" will earn her keep by walk-
                                                                     win to its credit until this game was   rived from  bond drives and special  ing  regular  posts  with  the  guards
                                                                     played.                       campaigns.  It  is  something  that  - "eight . on  and  sixteen  off."
                                                                       TINAPO  battled  its  way  to  a   must continue to  be effective-and
                                                                     spectacular victory  over Receiving   what  more  effective  means  than
                                                                     Ship  in the recent  encounter  after   thru  the  registration  of  a  regular,   9 Lb.,  2 Oz.  Boy
                                                                     many defeats.  A  5-4  lead was held   systematic  allotment,  an  allotment
                                                                     by·•  the  opposing  team  until  the   that  is  so  little  felt  at  the  time,  Restores  Normalc:y
                                                                                                   but  which  pays  such  gratifying
                                                                     .first  half  of  the  last  inning  when   dividends  at a  later date.  The  time  To  Print  Shop
                                                                     TINAPO  brought  in  two  runs  for
                                                                     a  6-5  lead  and  then . held  Receiv-  for  allotments  is  not  during  the   The  fast  issue  of  "The  Mast-
                                                                     ing  Ship  scoreless  in the last half.   campaigns.  Right  now  is  the  op- head"  on  Treasure  Island  suffered
                                                                       The spectators  cheered wildly at   portune  moment  to  register  your  a  few  errors  due  to  the  unstable
                                                                     the  impressing  sight of  the  color-  allotment,  putting  aside  as  much  condition  of  Bill  Byers,  Prtr2c.
                                                                     fully  outfitted,  4.0  equipped   as  possible  against  the  time  that  The  cause  of  this  unsettled  frame
                                                                     TINAPO  team  when  it  rnade  its   this  cash  will  help  fulfill  your  of  mind  was  due  to  the  fact  that
                                                                     first  win.  The  team  was  neatly   own  personal post-war planning.  I  Bill was expecting the stork.
                                                                     outfitted  recently  with  dark  red   urge all  personnel attached to  this   The  panting  stork  delivered
                                                                     sweat shirts and  blue  caps,  plus  a   command  to  REGISTER  AN  AL- Larry  Bruce  Byers  at  St.  Mary's
                                                                     new  s-et  of  gloves,  ·bats  and  other  LOTMENT-NOW.     Hospital  on  August  4,  1944.  Fully
                                 - -                                 equipment.  The  team  is  under  the   George c:  Tasker,   nine  pounds  and  tw:o  ounces  of
                                        Navy War Bond C11rtoon Service~
                                                                     management  of  Ensign  Maxine   Captain, SC, U. S.  Navy, Retired,  bawling  masculinity  has  brought
           ''Most of my pay is allotted to War Bonds so we can't go OUT  Du Coty,  and  she  says:  "This  is  Coordinator,  War Bond  Sales,   things  to  normalcy  for  Bill  and
           f9.1:_~A~l<2i@len4" / ~--_-_ - ·   --  -                  only our beginning."  ·         NavTadcen.                  Delores Byers.
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