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      PAGE 4          THE MASTHEAD, SATURDAY,  AUGUST 12,  1944


                                                                                                ALAMEDA  AIR  BASE  VICTORS  OVER
                                                                                                TREASURE  ISLAND FIGHTERS  MONDAY
                                                                                                    Max  Marek,  boxing  instructor  at  Treasure Island,  was
                                                                                                feeliing  blue  after  the  discouraging  results  of  Monday's
                                                                                                bouts  at  the  Alameda  Air  Base.  Seven  Treasure  Island
                                                                                                battlers had journeyed to Alameda to give· the fighters a  re-
                                                                                                turn match.  Coming away with two victories and one  draw
                                                                                                in  the  seven . bouts  did  not  help  his  feelings.  Trying  to
                                                                                                strike  up  a~ conv_ersation,' I  asked  him,  "Max,  what  IX).akes   ,-
                                                                                                a. truly· great fighter?"  He was  in I  .   · .   .
                                                                                                no  mood to  answer.  The· answer to  time  and  also  this  time,  Rooert
                                                                                                                              Urguijo,  160,  of Alameda, -reversed
                                                                                                that  question  ts·  "the  occasiona 1
                                                                                                                       0      the  defeat  that  he  had  suffered
                                                                                                loss  of  a  fight."  The.-only' way  a
                                                                                                                              at  the  hands  of  Johnny  Samson,
                                                                                                man  can  become  a  really  goo(
                                                                                                fighter  is  to  ·-experience  a  defeat   159,  at  Treasure  Island  the  week
                                                                                                early  in  his  career so  that. he  will   before  by  eking  out  a  close  de-
                                                                                                not  suffer  the  pangs  of ·, a  broker:   cision.          ,-
                                                                                                heart  later.  Some  of  our ··great   Torrez  by  a  TKO
                                                                                                champions  never  actually  attained   Arthur  Torrez,  136,  walked  off
                                                                                                greatness  until  they  had  received   with  the  laurels  against  Harry
                                                                                                their  first  setback  in  the  squared   Bond,  130.  Torrez  was  credited
                                                                                                circle.                       with  a  TK!O  over  Harry  when  the
                                                                                                                              referee  deemed  it  wiser  to  stop
                                                                                                Spots  Weight
                                                                                                  Bill · Bueford,  180,  came  througl:   the fight in the first round in order
                                                                                                                              to  save  Bond  much  punishment.
                                                                                                for  Treasure  Island  by  winning  r
                                                                                                                              Poor  Showing                  ,-
                                                                                                popular  decision  over  Harry  ¥ c•
                                                                                                Na!'):",  195,  of  Alameda  despite  the   Dick  Rebori,  135,  of  Treasure
                                                                                                fact  that  he  was  outweighed  b:·   Island,  is  much  the  wiser  today
                                                                                                fifteen  pounds.  The  Treasure  Is   after  experiencing  a  knockout  at
                                                                                                                              the  hands  of  Don  Adams,  138,  of
                                                                                                land  battler  scored  often  with  an
                                                                                                                              Alameda.  Don  Adams  was  entire-
                                                                                                educated  left hook  to the  chin  and
                                                                                               _body  of  the  Alamedan.      ly too much for Rebori. The Treas-
                                                                                                                              ure  Island  boy  with  no  training
                                                                                                Class  Tells
      THIS  PHOTO  shows  two  instructors  t eaching  some  of  the  men   pool  daily.  The  two  instructors  are  C.  L.  Brown  and  E.  C.   whatsoever  was  no  match  for  his   ,-
      at  Treasure  I sland' s  swimming  pool  how  to  rescue  their  mates   Kinstler.  Men  are  sometimes  forced  to  abandon  ship,  swim   A  fight  that  had  the  lare e   more  talented  opponent.  Arthur
      out  at  sea  who  are  forced  at  times  to  abandon  ship.  The   for  quite  a  long  distance  before  being  rescued  and  should   crowd  of  7,000  standing  on  their
      correct  manner  is  getting  into  a  boat,  how  to  pull  a  man  in   know  the  correct  way  of  getting  into  a  boat.  Swimming   Brown,  165,  of  Alameda,  was  five
      safely,  and  many  other  things  are  taught  at  the  gymnasium   towards  a  life  raft and  boarding  her  without  spilling occupants.  seats  throughout  the  three  rounds
                                                                                                                              pounds  and  about  fifty  punches
                                                                                                saw Owen. Bugman,  120,  of Treas-
                                                                                                                              the  better over  Ted  MacN eal,  160,
                                                                                                ure  Island  who  came  away  with   of  Treasure  Island.  The  referee
      Treasure  Island  Speaker  Addresses  Aquatic               Doc-Ette  Bowle rs            a  well-earned  decision  over  Ray   wisely  intervened  in  the  second
                                                                                                Phillips,  118,  of  Alameda.  The
                                                                                                                              round  and  awarded  the  fight  to
      Meeting  at  Beaver  Lake,  Washington                      Take  4  of 12                Treasure Island fighter showed his   Brown,  who won  by a  TKO.   r-
                                                                                                class  in  the  third  round  of  this
                                                                                                great fight  by jabbing six  straight   Former  Champs
          Recently  at the  aquatic  meeting  of the  American  Na-  Individual Trophies        lefts  to  the  face  of  his  opponent   John  Henry  Lewis,  former
      tional  Red  Cross  held  at -Beaver  Lake,  Issaquah,  Wash.,                              th                          world's  light-heavyweight  cham-
                                                                   In the District WAVES  Bowling  I  wi  out  a  return.     pion,  and  Carmen  Barth,  one  time
      Robert  H.  Cowing,  Sp (A) le,  swimming  instructor  at  the                            Even  Stephen
                                                                  League  just  completed,  our  Doc-                         Olympic and National Golden Glove
      T.  I.  gymnasium,  was  called  upon  to  give  a  speech  about                          The  "Mighty  Midget",  little  Joe
                                                                  ettes  established  an  enviable  rec-                      Champion,  divided  the  honors  of
                                                                                                Sworek,  150,  engaged  Lester  Seal,
      the  merits  of  swimming.  Cowing  obliged.  The  speech  was  ord.  With  teams  entered  in  the                     reforeeing  the  fights.
                                                                                                153,  of  Alameda  in  another  one
      received  with · both  emotion  and  outspoken  approval  and I Class·  "B"  and . "C"  ~eague'.  our   of  those  fights  that  one  dreams           ;-
      was  quoted  and  referred  to   m  later  speeches  of  high  WA v_ES  were  v1ctor_s  m  their  re-  about.  From  the  first  bell  to  the
      dignitaries  and  officials  of  the      -                 spective  leagues,  with  outstand-  1  fimsh,  these  two  went  at  it  ham-  First  Sail-or:  "Why  don't  y-ou
                                                                  ing, scores.                                                laugh when  the  Chief tells  a  joke?"
      state  and  the  Red  Cross.   which  may  enable  him  to  com€   As  a  fitting  climax  to  this  com-  mer and tongs,  whaling each other   Second  Sailor:  "I  don't  have  to.
        Cowing  said  in  substance:  "You   back  from  out  there  alive!"                    an over the  ring.  The crowd  yelled
      have  all  done  a  fine  piece  of  work   Perhaps  the impression made  by   petition,  a  twilight  picnic  was   themselves  hoar s e  encouraging   I'm  being  tr·ansferred  tomorr,ow."
      her-e,  but  you  are  capable  of  even  the  Navy  can  be  summed  ·up  in   given  at  Sigmund  Stern  Grove  in   these  two  who  needed  no  en- I---------------
                                                                  San Francisco. All WAVES present
      greater activity .. . i  wonder if  you  the  simple  words  of  a  man  who  participated  in  activities  (lawn  couragement  whatsoever  but  to
                                                                                                                              Lost  and Found
      realize  the  extent  of  the  responsi- was  present  and who  has  a  son  in  bowling,  tennis,  golf,  softball,  vol- hear the  sound of the  bell  to  cata-
      bility  you  may carry for  a  greater   the  Navy  at  sea  somewhere  "out  '.ey  ball  and  hiking  over  the  pie- pult  them  out  of  their  corners.  At   The  following  lost  and  found
      and  a  better  America ...   there."  He  said:  "I feel  bett€r  and  turesque  hills  and  through  the  the  finish,  the  crowd  approved  articles  have  been  report€d  to  the
        "We  in  the  military  see  a  thou-  I  know  my  wife  will  feel  better  various  gardens) .   most  wholeheartedly  with  the  Security  Office  located  at  the
      sand every week come into our pool   now that we know that our boy has   The highlight of the evening was  referee's  decision  for  a  draw.   Security  Office  Building  No.  222.
      at  Treasure  Island  who  are  non-  had  ev,ery  opportunity  to  learn  to   the  presentation  of  the  awards  in  Return  Bout   LOST-18  wallets,  3  seabags  and  ham-
      swimmers,  who  cannot  swim  50   save  his  life  in  the  water· and  to  which  our  teams  captured  the   In  a  return  bout  that  had  lit-  mocks,  2  blankets,  1  bracelet,  3  hand-
                                                                                                                               bags,  3  p ens,  1  wa tch.
      yards.  We  will  do  our  best  to   help  him  in  every  way  possible  to   lion's  share.   tle  to  choose  between  them  last   FOUND-9  wallets,  1  jumper ,  1  foot
                                                                                                                               locker, _ 1_  hat,  1  ID  bracelet.
      teach  them.  We  are  doing  our   come  back  to  us,  alive."
                                                                   Parsons-High  Individual  series
      best.  But  ladies  and  gentlemen,                                                                                                                    .r
                                                                  scratch.                      Hitler Takes Terrific  Beating  at T.  I.  Gym
      after  they  get  into  the  Navy  or
                                                                    Morelock  -  H; i g h  individual
      into  the  Army,  it  is  too  late  to                     series  handicap.              Thousands  of  men  visiting  the  "hello"  to  the  former  paper  hang-
      teach  them  to  be  good  swimmers!  Adm.  C.  H.  Wright,   Parsons-High  individual  game  gymnasium  have  an  added  incen- er's  portrait.
      It  is  too  late,  and  their  lives  may                  scratch.                      tive.  A  replica of Hitler was paint-  The men  have nearly demolished
      depend  upon  their  ability  to  swim.  Commandant 12th Naval                                                          and  dismantled  the  heavy  bag
                                                                    Conrad- High  individual  game  ed  on  one  of  the  heavy  punching
      They  should  have  been  taught  to                        handicap.                     bags  at the  gymnasium  last week   and  it looks  like  they  will  replace
      swim  long  before!           District  Commends  T.  I.                                                               it with  another  before the  week  is
                                                                                                and  the  terrific  pounding  that  the
        "May  I  urge  you  to  see  your   Rear Admiral C. H. Wright com-                                                    over.  All  hands  are  cordially  in-  r
      swimming  activities  from  a  mili- mended  the  entire  personnel  of   a    19         bag  has  taken  since  then  leads   vited  to  come  to  the  gym  and
                                                                                                one  to  believe  that Hitler  must  be
      tary viewpoint!  May I  urge you  to  Treasure  Island  for  their  untiring                                            take  a  crack  at  the  '-'Feuhrer."
                                                                                                a  most popular fellow. Daily, many
      go  back  to  your  communities  and  efforts in helping promote  the pur-       ~                                      The artist is  working on  a  picture
      to  your  homes  and  use  your  in- chases  of  War  Bonds  during  the   0              of the sailors walking past the gym   of  Tojo  and  from  all  appearances
      fluence  to  promDt€  swimming  in  Independence Day Extra War Bond                       step  in  for  a  minute  and  punch  a   the  two  are  in  for  bad  time.
      your  high  schools  and  colleges  as  Sale.
      a  regular  and  required  part  of   A  noteworthy  fact  is  that  the
      their  educational  system,  so  that  Twelfth  Naval  District  ranked                                                                                r
      never.  again  will :American  youth  second among qther naval districts
      be  so  unprepared  to  face  the  Un- in  the  country in  its  Independence
      necessary  hazard·  of  death  in  th12  Day  Extra  War  Bond  campaign
      water  because  of  lack  of  early  and the WAVES on Treasure Island
      training.                     went  over  their · quota.
        "Your  instruction  in  swimming   In  his  letter  of  commendation,
      is  at once  a  patriotic:.duty  and  an  Admiral  Wright  said,  ''I  com~
      opportunity given few.  For bear in  mend  you,  your  personnel  and  the                                                                             ,....
      mind  tht  every  time  you  teach  a  'Nar Bond Officer of your -activity,
      youngster  to  s w i m  nowadays,  for  the  splendid  support  .  .  .  This
      everytime you  make  even the first  District _ made  a  major · contribu-
      step  of  breaking  a  boy's  fear  of  tion  towards  Navy  total  sales  in  "But  I  wuz
      the water,.you may be saving that  this drive. You can look  back upon  knots;  sir!"
      boy's · 1ife  in  the  greater  risk  of  this successful enterprise wi_th par-  - -- ,
      war.  You  may  be  giving - your  donable  pride.  I  know  that · the   This W€ek's definition: Sir- What  Ken  (Red)  Barton lets  go  a  left and  right to  the  noble  features  of the  ''Feuhrer' '. as
                                                                                                Al  Whitlow  steadiils  the  bag.  Barton won  t)lree  bouts  last week  and  attributes that  to
      neighbor, your jriend, your brother  Navy  and  the  Nation  echo  my  does  a  Chief  say "to  an  officer  in-
                                                                                                his  working out  on  Schicklegruber  daily.  Jackie  Burke,  Johnny  Samson,  Jimmy  Em-  ),-
      that  very  skill  and  knowledge  sentiments -of  'Well  Done'."   stead  of  "Hey, · you!"   bardy and the  ''Mighty Midget''  Joe  Sworek  are  waiting  for  their  turn.  Come  on
                                                                                                over,  fellows,  its  enjoyable  work.   ·
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