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       By  Clyde  F.  Babb,  S1c
    If some modem Nero were given
   a  divine  disp,ensation  to  kindle  the
   fiercest  fires  imaginable,  he  could
   ha.rdly  ask  for  choicer  materials
   than  explosives  and  gasoline,  _A
   cimflagration  with  precisely  these
   nightmareish   ingredients   w a s
   touched  off  on  the  morning  of
   July  24,  1944,  the  date  the  Navy's
   new  fire  fighter  school  was  com-
   missioned  on  Treasure  Island.  Lt.
   C ..  E.  McKeogh has  been in charge
   of  the  school  since  November  5,
   1943.  Before  coming into  the Navy
   in  December,  1942,  Lt.  McKeogh
   spent  fifteen  years  on  the  New
   York  City  Fire  Department,  eight
   years  of  which  he  served  as  lieu-
   tenant  and  captain.  Lt.  Walter
   Nickels,  formerly · with  the  Port-
   land  Fire  Department,  serves  as
   executive  officer.  He  recently  re-
   turned  from  mobile  fire  fighting
   units serving in the Mediterranean,
   and  took  part  in  the  invasions  of
   Sicily,  Salerno  and  Tunis.  He  was
   awarded  the  bronze  star  for  his
   work  with  the  task  forces.
     Since  Pearl  Harbor,  the  art  of
   fighting  fires  on  navaY'vessels  has
   been  brought  to  a  new  plane.  If
   present  apparatus  and  know-how
   had  existed  at  that  time,  in  fact,
   the damages would  have  been con-
   siderably  less  extensiv,e  and  long
   Ja,sting.  It all  adds  up  to  one  of
   the  truly  basic  naval  advantages
   of  this  war.
   Importance  is  Obvious
     The  importance  of  fire  fighting
   in  the Navy in wartime is  obvious.
   Damage to a  warship  does  not end
   with  the  immediate·  destruction
   wrought by an enemy bomb or tor-
   pedo.  It  multiplies  with  fires  and
   these  explosives  are  invariably  set
   off. It makes a  difference of weeks
   or  months  in  the  time  a  vessel  is
   laid  up  for  repairs.  It may  even
   determine  whether  a  stricken ship
   is  to  sink  or  live  to  fight  another
   day,.  Efficacy  of  high  and  low
   velocity  water  fog  for  combating
   fire  aboard  all  manners  and  make
   of craft engaged in  combat or car-
   go  for  Uncle  Sam is  demonstrated
   daily  by  the  blaze-beaters  of  the
   Navy's  new  fire  fighter  school  in
   daily  session  here  on  Treasure  Is-
   land. Lt.  Charles J.  Friedel, former
   chief  of  the  Union  City,  N.  J.,  fire -
   department,  is  in  charge  of  field
   operations.  Lt.  (jg)  John  Prudden   The above pictures,  taken by a  staff photographer,  show students at the new Treasure   insert-Cooling  down  with  a  high  velocity  fog  nozzle  before  advancing  in  outboard
                                 Island  Fire  School  receiving  instructions  on  how  to  fight  serious  fires  aboard  ship.   hatch  of  engine  room.  This  operation  is  under  the  supervision  of  Lt,  Charles  J,
   and  Ensign  L.  Vaughan,  formerly  The  new  school  is  located  on  the  northern  part of  the  Island,  Lower  left-Students   Friedel. Upper  right-Knocking down  a  ruptured fuel  line  fire  in boiler room section,
                                 advancing behind a  protective fog pattern,  discharged from  low velocity 10-foot appli-  High velocity fog,  discharged  from  high velocity nozzle.  Center  right-Students stand
   with  the  San  Francisco  fire  de-  cator,  The  flames  and  smoke  are  from  burning  diesel  oil.  Center  left -  Students   by,  a waiting  the  sound  of  the  whistle  which  will  be  the  signal  to  extinguish  a  fli:e
   partment,  are instructors.   ''advancing  in''  hanger  deck  section,  with  burning  gasoline  and  diesel  oil.  Upper   which  has  developed into  a  raging  inferno  in the  engine  room  section,  Lower  right-
                                 left-Lt,  C.  E.  McKeogh  instructs  student group  on  use  of  certain  types  of  nozzles.   Student  group  advance  behind  protective  fog  spray  to  extinguish  blazing  gasoline
     Using  up-to-the-minute  methods  Lower insert-Mechanical foam  line  in  operation.  Sequence  tQ  center left  photo.  Top   piped  under  pressure.
   and  equipment,  students  at  the
   fire  school  extinguish .gasoline  and   v_,ice's new  and  improved  fire  fight- Two-day,  Six-day,  and  Thirty-day.
   fuel  ,oil  first  in  tanks,  sheds,  and                                                                             U.S. NAVAL
   in  concrete  and  steel  structures  ing apparatus. They learn that the  '.L'he  first day of the standard Two-
   which  simulate  the  engine  rooms,  old-fashioned solid stream of water,  day course starts off with an hour         FRONTIER  BASE
   fire  rooms,  and  forecastles  of  de- while good for  putting out burning  and  a  half  lecture  which  includes
   stroyers,  as  well  as  the  hanger  rugs,  mattresses  and  other  c_om- training films.  The  balance  of  the      Letter  of Appreciation
   deck  ,of  aircraft  carri,ers.   mon  combustibles,  is  not  nearly  day  the  students  fight  fires  with
     The  fight  against  intense  heat  so  -effective  f o r  m  o re  particular  demonstrations  and  assistance  by             c/ o  Fleet Post  Office
                                                              the  instructors.                                                      San Francisco,  Calif.
   and  smoke  instills  confidence  in  work  as  are  some newer  wrinkles.                 Dancing  to  the  strains  of  music
   the  men;  only  actual  experience  One  of  these  is  the  water fog.  By   The second day they are on their                   25  July 1944
                                                                                            provided  by  the  Treasure  Island
   Cfl.:rl  give them this confidence.   simply  pulling  the  lever  on  the  own.  The  instructors  step  in  only  Swing band,  YWCA and Red Cross   Commander M.  E . Carlson, USNR
   St~dents  Are  Well  Trained   new  Navy  all-purpose  hose  nozzle  if  they  are  absolutely  required.  girls  and  ANTS  personnel  spent  a   Commanding  Officer,   · ·
                                                                                                                          U. S. Naval Frontier Base,
     In  one  spectacuJar  feature  of  the  water  is  transformed  from ·a  In · the  Six-day course  the  students  most  enjoyable  evening  at  the
                                                                                                                          Treasure  Island,  California
   the training program,  the  simulat- solid stream  to  a  conical  spray  of  come  up  against  an  even  greater  Ship's  dance  held  in  the  Scottish
                                                                                                                          My  dear· Commander:
   ed  interior  of  an  engine  room  is  finely  diffused particles.   number of variety of test fires  and  Rite  Temple  in  San  Francisco  on
   flooded  with  diesel  oil  and  primed   With  this  fog  as  a  shield,  stu- go  more  deeply  into  the  technical  Wednesday evening.  Our thanks to   I  wish  to  express  my  deep  ap-
                                                                                                                          prec_iation  for  the  complete  coop-
   w i t  h  gasoline.  T h e  mixture  is  dents  discover  they  can  advance  side of the subjects. They also take  the  Welfare  Department  for  an
                                                                                                                          eration and active assistance given
   set  ablaze  and  the  students  ex- right  up  to  a  "Christmas  Tree",  up  such· fine  points  as  moving  in  evening  of  fun  and  entertainment.
   tinguish the flames  with three one  a  branched pipe lashed up within an  on  a  blaze  through  suffocating   Congratulations  to  the  following   my ship and my officers during our
                                                                                                                          stay in Treasure Island.
   and  one-half  inch  lines  of  high  enclosed  compartment  in  which  smoke done with the aid of oxygen  men  on  their  advancement  in  rat-
                                                                                                                            I  should  like  to  express  thru
   velocity  "water  fog."       gasoline  under  pressure  is  blazing  breathing  apparatus  and  rescuing  ing  to  Slc- T .. E.  Bennett,  C.  A.
     On  the _ first  day  of  the  course  so  intensely  that  spectators  45  to  shipmates  from  burning  holds.  Koehn,  H.  A.  Evans,  C.  T.  Padilla,   you,  my  personal  thanks  to  Lt.
                                                                                                                          Frederick  S.  Allen,  Lt.  L.  E.  Dob-
   for  enlisted  men,  the  instructors  50  feet  off  tum  their. faces  away.  The  Thirty-day  course  trains  in- G.  A.  Ries,  G .  T.  Clarke,  J.  F.
                                                                                                                          bins,  and  Lt.  w ;  Godchaux,  for
   assume  all  the  responsibility;  on  Another recently adopted technique  structors for  the standard schools,  Yunker,  M . E . Dupuich, L.  M. Bar-
                                                                                                                          their  efforts  in  our  behalf.
   the  second  day,  however,  the  stu- favored  for  certain  types  _ of  oil  advance  base  work,  and  mobile  row,  H.  Graham,  R.  W.  Kemples,
   dents  are  on  their  own  with  the  and  gasoline  fires  is  mechanical  fighting  units  that  operate  with  C.  N.  Laugh,  and  C.  G.  ·s1aski.   Sincerely  yours,
   instructors  acting  in  an  advisory  foam,  in  which  air and  water-and  the  task  forces.   The  following  were  advanced  to   I sl  WILLIA,M A.  COLLIER.
   capacity.  Fires are  lighted  without  a  special  foam  preparation  are   The  fir,e  fighting  pr,ogram  has  EM(T)lc:  S.  E.  Leech,  D.  W.  Gos-
   warning;  hose  connections  broken  whipped  into  a  flame  smothering  advanced  a  step  farther.'  Fleets  in  line,  H.  L.  Castle,  A.  Garbini,  J .  F .  , A  lieutenant piloting a  transport
   and  equipment  thrown'  about  ap- blanket.  For  fires  of  ,electrical  acti-on  are  accompanied  by  ships  Zeller,  J .  W.  Wright.  J .  S.  Cham- plane was given the. all clear signal
   proximating emergencies on a  ship  origin,  a  carbon  dioxide  is" used.  -~hose  sole  function  is  t.o  extin- berlain was advanced t6 GM(T)lc ;  to  land,  and  as  he  swooped  down
   engaged  in  combat.  In  addition  to  Students  also  get  instruction  in  guish  any  fires  that  br,eak  out.  R.  P.  Miller,  N .  R.  Pessagno  and  gracefully  over  the  runway  he
   the  fire  tests  students  are  lectur,ed  operating the  Handy  Billy,  a  port- With  all  th•e  task  forces, ,organized  G.  S.  Rash  to  M2c.  A.  D.  Osgood  ·looked from his controls with pride:
   on  fire  fighting,  embellished  with  able  gasoline  driven  pump  that  units .of spec.ial  fire. fighting  parties  ·has  been  advanced  to  Coxswain.   "'One  of  the  best  landings  I  ever
   the  educational  training  f i 1 ms  may  be  used  on  shipboard  if  the  fight _ ship  fir,es  caused  by  enemy   J .  F .. Estes,  TClc,  reported  as  \nade,"  he  chortled.   ·
   illustrating  proper fire· extinguish~  fire  main is  breached  or  the  water  action.  They  were  the  first  to  set  an  instructor  in  the:·  Gunner's   The  AMM  standing  behind  him
   ing  methods  taught  by  the_: united  pressure  fails.   foot  ,on  the  shores  -of  Sicily, . Pa- Mates  and  Electric  Hydraulic  .cleared  his  throat.  "Sir,"  he  said
   States  Navy.  The  school:. intro- Three  Courses  Given•..   l,ermo,  Normandy,  and  in  -all  areas  school   1 as t   week.   "Welcome  timidly,  "you're  still  fifteen  feet
   duces  Navy  men  to  all  their  l,!er-..   The school  gives  three courses-  of the  Pacific.   aboard!"            off  the  ground."
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