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U.  f.  Naval  Training  and Distribution  Center         ,..                         ~
   t The day of Victory  is  near,er;  !
   ~····················••J  ,                                                                                             ~······················~
                                                                                                                           it- Make "V-Day" a  day nearer by~
   t American casualties are higher; !                                                                                     t Staying on  y,our job-    !
   t Blood  plasma  is  a  vital  need.  !                                                                                 t Increasing  pr,oductive efforts-!
   it- G,o  to  your  nearest  Red  Cross  ~                                                                               ,..                         ~
                                                                                                                           * Backing  the  Allied  attacks
   t Blood  D,onor  Center  and   t                                                                                        ,..  With  more  bonds  and  stamps.  ~
   t Send  your  blood  to  war!   t                                                                                       t Come  on,  America;  let's  go!   !
   ,..   '                     ~                                                                                           ,..                         ~
   ~***********************                                                                                                ***********************~
   VOL.  111  -  No.  27                                 TREASURE  ISLAND, SAN  FRANCISCO, CALIF.                                        AUGUST 19,  1944

   Dis~ursing  Office  Well  Organize~  -in  new  location

   Navy  Dept. ·Praises                                                                                                    Expenditures  Run
                                                                                                                           Well  Over  A Million
   T.  I.  for  Bond  Sales  on
                                                                                                                           Dollars  Per  Month
   Independence  Day
                                                                                                                                By  Clyde  F.  Babb,  S1c
     War Bond publicity appearing in
   the  news  columns  of  "The  Mast-                                                                                      One  of  the  most  popular  places
   head"  to  help  promote  the  Naval                                                                                    on  Treasure  Island  today  is  the
   Training and Distribution  Center's                                                                                     new U.  S.  Naval Training and Dis-
   Independence Day War Bond Drive                                                                                         tribution  Center  Disbursing  Office,
   has  received  high  praises  from                                                                                      located  top-side  in  the  recently
   Captain  G.  A.  Eubank,  the  Navy                                                                                     opened  Post  Office  building.  It  is
   Department's  Coordinator for  War                                                                                      from  this  office  that  come  the
   Bonds.                                                                                                                  funds  to  make  many  a  happy  lib-
     In  a  letter  to  Captain  R.  W.                                                                                    erty  ashore  for  bluejackets  from
   Cary,  Commander  U.  S.  Naval                                                                                         ships  bertll.ed  here  and  for  those
   Training  and  Distribution  Center                                                                                     in training.
   via  Rear  Admiral  C.  H.  Wright,                                                                                       The new location for this popular
   Commandant,  Twelfth  Naval  Dis-                                                                                       office  is  in  the  center  of  the  Is-
   trict,  Captain  Eubank  said,  "The                                                                                    land  and  convenient  to  all  activi-
   excellent  results  attained give  evi-                                                                                 ties  it serves.  This  new  disbursing
   dence  of  a  well-conceived  program                                                                                   office,  recently  located  in  the  old
   enthusiastically  carried  out.  The                                                                                    Post Office building, is one of three
   promotional   material   used   at                                                                                      disbursing  offices  on  Treasure  Is-
   Treasure  Island  substantiates  this                                                                                   land.  The  other  disbursing  offices
   evidence."  He  added,  "Congratu-                                                                                      are  for  the  Armed  Guard  and  for
   lations  are  extended  to  all  hands                                                                                  the Receiving Ship.
   on  an  outstanding  job."                                                                                              Carries  Large  Number of  Accounts
                                                                                                                             This  office  carries  the  accounts
                 •                                                                                                         of all  officers  and men for a  large
                                                                                                                           number  of  commands.  Military
   Harbor  Day  Dance                                                                                                      payrolls  and  bills  are  paid  for
   Saturday,  August  26                                                                                                   various  activities  both  ashore  and
                                                                                                                           afloat.  The total ,expenditures from
     The ever popular radio program,                                                                                       this  one  office per  month  run well
   "Victory  Parade  of  S p o t 1 i g h t                                                                                 over a  million  dollars.
   Bands," featuring the music of Jan                                                                                        In one  section of  the new office,
   Garber's  orchestra,  will  be  pre-•                                                                                   transportation  is  arranged  for  of-
   sented from the San Francisco Civic                                                                                     ficers  and  men  leaving  Treasure
   Auditorium,  Saturday,  August 26.                                                                                      Island  for  new  duty  stations;
     The doors  will  open at_ 1730  and                                                                                   travel  claims  are  paid  for  those
   after a  forty-five  minute  warm-up                                                                                    coming  to  Tr9'1.sure  Island  for
   show,  the  regular  broadcast  will                                                                                    duty.
   take  place.  Immediately  following                                                                                      The prompt and efficient manner
   the  broadcast  the  floor  will  be                                                                                    in  which  Disbursing  is  handled  is
   cieared for six hours of continuous                                                                                     largely  due  to  the  compact  and
   dancing with special stars of stage                                                                                     well-organized  personnel.  Five  of-
   and screen to provide additional en-                                                                                    ficers,  two  Chief  Storekeepers,  six
   tertainment.                                                                                                            civilian  employees,   15  enlisted
     The  Harbor  Day  celebration,                                                                                        men  (SKD's),  and  37  charming
   sponsored  by  the  Coca-Cola  Bot-                                                                                     WAVES  (SKD's)  should  be  com-
   tling Company of San Francisco, is                                                                                      mended.
   open  only  to  uniformed  men  and                                                                                     Staff  W.ell  Trained
   women  of  the  Army,  Navy,  Ma-                                                                                         Th._e  WA VE  storekeepers  attend
   rines  and  Coast  Guard.  Admission                                                                                    school for  three months  after they
   is free;  get your tickets from  your                                                                                   complete  indoctrination  at  Hunter
   division officers or Theatre office at                                                                                  College.  The  WA VE  Storekeeper
   Theatre No.  1. More than 7000 girls                                                                                    School  is  located  at  Milledgeville,
   from  the  Bay  area  will  serve  as                                                                                   Ga.,  and  the  largest  storekeeper
   hostesses.                                                                                                              school for men is located at Toledo,
     With  Jan  Garber,  his  "hot  jam-                                                                                   Ohio.  The male officers are trained
   session"  band and lovely June Bar-                                                                                     at  Harvard  University  and  the
   ton,  featured song stylist, the Civic                                                                                  WA VE  officers  receive their train-
   Auditorium  will  be  packed  with   DISBURSING  OFFICE  PHOTOS  ABOVE,  showing  the  well-  SKD3c ;  Alice  Passmore,  SKD2c ;  Ida  Parker,  SKD3c.  Inserts,   ing  at  Radcliffe  College.  Both
                                 trained  office  crew.  WAVES-(left  to  right),  back  row:  Helen   left  side-Lt.  (jg)  C.  J. Lindsley,  Jr.,  D.  A.  Fullerton,  PC,  SC,
   music lovers and dancers.     Gordon,  SKD2c;  Esther  Dahlin,   SKD3c;  Kathleen  Amy,   USNR;  right  side-S.  A.  Biehn,  CPO,  SC,  USN  (Ret) ,  Ensign  schools  are  located  at  Cambridge,
                                 SKD3c;  Elaine  Warnke,  SKD3c;  Nita  Cripe,  SKD3c;  Maxine   M.  E.  Kerr,  WV(S)SC,  USNR.  Pay  Line-(left  to  right):
                                 Wilcox,  SKD3c;  Connie  Bates,  SKD3c;  Anne  Gould,  SKD2c ;   Emily  Villars,  SKD2c;  D.  A.  Fullerton,  PC,  SC,  USNR ;  Mass. Disbursing officers are bonded
                                 Louise  Ladim,  SKD2c;  Emily  Villars,  SKD2c;  Gwen  Paschall,   Gwendolyn  Paschall,  SK2c.  Men's  group- standing,  back  row:  and  are  personally  responsible  for
    Station  Dance  To           SK2c;  Alice Mallard,  SKD2c ;  Annette Orlando,  SKD2c.  Center   Joe  DeSmidt,  SKDlc;  Guy  Atkins,  SKDlc;  Dale  Sternitzke,
                                                                               SKDlc;  Bernard  McDermott,  SKDlc;  Bill  Schoen,  SKDlc ;  all  public  funds  held  in  their  pos-
                                 row  (left to right) :  Esther  Ellenbogen,  SKD3c;  Marian Davies,
                                 SKD2c]  Mary  Scrable,  SKD2c;  Doris  Spaude,  SKD2c;   Ray Ahlander,  SKDlc;  Darrell Pearson,  SKDlc;  Gene Redmon,   session.
                                 Margaret  Green,  SKD2c;  Jean  McMullen,  SKD3c;  Irene  Sun-  SKDlc;  Ian  Russell,  SKDlc.  Standing-center  row:  John
    Be  Held  Tonight            derman,  SKD3c;  Shirley  Cox,  SKD2c;  Shirley  Peterson,   Dieckman,  SKD2c;  Jerry Foy,  SKDlc;  Paul Maloney,  SKDlc;   Lt.  (jg)  C.  F .  Lindsley,  Jr.,  SC,
                                 SKD2c;  Doris Steinbeiser,  SKD2c.  Front row-(left to  right):
                                                                               Andrew  Brady,  CSKD;  Claude  Sampson,  CSKD;  Gene  Rining-
                                 Jeanne  Naugle,  SKD2c;  Bernice  Nadey,  SKD3c;  Rene  Ander-  er,  SKD3c ;  Albert Kane,  SKD2c.  Seated-(left to right) ;  S.  A.   (Continued on  page  4)
      Plans  are  now  complete  for   son,  SKD3c;  Evelyn  Moore,  SKD3c;  C.  F.  Lindsley,  Jr.,  Lt.   Biehn,  CPO,  SC,  USN  (Ret);  C.  F.  Lindsley,  Jr.,  Lt.  (jg)  SC,
    the  second  station  dance  to  be   (jg)  SC,  USNR;  Marilyn  Hall,  SKD3c;  Eunice  Knutson,   USNR;  D.  A.  Fullerton,  PC,  SC,  USNR.
    held  at  the  gymnasium  for  en-                                                                                      Jan  Garber  Show
    listed  personnel  Saturday,  Au-  NavyTask force Destroys  Navy Subs Send  687          Navy  Comdr.  Invents
    gust 19 from 2000 to 2400.                                                                                              At  Theatre  No.  l
      All  men  are  urged  to  secure   Japan's  Last  Outpost   Jap  Ships to  Davey Jones   Great  Robot  "Brain"
    tickets  fr,om  their  Welfare  or                                                                                        Jan  Garber and  his  orchestra,
    Commanding  Officers  for  the   According  to  reports,  the  Navy   A  Navy communique announced   A  great  robot  "brain"  has  been   sponsor,ed  by Coca  Cola  Bottling
                                 task force  which  destroyed  a  con- today  the  sinking  of  sixteen  more  invented  by  Commander  Howard
    affair.  WAVES will  be  admitted                                                                                       Co.,  and  a  group  of  Hollywood
                                 voy  in  the  Bonin  Islands  also  bat- Jap vessels,  including  one  combat- A.  Aiken,  USNR.  At  present  this
    without tickets and  a  good  time                         ant ship,  by U.  S.  submarines. This                       stars and  starlettes will  present
    is  in  store  for  all.     tered  Japan's  last  outpost  to  the   brings the total score of the daring   robot  "brain"  is  housed  in  a  case-  a  performance  for  the  pleasur,e
      Hostesses  from  the  Bay  area   south  and  west.  Omura,  the  town                 ment  of  light  metal  51  feet  long   of  Treasure  Island  personnel  in
    will  be ·on  hand  to  see  that  all   on  Chichi  Jima  which  our  shells   underseas raiders to 687.   and has been presented to Harvard   Theatre  No.  1,  August ,25th  at
    have  fun,  and  refreshments,   flattened,  is part of the great naval                  University for use by the Navy for   1900  and  2045.
    music  by  the  T.  I.  Swing  band   base  in  Futami  Ko,   the  deep                  the  duration.  The  brain,  made  of   No  new-comer  to  the  Island,
                                 roomy  harbor  on  the  west  side  of  Open  Golf  Tournament
    and  entertainment  are  all  part                                                       wires,  gears,  mechanical  feeders   Garber  will  be  remember,ed  for
    of the  plan.                this  largest  of  the  Bonins.  How   An  open  golf  tournament  under  and  other  components,  represents   a  "solid"  performance  on  the
      Don't  forget!  Treasure  Island   much  of  the  installations  there  we  the  auspices  of  the Twelfth  Naval  the  world's  greatest  mathematical   br,oadcast  of  "Spotlight  Bands"
    gymnasium,  Saturday,  August   wrecked  the  Navy's  communique  District  will  be  held  at  Sonoma  calculating  machine.  Completely   held  from  Theatre  No.  1  last
    19  from  2000  to  2400;  This   does  not  reveal,  but  the  fact  that  golf  course at Boyes  Springs,  Sun- new  in  principle,  it  carries  out   month.
    should  be  a  night  of  nights!   the  town  w a s  "destroyed"  is  day morning, August 27, with play- solutions accurate to  23  significant   For  swing  at  its  best,  be  on
      A  similar  dance  will  be  held   significant-that the United States  ing starting at 0800. The entry fee  figures,  consulting logarithmic and   hand  for  a  top-ranking  show,
    for  the  Colored  personnel  on   Navy  can  range  with  apparent  is  $2.00.  Contact  Chief  Sanford  at  other  tables.  It took  two  years  of   Theatre  No.  1,  August  25th  at
    September  13th.             impunity through these Islands 600  the T.  I.  Gymnasium  (Ex.  50).  En- research and ingenuity to build this   1900and 2045.
                                 miles from Tokio.             tries close August 22.        robot brain.
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