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      CHAPLAIN H. G. GATLIN RECEIVES CAPTAINCY                    "War Bonds Are World's         "THE  FIGHTING  BLACKBURNS"

                                                                  Best Investment" ...
                                                                  Captain G. C. Tasker

                                                                    PEARL  HARBOR  DAY  has  a
                                                                  special  significance  to  the  Navy.
                                                                  It  differs  essentially  from  Navy
                                                                  Day,  Armistice  Day  and  other
                                                                  National holidays. It is not a day to
                                                                  enjoy and to  celebrate, but one for
                                                                  us to  reconsecrate  ourselves  to the
                                                                  task  of  completely  defeating  our
                                                                  enemies.  We  remember  Pearl  Har­
                                                                  bor for the supreme  sacrifice  made
                                                                  there  by  so  many  of  our  officers
                                                                  and  men.
                                                                    Each  P-earl  Harbor  Day  marks
                                                                  the  end  of  a  year  of  war.  Now,
                                                                  after three such years, we find that
                                                                  we  have  made  excellent  progress,
                                                                  and  that  victory  is  assured.  The
                                                                  nearer  V-day,  the more  we  realize   CAPTAIN  PAUL  P.  BLACKBURN,  commanding  officer  of  Northern
                                                                                                California Sector, Western Sea Frontier operating f.r om Treasure  Island,
                                                                  the  necessity  of  arranging  our  af­  i-s pictured with his two Navy sons.  Lt. Commander  John T.  Blackburn,
                                                                  fairs  for  the  transition  to  peace­ who has since been promoted to the rank of commander, set up an envi­
                                                                  time  pursuits,  and  the  more  ap­ able record as commanding officer of a Corsair squadron which destroyed
                                                                                                156 Jap planes. At present he is on carrier duty at sea. His wife and two
                                    Was First Naval               parent  becomes  the  need  for  a   children  reside  at Chevy  Chase,  Md.  Commander  Paul  Prichard  Black­
                                                                  financial  backlog.  There  is  no
                                                                                                burn,  Jr.,  is  also  a  Navy  flier  and  is  attached  to  the  Bureau  of  Aero­
                                    Chaplain Stationed            better  way  to  attain  financial  nautics  in  Washington.  His  wife  and  small  son,  Paul  the  third,  make
                                                                  security  than  by  the  purchase  of  their  home  in  Harlington,  Va.  Captain  Blackburn  has  had  forty  years
                                    At Pearl Harbor               War  Bonds.                   of service in the Navy and wears the dolphin  insignia  which  marks  him
                                                                                                as a former  submarine  officer. He  was on sea duty in the  Pacific  before
                                                                    War Bonds are financially sound.  assuming  command  of  NorCalSec  and  Local  Defense  Force  in  June  of
                                      Climaxing a long and interesting  You  will  never  have  to  cash  them  1944.  Captain and Mrs.  Blackburn reside at 750 Mandana  Blvd.,  in Oak­
                                    career  of  almost  28  years  as  a  in  for  less than you  paid  for  them   land.
                                    Navy Chaplain, Chaplain H. G. Ga:t­ and  you  can  get  the  money  for                   have  those  purchases  credited  to
                                    lin  has  received  notice  of  his  ap­ them  without  delay  in  case  of   Present War Bond  the  Navy  campaign,  but  the  Navy
                                    pointment as Captain, USN (ChC).  emergency. War Bonds are still the                      results  in  turn  will  be  included  in
                                    Captain· Gatlin's  date  of  rank  is  World's  Best  and  Saf-est  Invest­  Drive Will  Break   the  treasury  drive  total.  This  will
                     EX             June 10, 1943.                ment.                         Existing  Records             be,  therefor-e,  a  double-barreled
                                                                    A War  Bond  makes  an excellent
                                      Arriving  for  duty  at  Treasure
                       POHNTIA      Island  in  J'4ne,  1944  from  a  post  Christmas  present.  There  is  a                campaign  and  every  bond  pur­
                                                                                                                              chased will hit two targets.
                                    as  senior  Protestant  Chaplain  at  scarcity  of  articles  in  th-e  stores   Preliminary reports indicate that   War Bonds of Series D,  F and  G
                                    U.  S.  Naval  Hospital,  San  Di-ego,  and  prices  are  high.  There  is  no   Navy's  annual  Pearl  Harbor  Day   will  be  counted  in  determining
                                    Captain Gatlin now  acts as coordi­ scarcity  of War Bonds.  The  ceiling   extra  cash  War  Bond  sale,  .from   sales  volume.  Only  cash  sales  are
                                    nator  for  all  religious  activities  of  price  is  extremely  reasonable,  and   December  1  to  7  inclusive,  will   eligible,   and  bonds   purchased
                                    this  command.                they become more valuable to your   bieak  all  exisiting  records  for  any   under  the  payroll  savings  or  mili­
                                      He was  the first Naval Chaplain  relatives  and  friends  as  time  goes   similar  campaign.   tary  allotment  plans  will  not  be
                                    stationed at Pearl Harbor; the 16th  by.  Bonds  will  be issued  pro�ptly,   With  the  goal  the  purchase  of   counted  in  the  Pearl  Harbor  Day
                                    'Naval  District  Chaplain  at  Cavite,  and  you  can  have  them_ delivered   one extra  $100  War  Bond  per  per­  total.
                             \      Philippine  Islands,  and  padre  for  by  Christmas.       son, it is anticipated  that the  cam­  Treasure Island is g-eared to do a
                                                                                                paign  total  will  far  exceed  the  re­
      RADIO MATERIEL  SCHOOL        the  Naval  Air  Station  at  P-ensa­  When  you  buy  War  Bonds,  buy   sults of  the  last _Independence Day   record-breaking  business  during
                                    cola,  Fla.  Other  duty  at  stations  them  through  Navy  channe'.s.
                                                                                                                              the  campaign,  and  surpass  by  a
      Along  Bond Street            within  the  United  States  has  in­ Every  dollar  subscribed  through   Bond sale, when the record total of   substantial margin both its volume
                                                                                                $47,843,122  in  War  Bonds  was
        The  Pearl  Harbor  Day  Extra   cluded  D�stroyer  Base,  San  Diego  the Navy counts double, as civilians   bought by Navy, Marine Corps and   of December 1943 and in last July's
      War  Bond  Campaign  is  in  full   and  Mar-e  Island  Navy  Yard.   throughout  the  country  are  en­  Coast  Guard,  civilian  and  military   Independence  Day sale.
      swing  at  this  Command  and  Gen­  Captain  Gatlin  has  also  had  his  couraged  to  increase  their  pur­  personnel.   The  purchase  of  an  extra  bond
      eral  Chairman  Lt.  Commander  W.   share  of  duty  afloat,  having  been  chases  because  of  the  fine  record   The Pearl Harbor Day campaign   per  person  will  unquestionably
      H. Keplinger  announces  that  hard  attached  for  a  number  of years  to  being  made  by  the  Navy.  Every   falls within the scope of the Treas­  reach  this  twin  goal.
      hitting  teams have  been organized  several  ships.  When  asked  if  he  bond you  buy  through the Navy is   ury's  Sixth  War  Loan  Drive.  The
      to "see every  person  and  help him  pr-eferred  duty  on  land  to  that  of  credited  to Navy  sales,  and  also  to   Navy sale, consequently, will bene­  "Did  you  hear  about  the  chief
      to  buy."  The  publicity  committee  the  sea,  he  stated  that  he  would  the quota  of the local  community.   fit  from  the  nationwide  publicity  who  sent  the  boot out to  get some
      headed  by  D.  L.  Van  De  Ven,  be  definitely  inclined  to  tip  the   Treasure  Island  made  a  fine   accorded  th-e  Treasury  campaign.  fleece off  th-e  hydraulic  ram?"
      MaM3c, have come up with a novel  balance toward the latter.   showing in the July campaign,  but   At  the  same  time,  not ·only  will   "No, what happened?"
      idea  in  the  form  of  a  large  chart  Chaplain  and  Mrs.  Gatlin  live   we can do better. This time  quotas   Navy  civilian  and  uniformed  per­  "The boot did all right-he came
      depicting  a  vivacious  blonde.  The  in Oakland with their daughter and   for  individual  commands  have   sonnel  who  make  their  bond  pur­ back  with  some  steel  wool."­
      blonde,  however,  will  not  be  re­  grandson.  Their son, Henry,  Jr.,  is   been based on the complement as of   chases  betw-een  December  1  and  7  Banana  Riv-er  Peelings.
      vealed  until  attainment  of  quota  a  Marine  corps  captain.   December  first,  and  will  be  pub­
      has  been  accomplished.  The  chart  Using  our  voice  for  all  the  men   lished when the number of officers.
      has  been  placed  in  the  company  and  women  on Treasure Island  we   men  and  civil  employees  assigned
      street  in  order  that  all  hands  can  would  like  to  say,  "Congratula­  to  them  is more  definitely  known.   The Word for It Was Courage
      see  the  progress  of  the  drive.  A  tions,  Captain!"   It  is  no  secret,  however,  that  the
      fair  start  was  made  on  the  pay                        total  figure  will  exceed  $750,000
      lL1e  last  Saturday  but  the big  day  comprise  the  squad:  G.  F.  Ander­ for  the week's  sales.  This  is twice
      for  the  sale  of  bonds  will  be  De­  son,  Pfc.;  J.  D.  Allen,  Slc;  S.  E.  that of July, but we are more con­
      cember  2  when it is expected  that  Cooper,  Sp(A)lc;  M.  J.  Garfield,  fident  of  reaching· our  goal  this
      the  men  will  dig  into  their  hard  Sgt.;  R.  C.  Lewis,  RT3c;  D.  A.  time than we were then.
      earned  pay  and  lay  it  on  the  line  Nuttall,  Slc(RT);  G.  F.  Nogel,   Make  your  own  quota  the  pur-
      for Uncle Sam and a share in Vic­  RT3c;  E.  Rimberg,  Slc(RT);  D.  chase of at least one  $100 bond.
      tory  Incorporated.  Captain  H.  F.  V. Venetta,  RTlc;  and  R.  E.  Ut­  GEORGE  C.  TASKER,
      Breckel,  Commanding  Officer,  has man,  Slc(RT).               Captain  (SC)  USN  (Ret)
      given his  endorsement to  the  drive                            Committee Chairman
      and  has  issued  a  memol'andum  to  Volleyball
                                      The  R.M.S.  entry  in the Twelfth
      all  hands  urging  their  participa­  Naval  District  Volleyball  Tourna­
      tion  to the fullest  extent.
                                    ment  finished  the  first  round  of   Sale of Medicines and
      Basketball                    play  with  a  record  of  three  vic­
        The  R.M.S.  basketball squad  un­  tories  and  two  defeats.  The  vic­  Drugs  Not Permitted in
      der  the  capable  direction  of  Coach  tories were scored against the USN
      Ens.  Jessup  assisted  by  Cooper,   Dry  Docks  "Pointers"  from  Hunt­  Ship's Service Stores
      Sp(A)lc, is showing good progress   ers  Point,  Construction  Battalion
      -and  there  is  every  indication  of  a  Replacement  Depot,  Camp  Parks   In  compliance  with  the  policy
      winning  combination.  In  warm  up  and Training and Distribution Cen­ contained  in  a  Bureau  of  Naval
      games  prior  to  the  opening  of  the  ter,  Treasure  Island.  The  team  Personnel  Circular  letter,  the  sale   S  e  a
      Treasure  Island  League  competi­  was  011  the  losing  end  to  the  US  of  drugs  and  medicin-es  hereafter
      tion the following teams have been  Naval  Auxiliary Air  Station,  Oak­ will  not  be  permitted  in  Ship's
      defeated:  Treasure  Island  Docs  52  land,  and  the  Coast  Guard  Bar­ Service  Stores,  following  the  rec­   .. '
      to  34;  N.T.S.  61  to· 21  and  Indus­  racks,  San  Francisco.  The  team  ommendation  from  the  Bur-eau  of   ,  �Kfthlra
      trial 38 to 28. The team has gotten  comprised  of  C.  C.  Henderson,  Medicine.                                      '
      away to a good start in the Treas­  RT3c;  E.  Milendez,  RM2c;  H.   This  policy  is  being  put  into  ef­
      ure Island League competition with  Mansfield,  Slc(RT);  G.  W. Wafer,  fect  to  prevent  the  indiscriminate
      wins  over  the  Receiving  Ship  39  Jr.,  Slc(RT);  Cooper,  Sp(A)lc;  handling and sale of drugs for self­  so  -
      to  22 ;  Treasure  Island  Dispensary  M. W.  Barnett, Sp(A)2c;  and  Ens. prescribing by individuals, which is   0
      54  to  30 and the  Mine Force  52 to  Jessup  have  high hopes  of  making  fraught with  much danger.   Mllu
      11.  In  the  latter  game  Coach  Jes­  a  better  showing  in  the  second   The  sale  of  recognized  home   M   e   d   t   e   r   r
      sup's boys really turned on the heat  round  of  the  competition  for  both  remedies such  as Listerine, lotions,   Db.tril:u,te .. by C•mp Nn,,papt, Service
      with Cooper, Sp(A)lc, showing the  losses  were close decision affairs.   cold  creams  and  similar  substance
      way. Perhaps the deluge of buckets                          which  may  customarily  be  pur­ .  THE LAST GERMAN soldiers have been driven from Greece by  British
                                                                                                fighting men, aided by the  Greek underground  and  guerilla forces,  and
      was due to the brand new uniforms  A cub reporter assigned to cover  chased  at  grocer,  department,  or   that  heroic  little  country  once  more  takes  her  place  among  the  free
      the boys were wearing for the first a  high  school  play  contrived  this  similar  · stores  may  be  permitted  nations  of  the  earth,  after  three  grim  years  under  Nazi  domination.
      time.  The  team  has  its  eye  on ·masterpiece:  "The  auditorium  was provided the sale of these items has  Western civilization owes a two-fold debt to Greece:  Modern Greece, by
                                                                                                her  refusal  to  submit  to  aggression,  provided  an  inspiring  example  to
      the Comm.odor-e's cup which would filled  with  expectant  mothers, the  approval  of  the  commanding   other free  nations,  while  ancient  Greece  was the fountainhead of much
      look  awfully  nice  in  the  R.M.S. eagerly awaiting the appearance of officer  upon  the  advice  of  tlle   that  Is  best  in our  culture.  Greece  is made  up of an irregularly-shaped
      trophy  case.  The  following  men their children."         medical officer.              mainla-nd and several island groups lying in the  Ionian and Aegean seas.
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