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PAGE 6          THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  AUGUST 12,  1944

          mov1•t                                                                                                               CHAPEL        •    •   •    •
                           ~:  1·  ~  *  *
                                                                                                                                      DIVINE  SERVICES
                ~/-~                                                                                      *  *
                                                                                                                                      TREASURE  ISLAND
                ~  .  ~ ir-
         µ:·-.~ ,~'-2. ·-.:- ~ t ...                                                                                                                         ,,.
         Treasur.e  Island  Theatre  No.  1
       Continuous  Show  Starting  at  1700
          Free  Matinee  Saturday  and
                                                                                                                                          Protestant         ,,
               Sunday  at  1400                                                                                                Sunday  Worship  Services-0930  and  1030
                                                                                                                                 H oly  Communion  (Sunday )-11 30
             :Sunday  and  Monday                                                                                               Sunday  Masses- 0630,  0720  and  0820
              August  13  and  14                                                                                              Weekday  Masses- 0645  ( Small  Chapel)
                                                                                                                                 Saturday  Confessions-1130·2000
          "THE  SEVENTH  CROSS"                                                                                                         ( Small  Chapel)
                                                                                                                               Weekday  Confessions-daily  before  Mass
       Spencer  Tracy     Signe                                                                                                 From  0630  to  2000  ( Oha.pel  Office)
                  Tuesday                                                                                                                  Jewish
                                                                                                                               Sunday  Ser vice--0830  Chapel  Recepti<Jn
                  August  15                                                                                                      Room
          "SENSATIONS  OF  1945·•                                                                                                                            ,,.
                                                                                                                                    YERBA  BUENA  ISLAND
       Dennis  O'Keefe   Eleanor  Powell                                                                                                  Protestant
                                                                                                                               Sunday  Worship  Service--0830  Theatre
           Wednesday  and  Thursday                                                                                                       Catholic         ·
              August  16  and  17                                                                                                 Sunday  Mass  -  0915  Theatre
                                                                                                                               Confessions  in  Cha.plain' s  Office  at  0845
       "MR.  WINKLE  GOES  TO  WAR"
                                                                                                                                    U.  S.  NAVAL  HOSPITAL
       E.  G.  Robinson  Robert Armstrong                                                                                                 Protestant
             Friday  and  Saturday                                                                                             Sunday  Worship  Ser vice--1000  Classroom
              August  18  and  19                                                                                              Sunday  Masses- 0630  and  0900  Class·
                                                                                                                                  r oom
          "CHRISTMAS  HOLIDAY"                                                                                                   Weekday  Masses-0645  Classroom
       Deanna  Durbin      Gene  Kelly                                                                                         Confessions-Sa turday  1800-1900  Class·
         Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  2                                                                                       WEEKLY  CHAPEL  ACTIVITIES
                                                                                                                               Monday-Bible  Study  Group  1800  (Chap·
                                                                                                                                  el  Reception  Room)
             Sunday  and  Monday
                                                                                                                               Tuesday-Christian  Science  Group  1800
              August  13  and  14                                                                                                 (Chapel  Reception  Room)
                                                                                                                               Tuesday  -  Holy  Name  Society  1915
             "TIMBER  QUEEN"                                                                                                            ( Small  Chapel)
       Dick  Arlen   Mary  Betl¼  Hughes                                                                                       Wednesday  -  Servicemen 's   Christian
                                                                                                                                  League  1830  (C h a.  p  e 1  Reception
                  Tuesday                                                                                                         Room)
                                                                                                                               Thursday  -  C h a.  p  e 1  Choir  Rehearsal
                 August  15                                                                                                       ( Chapel  Galler y )  1630
          "LOUISIANA  HAYRIDE"                                                                                                 Friday  -  W  A V  E   Singers   Rehearsal
                                                                                                                                  ( Chapel  Reception  Room )  1630·1800
       Judy  Canova      Richard  Lane                                                                                         Friday  -  Mormon  Study  Group  1900
                                                                                                                                  (Chapel  Reception  Room)
           Wednesday  and  Thursday                                                                                            Saturday  -  Oatholic  Choir  Rehearsal
              August  16  and  17    BING  CROSBY,  heading  a  cast  of  Hollywood  celebrities,  won   James  Raines,  EM3c  (top  right)  is  shown  embracing  vivacious   1000·1200
                                     the  esteem  of  hundreds  of  Bluejackets  when  he  made  a  per-  Jean  Darell.  Insert  shows  Crosby  and  DeRita.  Bottom  photos  All  TREASURE  I SLAND  P ersonnel  are
            "GHOST  CATCHERS"        sonal  appearance  at  Theatre  No.  1.  Photographers  caught   (left  to  right)  show  part  of  the  large  crowd  in  front  of   eligible.
       Olsen       and       Johnson   lovely  Darlene  Garner  (top  left)  vocalizing.  Crosby  and  Joe   Theatre  No.  1.  Crosby  and  Darell  performed  for  the  Blue•
                                     "Funny Man"  DeRita  (top center)  shown in a  " gag"  routine.   jackets  at  the  U.  S.  Naval  Hospital  here.
             Friday  and  Saturday                                                                                             Chapel Activities
              August  18  and  19                                                                                                Chaplain George  E.  Thomas will  r
              "HOT  RHYTHM"          BING  CROSBY  THRILLS                                         Four  thousand  American  and   speak  on  "That Wisdom  of  Salva-
       Dona  Drake     Robert  Lowery·                                                           British  bombers  were  over  Berlin,   tion" at the Treasure Island Chapel
                                     TREASURE  ISLAND  BLUEJACKETS                               the  sirens  screaming  and  people   on  Sunday,  August  13  at  0930.
                                                                                                 racing for  the  shelters.
                                                                                                                               Chaplain  H.  G.  Gatlin  will  deliver
                     illg            Theatre  Number 1             panied  Crosby,  along  with  the   German housewife to her spouse.   Futility of Things."
                                                                                                   "Hurry  up,  Henrik!"  cried  the
                                                                                                                               the  sermon  at  10:30  on  "The,.
                                                                   Treasure  Island  Swing  barid;  and
                                                                                                   But the tardy and befuddled hus-
                                     Jammed  to  Hear
                                                                                                                                 At  both  services  special  music
                                                                   Jean  Darell,  charming  songstress,
                                                                   whose  rendition  of  "I'll  Be  Seeing   band continued to search for some-  will  include  "Recessional"  (De-  r
                                     Popular Crooner
            .ifshore                   Heading a  starlit revue of a  gal-  You"  scored  an  overwhelming  hit.   looking for?"  asked  his  wife.   Koven)  the  anthem  by  the Chapel
                                                                                                   "Hurry up,  Henrik, what are you
                                                                     Crosby, who is currently starring
                                                                                                                               Choir  and  the  Colored  Choir  will
                                     axy  of  colorful  stage,  screen,  and   in the screen hit- "Going My Way"   "My  false  teeth,  Momma,"  re-  be heard in the Spiritual,  "O Mary,
                                                                   - will  head  this  cast  of  entertain-                    Don't  You  Weep,   Don't   You
       For  Saturday,  August  12    radio  stars  from  the  "crossroads"                       plied  the  husband.
       USO  CLUB-111  O'Farrell  Street  of  screen  celebrities-Hollywood,   ers,  all  veterans  of  overseas  camp   "False teeth,"  returned the exas-  Mourn."  The  organ  prelude  and
         {GA  7377)-9  a.m.  to  9  p.m.,  California- Bing Crosby presented   shows,  while  he  is  touring  the   perated  wife,  "what  do  you  think   postlude  by  John  S.  Tremaine,
                                                                   Southwest  Pacific  as  guest  of  the                      Sp (W) le,  will  be  "In  Summer"
         daily  employment  bureau,  "G.I.  a  preview  of  a  recently  organized               they are dropping,  sandwiches?"
         Jobs";  9  a.m .  to  10:30  p.m.  theater  troupe  which  will  accom-  "fighting sons  of  freedom."                (Stebbins)  and  "Finale  Jubilante"   r
         canteen  open;  8  p.m.,  victory  pany  him  during  his  tour  of  the                                              (Lemmens) .
                                                                                                   One  evening  Cummings  came to   The  WA VE  singers,  who  re-
         concert with Anna Louise David ;  Southwest  Pacific.
         rhumba  lessons  with  Gladys;   The  stage  of  Theater  No.  1  on                    his  apartment  and  found  that  he  hearse  at  the  Chapel  every  Fri-
         dance.                      Friday,  August 4, was  in the spot-  \ 1:..~\ ~l'iceS      had forgotten  his  key  to  the street  day  from  1700  to  1800,  recently
       USO  CLUB-989  Market  Street  light  and  the  Bluejackets from  all                     door.                         provided  the  musical  program  for
                                     mad"  and  jammed and  packed  the  l~ ·  of
         {GA  8671)-7 :45  p.m.,  movie- activities on the Island rushed "like                     "Why,  honey,"  he  yelleld  to  his  the  launching  of  the  USS  --- ,
         "Sweet Rosie O 'Grady."                                                                 wife,  "please throw down the key."  first  of  a  new  series  of  Navy
       USO  - APOSTLESHIP  OF  THE  theater  to  its  capacity  while  hun-                        And  12  keys  came  clattering  Tankers built at Marin  Ship  Yards
                                                                                                                               at  Sausalito,  Calif.
         SEA-F re mo n t  and  Harrison  dreds  of  others  remained  on  the   ~ .4  LIFE       down  on  the  sidewalk.                                     /
         Streets  (GA  7845)- 11  a.m.,  outside  in  huge  throngs  intensely
         open  house ;  8  p.m .,  dancing  eager to  witness  this great a ttrac-  ~
         under auspices  of Apostleship  of  tion. The Theater stage hands came
         ·the  Sea.                  to a  timely  rescue and swept away   Ethel  (aged six,  combing  hair) :
                                                                   "Mama, what makes my hair crack
       USO  CLUB  -   1530  Buchanan  the  threatening  gloom  of  disap-
                                                                   when  I  comb it ?"
         Street  (WE  8720)  -  5:30  p,m.  pointmnt by installing a  public  ad-
                                                                     Mama :  "Why,  dear,  you  have
         gym  open  for  games ;  6 :30  p.m.,  dress  system  to  air  the  program.
                                                                   electricity in your hair."
         quiet  games;  '/  p.m.,  record  An outburst of loud applauses that                                                                                 /
                                                                     Ethel :  "Aren't we  a  funny  fam-
         hour;  8:30 p.m.,  dance.   could be heard resounding over the
                                                                   ily?  I've got electricity in my hair
        For Sunday, August 13        Base  signaled  the  show to  get  un-
                                                                   and grandma ha s  gas on her stom-
       USO  CLUB-111  O'Farrell  bcreet  derway.                   ach."
         (GA  7377)-9  a.m.  to  9  p.m.,   Bing  Crosby,  the  GI's  "pin-up
         daily  employment  bureau,  "G.I.  boy" of no lesser  repute than Frank
         Jobs";  9  a.m.  to  1 :30  p.m.,  waf- Sinatra,  was  warmly  greeted  with   A .sailor who  had  been  staying  at
         fie  breakfast;  4:30  p.m.-10 :30  rousing  ovations  by  the  enthusias- a  fashionable  hotel  while  on  leave,
         p.m.,  canteen  open;  9:30  a.m.-.  tic  theatergoers,  who  listened  at- was  paying  his  bill.  Then  he  looked                                I
         1:30 p.m.,  sing around  the  piano  tentively  as  he  sang  several  hit  up  at  the  girl  cashier  and  asked
         in  canteen ;  11  a.m.,  arrange- tunes  including  the  ever  popular  what  that  was  she  had  around  her
         ments for  home  dinners;  3  p.m.,  "San  Fernando  Valley."   neck.
         dance;  5  p.m.,  devotional  music ;   Sharing  spotlight  honor  with   "That's  a  ribbon,  of  course.  Why
                                                                                                 SEVEN WAVES  went  to  a  launching!  Seen  above  are  the  WAVE  singers  who  recent·
         6  p.m.,  discussion  group-Bernie  Crosby were comedian J oe De Rita ;  are  y,ou  so  inquisitive?"   ly  participated  in  the  launching  ceremonies  of  the  USS  -  -  -. The  group  is  one  of
         Firestone Current Events; 8 p.m:.  talented singer  and dancer Darlene   "Well,  babe,  everything  else  is  the  Treasure  Island Chapel  singing groups,  and is  directed  by Ross  McKee,  Sp (W) 3c.
                                                                                                 Seen  from  the  launching  platform  are  (left to  right)  WAVES  Lois  Koch,  Slc;  Irene
         your  fortune  told  by  Veronica ;  Garner;  Baxter  and  Harris,  accor- so  confounded  high  around  here  I  Spicer,  Slc;  Evelyn  Moore;  accompanist  Ross McKee,  Sp(W)3c;  sponsors,  Mrs.  John
                                                                                                 A.  McCone  and  Mrs.  Kenneth  Bechtel ;  WAVE  singers  Carolyn  Strohmaier,  Y2c;
         portrait  sketching;  dance.   dionist  and  guifarist,  who  accom- thought  it  might  be  your  garter!"   Miriam  Birmingham,  S2c ;  Patricia Younkin,  S2c and Bernice Nadley,  SKD3c.
                         OTHER.  AMA ... I,./,    "'~  ~\~\ ~~~-                    ~-i-t'·  U•M•P·H. !   ,                                              ....
        ~OOo             ~ if
         ~'''l~\ I  ~                                              r ·•  4
         \                                                         ·-1.1.\.._
                                                                                   ,~ r:
             , .,  ((                                                               V
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